By lamed - 04/12/2009 22:01 - United States

Today, I stopped by the gun store to pick up a new concealed weapon for protection. As I was leaving the store, a man came up behind me, hit me with a crowbar, and stole my gun. FML
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you should have gotten a crowbar instead, apparently.

Now if that isn't irony I don't know what is. FYL though.


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How coincidental. Today, I hit a man with a crowbar, and stole his gun. Except I don't think i was in Florida... Vegas?

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you should have gotten a crowbar instead, apparently.

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Wow that sucks. But what amazing irony! :D

If he came up from behind you, how do you know it was a crowbar...?

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and suddenly, it hit him, it was a crowbar!

Because the crowbar was probably left behind

If that's true, he should feel even worse because the criminal was a moron. I'm not saying he should have carried it with him as he fled, but the guy should have taken the crowbar a little ways away from the scene of the crime. I'd guess there were security tapes. I'd imagine a gun store would have tons, cause of all the shooting and what-not.

I think you learned an important lesson about concealed weapons. They're pointless.

I thought concealed weapons were illegal? Well in Australia they are anyway..

It depends on the state, in NJ it's illegal unless you have a permit to.

this sounds fake. so ydi. and extra ydi for buying a gun or whatever you classify as a "concealed weapon."

Isn't there a hold on purchasing a new gun? As in, you have to wait a few weeks after you buy it? I'm calling fake.

probably not once you've already bought a few.

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The OP said he went to pick it up so it's possible he bought it a few days ago and picked it up after the waiting period.

The laws vary by state and city. Where I live if you buy from a gun shop you still have to go through a background check, however it is streamlined. They have a hotline to call the FBI to run a quick check. However, if you are a licensed CWP holder, they just confirm the permit is still valid and you need no check. Some states do require a wait period.

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exactly. you can't just "stop by the gun store" to "pick up" a weapon, but nice try on getting on FML while also sounding hard.

I know in my state you go in fill out the ATF form 4473 they run a background check through the FBI. In most cases if the person buying the gun has no criminal record or hasn't purchased too many firearms in the last few months it is approved. Once it is approved you can take the gun home with you. This process takes only about 15 minutes.