By MattVh - / Tuesday 12 January 2010 17:23 / Belgium
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Yeh indeed, sad though he gets down voted for using the word "first" in his post =| Come on guys, he actually made a good post it's not like all he only said "FIRST!" Anywho, that's pretty damn funny. *Goes to the bike shop and buys a chain lock*


First of all, what is a 'fith'? And second... what about his fith? If you're going to say "your fith", you've gotta have a verb somewhere. Did you mean to say "your fith is an idiot"? If so, you should know that commas don't work as indefinite articles in the English language.


Today, I was fired from my job because my boss "doesn't think I'm happy there". FML

By someonesometime - / Friday 29 July 2016 04:14 / United States - Billings
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