By ChampionshipVinyl - 18/04/2012 06:57 - Canada - Orangeville

Today, I came home from work to find my kids playing Frisbee with my collection of rare, valuable vinyl records. The term "smash hit record" took on a whole new meaning. FML
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Why was no one watching your kids? If they're young enough to not know what's okay and what's not, they're young enough to need someone to watch them while you're at work.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

As an avid collector of vinyl records, this story was hard for me to read without cringing. Conk the little bastards and smash their Beiber CDs as payback!


lenamartinovic 13

YDI. next time hide it, or lock it, so your kids won't take it.

Why did this get thumbed down? If OP locked their records away, they would be inaccessible.

How do you know they weren't locked away and that his kids aren't snoops of some kind?

or teach your kids not to be dumb ***** and play with your valuables

Why were the kids alone in the first place? If they aren't old enough to know that was wrong?

cyK0tek 0

^Hmm? You say something? *teehee*

Read your profile because that's what I do, now I'm sad.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

I shed a tear for little Puffy as well. Made me treasure my own kitty a lot more.

niyah4sho 11

Poor Puffy :( I would report my neighbor for their dogs

Sairagna 2

I have cat just like that called Oliver and is about 16 now, I wouldn't know what to do if that happened, our neighbor has a massive golden retriever and Oliver is always sitting on the fence trolling him. Guess who's now an indoor cat.

Why was no one watching your kids? If they're young enough to not know what's okay and what's not, they're young enough to need someone to watch them while you're at work.

There may have been, OP didn't specofi

*specify. So many FML's so many unanswered questions! Excuse the double post just got fake nails put on. :(

mariet_fml 23

Not necessarily. My parents started leaving my siblings and me alone at home as soon as my oldest sister turned 10. (I was 8 and my brother 6.) Our grandmother was across the street, three cops lived on our street, and it was a safe neighborhood. We were mature enough to take care of ourselves, but we pulled some shenanigans. aren't so helpless as people like to make them seem.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Kids also aren't as capable as you act like they are. I believe it's also illegal to leave kids home alone under the age of 13. Kids watching kids is never a good idea.

Just like its illegal for people under 21 to drink, but yet people do it any way.

TheDrifter 23

12 is legal in Canada, but I'm from the farm, by 12 I could drive and could reasonably be expected to operate a combine unsupervised. Kids mature quick if parents let them grow and learn.

I don't the kids would be able to throw anything for a while if it had been me.

Well you gotta admit.... That actually sounds like a lot of fun.

"sounds" like lot o fun? I see what u did thare mister ;)


I don't think that was supposed to be a joke...

lukep135 6

Intended or not, i enjoyed the pun

Fun destroying records? Those things are still valuable in 2015.

I would be grumpy! But like other people have said, lock up your valuables!

Thanks you've just made me puke with that profile pic!

Change that Pic!! Thats just nasty as ****!

wlddog 14

What size panties are those, parachute?

Hey, if she's ever falling from a questionable height, she could always take them off and.... *BARF* NEVERMIND.

There are children on this website!!! I'm scarred for life.

zebraface 15

You would be "grumpy"? That's it? I would be shooting lasers out of my eyes and screaming like a banshee.

Who cares if there are children on here it's **** My they aren't supposed to be here anyway

Eeeeeewwwwwwwwww I hate those underwears! My bed sheets are smaller than that! :/

aaahhhfire21 0

Haha me and my bros did that just back when hitting ur kids was still acceptable....some kids are so lucky they won't know the pain of their dads backhand

What do you mean? I'm 26 and my dad backhanded me just last week lol

aaahhhfire21 0

Oh that explains the eye patch

linkinpark98 23

I don't know the pain of a back hand to the face, but I do know the pain of a belt buckle to the face.... That hurts like Hell.

When I was young I even knew better than to pull shit like this. It isn't a YDI for not locking up the valuables, but a YDI for not teaching the kids boundaries.

You kidding me? I'm still growing up and getting backhanded for everything I do wrong.

blackheart24 10

Yeah when I was a kid it was a belt to the ass.

mhopper 13

Same here. I used to wear jeans under my pj's so it wouldn't hurt as much

My mother was a wooden spoon ninja when I was younger. My father was the type to make you stroll outside and pick your switch. Needless to say, I was a pretty obedient child.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

29 - I know that one all too well. Somehow excessive child abuse did little to make me 'obedient'. More so it taught me to be withdrawn and self-reliant.

#36 and how do you teach kids boundaries? .. Do you run through a list of every possible scenario and tell them whats wrong and what's right? Or do you wait till they do something wrong then let them know it wad wrong and punish accordingly? (and hope you caught them before too much damage was done)

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

As an avid collector of vinyl records, this story was hard for me to read without cringing. Conk the little bastards and smash their Beiber CDs as payback!

I, too collect vinyl! However, when my kids were small, I kept my vinyl put away! Now that they're late teens, they'd never touch them! I taught mine to appreciate things like that! YDI for not teaching your kids to appreciate your collection! If they're young, YDI for not having someone watching them!!

KriiFahMoro 9

Not every sentence has to end with an exclamation point. That was just painful to read...

blackheart24 10

15- Is there a ghost in your picture?

25, 15 is just a very excited person.

Sorry about the exclamation points. It's a bad habit, I'm trying to break! Damn, did it again.

Is there a ghost in my pic? I never noticed. Look, no exclamation points. It's sooo hard not to use them.

luckyd880 12

Ya I see a ghost too...creepy....

If they are old enough to play Frisbee with your vinyl records they sure as hell are old enough to understand how valuable these are to you. Question is, did you ever tell them?

Locking things up in your own home, that pose no danger to your children (covering my arse for the "Oh so you wouldn't lock up your guillotine if you had children in your house??!!" nazi's), is beyond ridiculous. ClosetTroll has it right. Most kids I know have no concept of value. Let the ******* know; something that may seem worthless to them, may mean the world to another. The profile pic freaks me out every time man.

Actually... The guillotine isn't such a bad idea. It might get them to behave better. Use their toys as examples when they're bad. OFF WITH IT'S HEAD!

Jewnut 0

I'm sure they didn't realize it wasn't OK to do, just being kids. Hope you didn't freak out and spank them. now if they do it again feel free to kick some butt

But it's a perfectly ok sentence, there is no double negatives there.