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Sorry to interrupt your very interesting conversation about how to spell a word in which I am unaware of the definition but has anyone seen my chap stick? It's blue.. Anyone?

  speakersboom  |  19

I just leave my kitchen window barely open *(not enough to be noticeable) so that if I forget my key, I just pop off the screen, push myself up, and slide in through and onto the kitchen counter... all though it's not to pleasant, landing in the sink.

  jwade11  |  12

That would piss me off if I got arrested for trying to get into my own house. Cops get involved in wrong situations. They should of been out stopping a drug deal or a drunk driver, but instead they arrest OP for entering his house.


What if the cops seen someone trying to break into ur house? Claimed it was his and that it wasn't their business? I'd be more pissed off at my stuff missing than being arrested for a simple mistake.


86- Unless they knew your name and had made a fake id that any cop worth his salt would see right through, I don't really see how that plan would work, and it's a huge hassle to go through just to break into one person's house.