By Anonymous - 18/04/2012 07:18 - United States - Salinas

Today, I tried to put together some flat-pack furniture. I wound up in my underpants, screaming stuff like, "Fuck you, fucking Ikea bastard" at pieces of confusing plywood. FML
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aaahhhfire21 0

So....y did u end up in your underpants?

bingababe 16

I get the feeling this happens to you a lot.


I feel like that's how I'd end up after ******* a Swedish man. Without the plywood part.

They haven't even been assembled into this great world yet they've already suffered such hatred.. How would you feel OP if your mother yelled at you soon as you came out of her box!

That's what you get for buying something from ikea

Anyone else wondering how--or why--OP ended up in his underwear?

Dont you put stuff together stuff in your skimpys?

77 I have a theory, Op started to get angry and usually clothes starts to annoy a person. So clothes starts to come off and next thing you know, you're doing shit in your underwear.

honestly #18, i don't understand why you're getting thumbed down. ikea has never made good anything.

I understand the yelling... But how did he get down to his underwear?!

Ugh, this won't fit where it says! And this!? What is this? It doesn't even mention it in the instructions! GRROAAAAARGHHH HULK STRIP!

I can manage to put together an ikea furniture, the instructions are simple and easy to follow.

100- ah I understand now. Thank you for clearing this up.

trollierthanthou 1

Goddamn couches, always taking people's clothes like that

laurenobrien 4

Lol it's amusing reading all of your comments

I suspect OP was in his underwear to start with, maybe he was tackling the project first thing in the morning and hadn't had his coffee. Anything is confusing before coffee.

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bingababe 16

I get the feeling this happens to you a lot.

#2 No, this isn't real life at all buddy. Don't try too hard to process it all, wouldn't want to hurt yourself now, would you?

I think maybe this commenter saw that they had a chance at the number 1 spot, and what she couldn't process was the pure exhilaration and accomplishment she was feeling for possibly being the first commenter. And then they blacked out. It was simply surreal.

Imagine then the plunge into disappointment and pure despair when afterward they realise they are only #2...

I think they do it on purpose. I know you're pain

This seems like something that happens to a lot of people. Those directions are usually confusing as shit.

TheDrifter 23

There are stickers on every piece and pictures showing how they go together. They even put pictures of the fasteners you should be using next to it. Lego comes with the same directions and 5 year olds manage it, why does IKEA cause such frustration?

TheDrifter 23

Put the pieces like you see in the picture, same as Lego. On a side note, did you know IKEA uses employees with Downs Syndrome to test new product assembly instructions?

TheDrifter 23

And before people assume I'm insulting the mentally handicapped, I have a cousin that stocks shelves and assembles floor models at IKEA, he has Downs, just thought to be an interesting factoid.

94 Ikea knows you're a pain and is punishing you for it.

I know the way you're feeling. Why can't those little pieces of $200 shit come already pieces together?

i don't know about you but in my experience the peices don't fit together as easily as the appear to be in the picture

94-I feel really stupid for making that mistake. Your a great person for letting me know.

aaahhhfire21 0

So....y did u end up in your underpants?

You don't need pants for the victory dance!

Torva_fml 16

I sense a lack of victory for the unfortunate man...

Better question would be how? I mean you're putting together furniture. How does that make you end up in underwear?

My dad and I spent an entire Saturday building an Ikea desk for my room. It is bloody hot work!!! The instructions are so ANNOYING!

It's obviously the dad who picked up his daughter naked. Someone returned his underpants :( Rage ensued.

cajekraze 7

I prefer to do everything in as few clothes as possible. Assembling IKEA furniture, which is stupid easy if you lay everything out first, is the ideal activity sans pants. It gives you freedom and agility. You should always lay out and identify all pieces and hardware before starting

74) did you both end up in your underware cursing at the desk?

I'm curious about how you ended up in just your underpants.

Really… why do people copy other people's comments? It's just stupid...

mcaisse77 17

Wow. You are such a dumbass. This was posted at the same time as the comment above it. They didn't copy anything. Look next time. I'm sure a lot of people were wondering why op was pants-less. I can't stand stupid people.

The first 5 comments were posted within 7 minutes of the FML being posted. #4 and #5 were posted in the same minute.

Oh IKEA. Always trying to get in your pants.

Da_Bauss435 8

You think that is bad? Take a white girl to home depot and look at how many Mexicans will try to get into her pants. And just for all the trolls its just a joke and I'm not being racist.

#6 I think you need to put on some pants

#6 umm interesting pic.. but I think something more appropriate would be nice

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Nah, I think it works with their comment.

I like big butts and I cannot lie! But your ass just ain't fine! When you walk through the door, with your pannies on the floor. I. Get. FLACCID!

Are you one of those people who skip the instruction manual too?

We call it the 'destructions manual' in our house. Well done, OP - you're doing better than most people vs. flat-packed furniture.

cc_the_beast 6

R.T.F.M. - Read the ******* manual

You don't even have to read, it's usually just diagrams

Sometimes those Ikea manuals aren't worth shit.

Right now I'm thinking about the Meth-head from the "Curiousity - How Drugs Work" episode on Discovery channel. OP, if you're not that guy, you have a problem. Actually, if you ARE that guy you have a problem. If you're not that guy you don't have an excuse.

^ Win. OP, YDI for failing to read. They all use the same parts, tools, and I'm pretty sure they all come with an Allen wrench and an instruction manual. Way to fail.

I don't think they give refunds to people who just can't put the stuff together. I know I failed last time at putting a bed together :S