By JamiesMom - 13/05/2013 04:29 - United States - Trenton

Today, our cat died. My five-year-old tried to flush him down the toilet. FML
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JamiesMom tells us more.

JamiesMom 10

Op here(: My son Jamie is a boy, our cat was too. I got him 8 years ago as a 1st anniversary gift from my husband. Aladdin(Cat's name) was already dead when our son tried to flush him, and Yes we've had many fish before. I hope that answers everyone's questions.

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Unclog the toilet with a hairbrush?

Well who used up the other 8 lives?


Well who used up the other 8 lives?

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Unclog the toilet with a hairbrush?

iworryaboutyou 4


I've seen past FML references but I think this is the first time I've ever seen a reference to and FML that was posted AFTER the one being commented on...

I hope it was either a very small cat or a very big toilet.

slickchrome 11

It doesn't matter it's already dead

kryxen 14

When I first read it, I thought the cat died from the kid trying to flush it. I was very confused how the kid managed to do that to a live cat.

Or thousands of gallons pushing against the cat as it is stuck until it explodes through pipes into the watery abyss that is fish heaven. Too dark?

groovycrazyjoe 18

making me mad because how she didn't hear the cat screaming? she deserved it not the cat

JamiesMom 10

Our cat was already dead when my son tried to flush him. Dead Cats don't scream.

groovycrazyjoe 18

so what a dead pussy laying around the house. I just don't understand

JamiesMom 10

He was in a shoe box on the counter. My husband went to get a shovel so we could bury him.

bamagrl410 31

This is the first FML in a long time that actually made me laugh out loud, and after reading these comments I wasn't able to contain it anymore.

Jessj958 19

66, are you dumb?! Reading and comprehension is a 1st grade skill, practice sometime.


@#36 I'm thinking maybe it was a kitten. A full grown cat would have jumped out of the toilet and run away.

groovycrazyjoe 18

@81 no I am not dumb are you because clearly her fml left out some information

@86 and 96. IT WAS ALREADY DEAD. Reread the FML before commenting, please.

CammyGal 26

Poor kitty... :/ R.I.P. and hopefully you'll teach your son what to do when bigger animals die. The toilet is not a graveyard (except for fishies).

Where does it say a son?

This app is acting weird

death943 10

"All drains lead to ocean" *cough*Nemo*cough*

CammyGal 26

It said "my son" at first but was changed to "my five year old".

I think #41 needs to lay off the catnip.

dinosxxrawr 22

hopefully the toilet didn't use up the rest of the kitty's lives.

It said the kitty died

What!? I don't understand this comment, I mean, of course it used up the cats lives, it died before the kid tried to flush it.

So...are you sure the cat died before that?

JamiesMom 10

He was dead. My husband had went out to buy a new shovel so we could bury him and left him in a shoe box on the counter when my son saw our dead cat inside the shoe box and decided to try and flush him like a fish :(

At least his girlfriend didn't try to unclog it with your hairbrush.

Sorry for your loss OP. Years of caring for and loving that cat, all down the drain.

R.I.P toilet kitty ;)

How did the kid get a hold of the body? Unless- the cat was still alive when the flushing occurred....

Perhaps the cat died before the parents knew about it and the son found it. Wow, does everyone overlook the simple things or is this only on FML?

Then how did the parents know the cat was already dead?

Usually live cats usually don't allow themselves to be put into toilets, or any body of water for that matter. Sorry for your loss OP.

JamiesMom 10

My husband had left him in a shoebox on the counter while he went to buy a new shovel(We had loaned it to a neighbor who moved away before he could give it back)