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  BamBAmGG  |  14

OP needs to call bullshit on that bitch. Ain't nobody have time for such fuckery. Sorry you got cheated on OP, time will heal your pain, it'd be in your best interest to move on. From personal experience I can tell you 'Once a cheater always a cheater' is a true saying.


I mean, as least he learned that she is a cheater now rather than later, when he is more emotionally invested in the relationship. Not saying he isn't invested now, but it would sting a lot more if they had been together for years.

By  Queen_of_Night  |  20

She didn't love you enough apparently.

Not enough context to break it off with her but I'd say I wouldn't hang around. Last time I forgave a b/f who cheated on me, he fucked my "best friend"(who was engaged) so use your best judgement OP.

  Queen_of_Night  |  20

#11 She could have been drunk or maybe they got in a fight (not a good reason but maybe she thought they were done) and we don't know what "cheating" entailed (kissing, making out or full out sex) there is not enough context as to what happened.

But its OP relationship and from my experience most people don't listen if they aren't ready. It's up to OP to decide how to proceed.

  cheeeksss  |  29

13, regardless if my partner kissed or fucked another, cheating is cheating. And if my partner went off immediately after an 'unclear fight' and made out or slept with another woman, my respect STILL would go down. And I would not consider him worthy to be in a relationship with me. So, it doesn't matter, there are no excuses for cheating. OP still deserves better.

  tygerarmy  |  35

Most of the time cheating is sex, not just kissing.
And any cheating is enough context to break up. I've been cheated on in a Poly-relationship, where my only rule was tell me that you are going to hook up with someone, and she was still going after people sneakily. For me any cheating is an instant break up.


#31, poly relationships can be very loving and loyal relationships. I would never be in one, because I get jealous way too easily. But when you are literally telling your partner "You can hook up with other people as long as you tell me first" and yet they go behind your back anyways, they are a shitty person just like any other cheater.