The Gap

By mimabee - 14/06/2011 13:56 - United States

Today, my boyfriend got a job at a trendy clothing store in the mall. Trying to be supportive, I went to visit him and tried something on. I got stuck in the jeans and had to call my boyfriend, who sent the manager to pull the jeans off me. FML
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too much junk in your trunk?


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he probably didn't want to get fired.. that's a bit irrational. and don't be overconfident in your Jean size that's embarrassing but kinda funny

he should dump the chick if she's going to make a scene at his workplace.

lovinj 2

i disagree actually! he could have gotten in trouble other wise

Veraymix 6

Who's to say he actually got in trouble. He was probably just completely humiliated, which could make good future stories later on if things work out.

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It isn't rape if you like it!

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I like big butts and I cannot lie.

kellyskindakool 5

how can you possibly get stuck in jeans? seriously? if they feel to tight, stop trying to force them on?

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your just lucky they didn't bring out the jaws of life

oboewhore_xD 6

Oh, jeggings. Where would we be without you?

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wow you must be Fat I think and stupid also and sometimes you might be very retorted your a dirty birdy gigl

txgirl2013 14

too much junk in your trunk?

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I wish there was some way to block any comments that contain the words "combo breaker" or "shitty situation".......

Then 95% FMLs would have no comments at all

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No comments on FML? That would be very shitty.

OMG u are funny but so friken annoying.

At least they could be pulled off you and not cut off you, that would've been way worse.

then you would of had to pay for them

yea cause you'd be paying for pants that don't fit you

twixxone 4

damn dat sucks.. maybe try trying on something that might fit you..

Perhaps you should try using proper grammar.

gsw suk, good luck with "mr. hand down man down"

57- uh oh grammar Nazi. Let me ask you this. Who gives a flying flip? As long as you can understand them it's okay. This is FML, not the writing assessment... Some people take this site wayy to seriously. I'm a writer and I don't care how correct I am unless I'm working on my books. Some people need to get the stick outta their ass before they poke their eyeball out.

It's not physically possible to poke one's eye out with a stick coming out of your ass. No one's that flexible. On the other hand, I agree with the "Grammar Nazi". While I can understand what you said perfectly and I have no complaints, the first person's post was grammatically confusing and I had to read it over a second and third time just to make sure I understood what they were trying to say. You start learning to speak when you're 1 or 2. You don't just plateau after a few years; your language skills should keep growing as you age. There is no excuse for a post like that.

I meant it going so far UP their ass it pokes their eye ball out. it has nothing to do with being flexible.

My point still stands. Who cares if people correct comments? If you don't like it: a) stop typing incorrectly and people won't correct you. b) ignore it. Simple as that, dear.

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or,or.if u dont like peoples incorrect spelling and what not.YOU get over it and ignore ot ans stfu

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thats not very good missy and I think and well don't be silly okay or stupid

itsallgoodinthe wtf is wrong with u? every comment is retarded so Mebbe you shud stick to being a bunny. unless ur Trollin and trying to piss everyone off?

itsallgoodintheh 0
ReynshineCutting 10

I think she has to be trolling. This is the third FML today that I've seen her make a fool of herself. There's no way she's really that stupid.

itsallgoodintheh 0

WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING! Gosh! I just wanna get you an English tutor!!!

but it says you LOVE silly things! seriously though, you have to be a troll.

It needs to be a troll. She loves puppies, pink things, and is a blond? Obvious troll is obvious.

See, I'd almost hit "ydi", but you're probably referencing hollister or abercrombie andvtheir sizes are f'd up there. I'm stick thin, but tall so I usually wear anywhere from x-small to medium. At those stores, mediums can be too small for me. Sometimes I've had to buy large, and I am not large.

Yeh, wouldnt it be wonderful if they were just measured like mens jeans? Though I can sympathize with a girl not being able to find jeans that fit right. My perfect size is a 33" 31". Try finding those in...well anywhere.

johnson94 5

yeah... just keep telling yourself you aren't large, whatever helps you get through the day.

Hollister and Abercrombie's jeans sizes aren't in small, medium, and large. They're in numbers such as 00, 0, etc.

pretty sure she was talking about the shirts. I shop at AE and Aero and have to buy med. in shirts at aero but at AE I have to buy small. Shes right, sizes are f'd up there. I would probably have to buy a large too at abercrombie, and I weigh 103. You can't fit in smalls there unless your anorexic or a child.

Whether the sizes are messed up or not, I'd think a person would have enough sense to stop putting something on before they got stuck. I mean, it's obviously easier to get them on than off, but did she seriously think something that tight would be worth buying?

you guys are total morons abercrombie is the kid or 'smaller' version of abercrombie and FITCH, so no duh u'd be a size large if u were stick thin

Lolpizza_fml 0

same with me! i guess those stores run small! its not your fault! :(

number 12, please don't use big words, it might confuse number 9.

why must you trolls correct everyone's grammar I'm sure you knew what they meant (unless they really f'ed up) but still maybe English is a second language for them.

You obviously did not see her comment...