By MattVh - Belgium
Today, someone had put a lock on my bike. While I was trying to saw it off, the police drove by. I was arrested for trying to steal a bike and released four hours later when they figured out that it was actually my bike. FML
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  Kingdutch  |  3

Yeh indeed, sad though he gets down voted for using the word "first" in his post =|

Come on guys, he actually made a good post it's not like all he only said "FIRST!"

Anywho, that's pretty damn funny. *Goes to the bike shop and buys a chain lock*

  humorizer  |  14

First of all, what is a 'fith'? And second... what about his fith? If you're going to say "your fith", you've gotta have a verb somewhere. Did you mean to say "your fith is an idiot"? If so, you should know that commas don't work as indefinite articles in the English language.


the bike could have been right outside the OP's house..doesn't say where he left it. really this is most likely because otherwise you'd think they would lock it up themselves.

By  DGMR  |  0

In Ghent (also in Belgium), the police just looks away when someone is trying to steel a bike. That's how mine got stolen, four times.