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  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

that's why you bring a key sheesh. and be sure to lock the door when you leave! I never locked the door when I snuck out cause I was afraid my parents would hear the click, so I just left it unlocked, never got caught until the 7th time when my cats woke up my dad wanting out and he went to unlock the door and found it unlocked...not a good day.

  parism143  |  28

I agree with 151, most front doors are heavy and make a lot of noise when opened. wether if you live in an apartment or condo or house or whatnot, the sound of the door opening is generally heard all throughout the residence, unless it's freaking huge.

By  TheAbsentOne  |  0

"Mom I wanna go to the party!"
"No. You're staying in."
*Sneaks out later, goes to party. Returns, doors locked.*

Actually I think YDI since you had to sneak out to do whatever it may have been you were doing.

By  everydayisfml07  |  3

YDI for not remembering to leave yourself a way to get back in. this isn't an fml, it's an "I'm an idiot, I'll just draw more attention to my stupidity; more-so to thousands who don't know me than the people that already do."