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that's what you get for living in the ghetto. my parents use to work there with underprivileged children who were mentally challenged, they liked one who was called Jennifer Love Hewitt and helped her get her acting careers started.

  cradle6  |  13

82- You know muggers are usually armed right? MMA doesn't usually teach how to respond to and fight with weapons.

OP, buy a gun, and get a concealed weapons permit.

  deep_friar  |  0

106- not that often with firearms, though. (M)MA certainly can help you deal with the large chunk of muggers who are armed with anything short of a gun.

"Buy a gun" seems like a drug of last resort for this disease, to be used after other treatments have been tried and failed, because of its higher rate of unpleasant side effects.

  rahavan  |  15

I agree plus by the time you would get your gun out you would be dead. When it comes to personal defense a gun only works for show. If a mugger sees you have a gun chances are he's not going to mug you.

  Tankkiller308  |  16

#106 screw the concealed carry and get an open carried and carry a ar-15 (yes this is legal in certain states like Texas as long as the clip is in the back pocket) they see you with that they will think twice but if they do attack you keep a 44 magnum between your pants and middle back

By  FYLDeep  |  25

Well if you're gonna be mugged twice, back to back is probably the way to go. You probably didn't lose much the second time. Also, consider moving out of whatever shithole you're living in. You don't really have to worry about shit like that here in Green Bay.

  jazzy21  |  0

I was once confronted by a mugger. I just repeated everything he said. He actually ran away crying :)

The best self-defense is: mindfuck.

  jazzy21  |  0

Gotta disagree Cyosaric,

Maybe he ran away crying because I had more balls than he did.

Tsk tsk. Do you really want to talk about pity when you're trying to insult someone over the Internet? ;)