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  nava1210  |  12

Your girlfriend is dumb..she introduces her secret boyfriend to her father and he dumps her cause of an awkward conversation with her dad and she goes crying to you....


No no no no!!! You guys don't get it! There is nothing better then a guilty girlfriend! OP first do with her every little experiment you always wished then when you get bored - dumb her. In the meantime use her in every aspect needed. Trust me! You won't regret it, of course use protection - you never know what the bitch! might got from this asshole.. Good luck and have fun playing.

  Rob777  |  0

Fuck her, then break up with her and tell her these words "Go cry to the guy you cheated on me with, OH WAIT he dumped your dumb ass too"

  LolFMLnot  |  10

84 thats pure EVIL!! But i like it :D haha

OP , i think you deserve much better first of all she is an idiot , she basically exposed herself -,- nw she has no bf or maybe there are 2 more left still .

  TJ1991  |  3

98, if her toys break after the op hopefully dumps her cheating ass, perhaps she'll realise just how much of a stupid mistake she made. Oh and no, don't bang her. She's probably got an STD, who knows how many people she's slept around with.