By lalala - 14/06/2011 10:47 - United Kingdom

Today, I was arrested for carrying a dangerous weapon. I was on my way home from the shop where I'd bought a new kitchen knife. FML
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perdix 29

You shouldn't have been wearing your new hockey mask at the same time.


He'd probably let you off if you showed him the receipt

ImaWiseGuy 5

should've took the cop to your stabbin cabin....

You have to admit, that would look pretty suspicious.

God damn it OJ! I thought you learned your lesson!

op is female. therefore your comment is irrelevant

How was he agreeing with me? May I just ask that?

OJ was innocent... the glove didn't fit.

fruityloopz 4

why would you buy just one knife? I thought kitchen knives came in packs

Veraymix 6

Shit, shoulda had them wrap it up.

How did they know you had a knife shouldnt you have the knife in a packaging box and the box in the bag that came from the store you brought it from

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It would make more sense to argue the fact that OP isn't OJ...


163: I settled for a set but for people who do a lot of cooking, they do sell individual knives.

Krajjan 9

Welcome to the UK. Where you can't fart without being charged with possession of chemical weapons. Little paranoid, don't you think?

:/ wow! cops these days... it's ridiculous !

:D thankyou! they are very much the best band in the world haha *like*like*like*like* your comment aha

It depends if she was just holding it, tossing it up in the air and yelling "Freedom!" then I can see why but if she had it in a box or a bag then the cops are pretty stupid.

Kinda off topic but sinceOP got arrested because she carried a knife home how would she buy a gun? Also can I get arrested if I walk around in handcuffs?

they're still the greatest band. i can't wait to see them in concert again!

well you can only buy shotguns and rifles, and you have to have a license and a reason, ie a farmer. seeing as she lives in london i doubt she'd be allowed to have one. its easier to buy it off a 10yr old on the street

hmna 0

#32, OP is in Great Britain. They have much stricter gun control than the US. As in it's illegal to own a pistol, unless it's a muzzle loader. Rifles are also heavily restricted.

Lol well it must have been a pretty big and savage-looking knife...

so no box? just a random knife carrying it in the open wow

alexg823 0

:/ wow! Shitty music these days! Can you believe it?

kingjames2306 0

thats why violents are low over in great britian cause not just anyone can get a gun like you can in usa

well really there is no problem if everyone has weapons or no one has weapons. it's only when few people do, then theirs a problem. and btw I live in Australia which also have tough gun laws

shouldve put that knife to use right there ;)

flighted 1

no, that sounds like an amazing idea. can't get a ticket if dick cop is dead! -for all you idiots out there: let me clarify. I am joking

flighted 1

133- hahah thanks! yours too, they seem to be twins :D 139- silly me ;) hahha

.. To cut then a nice salad and impress them woth your cooking skills

59- How does one get banned from FML? OH WAIT, I see it in your latest comment. Smh

didn't you have a bag or a receipt? to show you just bought it?

Question, Where you holding the knife when you were pulled over?

He was probably walking otherwise the cop would have no clue what was in his car

because a kitchen knife is that scary to a cop.

jewknowit710 2

you have obviously never worked a day of law enforcement lol. if I'm responding and someone walks up with a knife I'm hands on pistol

85, right on! I know where you're coming from. There are a lot of idiots out there. Stay safe.

Krajjan 9

With respect to LE, there's a reason they say never bring a knife to a gunfight. Same reason I was the last cycle to receive bayonet training. Sure, they're dangerous. If you know what you're doing and for some reason the gunman decided to neutralize his advantage and walk up to you.

iAmScrubs 19

"Get on the ground, no talking!" "But I just needed a new knife to cut my fillet mignon"

sourgirl101 28

Porterhouse/t-bone all the way! You get the N.Y. stripe and the filet mignon at the same time!(: IMO filet mignon is a little too bland if it's not wrapped in bacon.

well if u were walking home on the sidewalk with a huge freaking kitchen knife.... YDI

FMLandurstoo 9

It shouldn't be illegal to just have a knife.

yeah were I live in Rockingham in Australia, everyone has knives on them! it's the biggest bogan, dero capital haha

haha,I'm from Perth too, that place is bogan central :p

Alot of knife crimes and gang knifings happen in London. Make anyone jumpy. Most police wear stab-proof vests in the UK now.

I agree with 79, knife crime is a huge problem over here, even though it was a harmless reason OP had the knife, the cops have to be strict, they don't know it's a harmless situation. But would the knife not be in a box or packet or something?

flighted 1

.....can someone define "bogan"? or is that just some weird Australian talk, and am I out of the loop? lol .....

#92 I think it's like a chav or something.. Seriously people Google, how does it work? Took me 2secs to find that out..

Lower class scum. A little like rednecks.

So pretty much a chav for those of us in the UK.

Yes Herbert I am sure you want to ban knifes because you attack people with something else.