By littledonny

Armed and not dangerous

Today, I went to school wearing the same jacket I had gone hiking in the previous day. When I found out that I had left my 2" pocket knife in the pocket I immediately turned it in to the front office. They promptly had me arrested for bringing a weapon on campus. FML
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By  supertacowaffle  |  41

Do they do jacket checks at your school or something? I probably would have put it in my bag wrapped up or something, because although you had no ill intent people are quick to jump to conclusions :/

By  RememberSchlitz  |  9

I do not envy you having to grow up in these times, when the weak and afraid outnumber the strong and the general policy is to never use education to address unreasonable perceptions that the ignorant might carry lest they be upset or offended by the knowledge. Fortunately, what the school likes to call your "permanent record" is absolutely not permanent at all.


Perhaps I am and perhaps I'm not, but this FML is not about me. I'll offer this: I understand that someone who is responsible enough to know the rules about knives in school and honest enough to make an attempt to comply with those rules (as ridiculous and unreasonable as they might be) when he mistakenly brings a 2" knife to campus is not the person of which the weak and afraid writers of those rules were thinking.

By  arandomperson97  |  18

At my old school we had a policy that if you had been hiking/camping over the weekend and you brought your pocket knife with you to school after because you forgot it was there. If you turned it in, nothing would happen and your parents would just come get it at the end of the day. Definitely FYL, OP

By  Tarlachia  |  33

Is your dad the same guy from my hometown who was so drunk that he pulled up behind a parked cop, got out and asked the cop to arrest him for drunk driving?