Tonight, on First Dates…

By James C - 18/04/2012 08:48 - United Kingdom - Stoke-on-trent

Today, I was on a first date. She asked what I do, so I replied, "I create adverts." She then yelled, "F**k you" and left. FML
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yoursucklives 36

well you know, internet ads are kinda annoying...

Guess she doesn't like advertisements....


Her father that beat her and her mother used to do the same thing.

Guess she doesn't like advertisements....

Maybe she thought it was one of those "Don't ********** until you see this!" kind of advertisements.

Or she doesn't like men with such skill and knowledge of his.

siickman 7

15, i hope you are being sarcastic...

All the OP needs to know is "bullet = dodged"

No, she was excited. Obviously she was going to buy some condoms so she could "F**k you" as she said.

yoursucklives 36

well you know, internet ads are kinda annoying...

gurly98 13

Yes Internet ads are annoying but OP's gf didn't have to do that

Gurly - Girlfriend? What?? Reread the FML and pay close attention to the part that says "first date".

Doc, you know the youth moves faster than us slowpokes.. First date = gf/bf

ceilingfans 1

Yes, I consider her my girlfriend before i even speak to them. But, then again, I'm creepy.

ceilingfans 1

I thought you were a fan.. Not creepy..

ceilingfans 1

Every time you walk into a room I'm there, on the ceiling, watching you.

btnhdude 0

Every time you walk into a room, im there but you dont see me.

MrBrightside21 20

69 - I swear, if you tell anyone about the time I shit my pants in my room, I will kill you.

ceilingfans 1

Don't worry, your secrets safe with me... All of them.

#45 I'm starting to feel really old right now!

DaKillaMafia 2

Good. Now you can find someone better.

ryanmoneybags 4

You don't know that. She could have been very attractive.

I'll take a great personality over looks any day. Good looks are just a bonus

perdix 29

You really can't do worse! No matter how magnificent a woman is, when she says "**** you" and leaves, she's not a suitable match for you.

nexttonothing 0

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yoursucklives 36

yup. that was exactly why she left.

siickman 7

Or or or, she just doesnt like his job....

What's stupider, abbreviating "advertisement" to "advert", or completely omitting punctuation from your comment?

There's also the possibility that she interrupted him

DCarrasco526 4

Says the guy who doesn't know that commas go inside the quotation marks unless they're included in the quote...

75- Says you, the guy who doesn't know that commas DON'T go inside quotation marks unless they're included in the quote. Dumbass.

DCarrasco - It's grammar lesson time! In American grammar, you'd be right. But in British grammar, the placement of periods and commas is logical. If the comma goes with the quotation, it goes inside. Otherwise it goes outside. Since you're new here, I'll explain something to you - not all the commenters here are American. Don't correct someone if you see "realise" or "legalise" or "spelt".

DocBastard, I'm afraid stupider is not a word. Maybe you all should go back to English class.

chupacabra141 - Please allow me to bitch slap you back to grade school. "Stupider" is very much a word, as it is the comparative of "stupid". I realise that it may not sound perfect to you, but that doesn't make it any less a word. Why must we go through this every time someone uses "stupider" here? When will you people learn?

where I'm from advert is a valid word, and people use it more than advertisement. not every place uses the same words as everyone else.

Listen, if your gonna bitch about people's grammar then at least get it right. What you are trying to say is "more stupid", because if you look up stupider in a dictionary, it does not exist.

Well according to the Oxford English Dictionary it does exist.

92: Yes, stupider is, in fact, a word. Look it up.

94- o o o just like how snuk is not a work it's sneaked! but most people say I "snuk" up on someone not sneaked. well in "American" English that's the correct word. :)

stupider is not proper formal English (at least not in Canada) but FML is far from formal. Also the OED has practically every word used as well as the time period it was used and that may not mean it its used today (I haven't looked just letting you know).

Doc - Thank you for comment 87. I now finally know why my American University professors tore my papers apart. For some reason I absorbed British Grammar rules and not American. I'm usually pretty good about knowing when to use each version but I always got in trouble for my quotes.

"Stupider" is a perfectly valid word according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and everyone who knows a goddamned thing about the English language.

chupacabra141 - Are you ******* kidding me? Some dumbass like you commented the exact comment when I used the word "stupider" on another FML. Now, go Google "stupider" and it'll prove to everyone why you're clearly stupider than the rest of us.

DocBastard: saving ignorant people the bother of attending university since [fill in year]. ^ FML advert?

144. I think everyone who commented on this thread and everyone who thumbed up/down cares.

posie94 7

I always thought it was more stupid. Guess you learn something new every day.

160 - It is. But it's also "stupider". There are very many ways to say nearly anything and there are very many versions of English and its rules. In some contexts one is correct and another is not but on FML people use many versions of the language. No one version is any more correct here than is any other, so far as I'm aware.

68. Stupider is not a word just so you're aware

186. Sweetie, did you even bother reading the whole thread before you commented? You really want to restart that debate?

He just wants to start another argument.

sillycart 9

Maybe she was giving you an idea for a new advert.

linkinpark98 23

Now you can make her an advertisement saying "Same to you!", just to piss her off. :)

eastsidesoldier 7

OP was on a date with a girl. the girl asked what OP did for a living to which he said he makes advertisements for a living. The girl got angry yelled **** you and left.

linkinpark98 23

You must be dumb. That's my only thought if you cannot understand something as simple as this.

I think eastsidesoldier meant that he didn't get why she got so angry?!?!?!

Because ads are annoying, and apparently she let out her anger about ads towards the OP, since he makes them.

eastsidesoldier 7

Calling ANYTHING stupid and misspelling the word "stupid" is extremely hypocritical... please go back to elementary school and learn some basic grammar. Thank you.

tmmundy 17

I can't believe you took the time to explain op's story to a complete idiot....and he carries a gun...Lord help us all.(#30)