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By BobbyHutchinson - 20/10/2009 15:57 - Australia

Today, someone tried to mug me. I panicked and ran. As they chased me with their knife out, I heard a slip and a shout behind me but kept running. Six blocks later I was spotted, arrested, and held for questioning by the police. The mugger fell, stabbed themselves, and told a cop that I did it. FML
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Lack of your fingerprints on the knife should show that you're innocent. I mean, it sucks. But at least they won't be lasting charges. :)

i never get why some people put YDI. There is no way that this person deserves it. So yeah. FYL.


Lack of your fingerprints on the knife should show that you're innocent. I mean, it sucks. But at least they won't be lasting charges. :)

this is so ******* sweet ^^ ^^ ^^ :) :)

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Not so fast. The "thug" could say you plunged the knife into and ran, but then he grabbed the handle to pull it out, or at least to keep it from moving around, thus obscuring your fingerprints. I hope the cops didn't find the "thug's" wallet stuffed in your sock.

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nope #21, his fingerprints would still be on it, behind the thugs, and they would be easily indentifiable too. Still, karmas a bitch, and that guy so totally deserved it. Dont worry, youll be able to get off easily.

perdix 29

Sorry, Bobby, supercereal is wrong. If the "thug" smears his hands up and down the handle, he can easily wipe off your fingerprints. Do they have the rampant anal rape in prisons in Australia like we have over here?

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I thought Austria was the one that didn't speak English.

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Holy shit! This one made the news: http://www.wsbt.com/news/local/64006542.html No wonder he keeps saying "their" knife. He doesn't want to sound like a punk-ass bitch who was running from a woman!

Austria is in Europe.. Australia is in Oceana/Australasia. It's down south of places like India and China. Look at a map.

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pretty sure its not called australasia, its called australia

Reyo 2

Even if the mugger claims he whiped the fingerprints off, there's still a little thing called "innocent untill proven guilty". All the guy has to do is give his side of the story and it'd be his word against yours, and since he's the accuser, he has to provide evidence of your guilt other than the obvious "I say he did it". The mugger has to PROVE that he did it.

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lol i read that i'm pretty sure that is not the same story. sorry.

#36, I don't think it's possible for you to become any more of a moron than you are at this moment.

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AHAHAHAH @ 39. my god you are an idiot. please, for future reference, consult an atlas before you comment so "knowingly"

DoomJeff91 2

AHAHAHAH @ 68. my god you are an idiot. please, for future reference, learn the meaning of satire before you comment so "knowingly"

Ox_Baker 0

Actually, you're the ones who have failed to recognize satire. The OP was saying "themself" and "their" to refer to a singular subject. I was making fun of his poor English by first joking about people getting confused between Austria and Australia, and then suggesting he was running away from a woman. 38 = selfpwned, moron 65 = selfpwned, moron 68 = selfpwned, moron 71 = selfpwned, moron

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um, @ 71, how was that even trying to be satire? #39 was a smartass and got it wrong. australasia does exist and australia is in it. if he read the comment properly he would have noticed. you're a moron, just like him. and # 78, how the **** was i selfpwned?

@#35 I dnw what Austria speaks, but the OP's from Australia (like me x) and we do speak english.

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I know. Sometimes you have to explain something two or three times to some of the people on this website. There are too many kids.

wtf i'd be running away from anyone with a knife prepared to use it on me, geez.

wow ur ****** stupid. it is australia..you consult an atlas.

but they'd still have no evidence against the OP

How the hell did you change the topic of the op's fml to Australia?

i don't see why you're life is ****** you're innocent

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Maybe there is no way to prove it :/

So? You'll be acquitted when they look at the evidence.

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If this story is true, there are so many reason's that the mugger's claim would hold no water, that you have no reason to worry.

Please go back and fall on your knife again.

i never get why some people put YDI. There is no way that this person deserves it. So yeah. FYL.

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Trolls. Its always the trolls.

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.................................... Shut the **** up

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Wow an enlightening trollish argument. Thank you I have learned something interesting.

By actually commenting and saying you don't care, you obviously do, so stfu.

Well, sometimes I accidentally hit the YDI button, other times I'm trying to get a badge...

If OP was concealed carrying, they could have ended it faster and safer. The police would instantly be on your side, as the man had a knife and was chasing you. But whatever.

Karma rocks, but this most definately sucks! Fyl

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Lifes a bitch. :) Karma hit him once, next time it will go upside his stupid head.

Hey my last name is Hutchinson!! And my Dads name is bob ..? Dad :p

1) This is prbly fake 2) Why are you even worried? Your fingerprints aren't on the knife, so they can't prove anything.

He never said he was worried. I don't know why everyone is flipping out on this guy. He's just sharing a story, which is the idea behind this site.

The part of his life that's ****** is that someone chased him with a knife, trying to rob him, the guy fell, and told the police that OP did it. Not only is OP dealing with the shock of almost being mugged and possibly seriously injured, but then there's the questioning and waiting....