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Today, I got a letter in the mail telling me to report for jury duty. The day that I have to show up is the day of my wedding. FML
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KhaleesiDannie 26

There are a million ways to get out of jury duty if push comes to shove just say you're racist...Even better if it's your own race so you got a little crazy going for you too haha

19990231 29

Ditch it. Wedding is more important


19990231 29

Ditch it. Wedding is more important

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You can't just ditch jury duty, it's illegal

but you can reschedule it. I have done it myself for finals. They are not unreasonable. There's a response card and everything

incoherentrmblr 21

Jury Duty is more boring than church. Just tell them you've been legally declared dead...

They'll generally work with you for things that are your wedding :) You'll just get cycled back in. Depending where you are, they may call upon you again in 6 months or so. But BE SURE to properly file your request not to serve! Don't just ignore it.

@19 you can send in a response on why you can't participate, and things like weddings and most other prior commitments they let you out of it for. It's actually really simple to get out of it.

What if his wife is on trial and he dosent know

#68 not so much "get out of" as "reschedule", but that is correct.

Can't do that. OP will have an arrest warrant out for him

Just say you think they are guilty and they will let you go! Problem solved

It doesn't work like that. If Op can't get out of it (and it's easy) then he/she has to sit through he trial and all the witnesses to come to an agreement with the other people. It's a process.

I meant when they are doing Jury selection to say you think they are guilty. I'm not stupid, I know how a trial works.....,,,

I interpreted your comment wrongly then. My apologies.

Nothing to apologize for, I didn't mean to come off rude either. Everyone is so fussy on here. My apologies to you!

Apparently you don't know how it works #23, because jury selection would take place on the day OP has to show up, or later.

Yet again, I get that. I understand, you don't. Move along

teddd14beat 13

ayyye Canadian here. sorry.

Yup. In cases like this, they exempt you & will send you another summons months later. Not a big deal.

Say your racist about every race equally and they will veto you out

Technically yes, because it just means you hate everyone equally

She'd still have to show up on that date.... sometimes it takes forever

what i learned in school was: racism is thinking one race is better than another, so wouldnt it be thinking all races are better than every other race? that makes no sense. im special

KhaleesiDannie 26

There are a million ways to get out of jury duty if push comes to shove just say you're racist...Even better if it's your own race so you got a little crazy going for you too haha

OP would still miss the wedding by having to report for the jury selection process

Rosebudx 32

You keep saying that, but unless they have a huge pool of jurors to work through the selection process will be out of the way relatively early in the day. Unless the wedding is at high noon or summat, OP should be able to serve their civic duty while still ditching :)

46, I don't know how jury duty works where you are, but when I went in for jury duty, they don't know what case the jurors might sit for until the judge requests a jury pool, which wasn't till 11:30 for me. Even if you get pulled for a jury pool early, if you aren't selected for that jury, you still have to wait for them to dismiss you (somewhere between 2 and 5 pm depending on how busy the courthouse is that day).

Rosebudx 32

Well, I am from a small town. I haven't been called for duty, but with the exception of one major case (rape trial, very unusual from around here), all of my friends and family who have been called have been either done or have known they're sitting by around noon. I should have realized my experience isn't typical.

condor216 15

Let them know that that is your wedding day. I'm sure that they will let you off for that.

Yeah they let me go for an exam. They ubderstand tgere are more important things in people's lives.

dryersheet 11

This happened to me for the week after my wedding (aka my honeymoon). Just a simple matter of asking them to postpone your duty.

It's easy to get it postponed. They summoned me last year, and I just filled out that the date was in the middle of an out of state vacation, and they pushed it back 2 months. Barring that, it's highly likely your group will be cancelled. Mine has been every time I've been summoned.

tehdarkness 21

I'm sure if you show proof that it's your wedding day you can get off.

heartemopants 18

Hey just have your wedding there! Make a day of it! Everyone can sit around and eat wedding cake and putt people behind bars! Oh! can you dream up anything more Beautiful?!?! FYL

There's a 'sentenced to life without parole' joke there but I just can't think of it! ;)

Tell them that "according to the prophecy" that you shouldn't have to come in. And if they still make you then "according to the prophecy" someone is already guilty. Or just tell them that if you have to come in then someone better be going to jail.