By oink401 - 05/11/2011 15:40 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend came to my house crying because the guy who she has been cheating on me with doesn't want to be with her anymore. FML
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Exactly!! I hope he means his ex.. She needs to be dumped!

Tell her father about it, and then tell her to go cry to her father about losing two boyfriends, she'll be in for a surprise.

Well, she definitely hit the x2 score on this one.

Did anyone else notice a space before "Today" in this FML?

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haha fail. i hope u told her to leave and go cry somewhere else! also, sorry to hear u were getting cheated on dude. that sucks :(

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Your girlfriend is dumb..she introduces her secret boyfriend to her father and he dumps her cause of an awkward conversation with her dad and she goes crying to you....

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No no no no!!! You guys don't get it! There is nothing better then a guilty girlfriend! OP first do with her every little experiment you always wished then when you get bored - dumb her. In the meantime use her in every aspect needed. Trust me! You won't regret it, of course use protection - you never know what the bitch! might got from this asshole.. Good luck and have fun playing.

**** her, then break up with her and tell her these words "Go cry to the guy you cheated on me with, OH WAIT he dumped your dumb ass too"

81 - i'm going to just stay away from you. at all costs.

84 thats pure EVIL!! But i like it :D haha OP , i think you deserve much better first of all she is an idiot , she basically exposed herself -,- nw she has no bf or maybe there are 2 more left still .

98, if her toys break after the op hopefully dumps her cheating ass, perhaps she'll realise just how much of a stupid mistake she made. Oh and no, don't bang her. She's probably got an STD, who knows how many people she's slept around with.

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You sir are the god of the bro's

What a dumbass. She deserves to be dumped by you too.

**** her one last time before you dump her. At least you'll get some tail tonight.

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I agree with 33. Hit it and quit it

The only thing with hitting it and quitting it you don't know if she possible caught an STD from her other boyfriend

#33 Yeah, you'll get tail... and possibly an STD

Yep lock her out and let her go to the guy she's cheating with on you

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My friend you are the reason this app needs a super like button

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I agree she is one dumbass bitch who shouldn't have been let in your house OP

Perfect excuse to now get rid of that baggage.

I've seen one exactly like this on here before...

Good observational skills you have there. And?....

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That awkward moment when you're broken up with twice in one day...

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That isn't awkward or in a moment.

She came to you!? Haha, she is an idiot. Tell me u broke up with her!