By Brummsta - 27/01/2010 07:41 - Australia

Today, I woke up with a cordless drill on my bed. The one I lent my neighbour last week. FML
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tyrob911 0

looks like you've got a nosey neighbour. if she's a female, I say drill her if you know what i mean


emmmilyyy 0

are you serious? so when people borrow your shit you expect them to return it by breaking and entering, and putting it on your BED when ur sleeping? hopefully youre being sarcastic haha :)


Soybean254 0

atleast she's brave enough to put a picture

yeah, at least she put a picture. lol she's not *that* fat... heh.

genesis294 0

come on guys! you don't have to be rude to her and call her names! she probably was just making a joke and being sarcastic!

uhhh how did they get in is the real question

fallingpoint 0

ur fat y u hav a pic it ruins peoples image of you wen they c ur name

fallingpoint 0

in the 5lvs of fatness…big healthy husky fluffy and DAMN ur about a DAMN…gabrial inglesias made them!!!!¡

fallingpoint 0

uhhhh what are you people talking about, she hardly looks chunky. definitely not what I'd call fat.

caits13 0

For the love of all that is Mike! That's so creepy. *shudders* FYL

PottentialFML 0

I remember my 1 millionth donut

natedog193 0

retard...they had to break in to do it. and change your pic before you cause vomiting, blindness or death.

Caayouteepie 0

@#54 Hahahah I was just thinking that...

natedog193 0

Today, I went on FML. And found a slightly funny FML. I clicked comments and saw your picture. FML.

skater4life5253 0

gee i ****** wonder? mabye cuz his neighbor came into his house and his bedroom dumbass. and loose some weight go out and run and stop eating 3 supersized meals from mcdonalds

KingDingALing 9

ewwwwwwww look...nasty....change your pic NOW!!

flinga honey...I don't mean to be rude but damn ur uglyyyyy

icall_BS 0

Fat chicks are the ******* worst. Its called The Subway Diet, flinga. Try it.

jonnyplayzaguita 0

a wild snorlax appears! the great balls.. they do nothing.

#101 u so copied that from another fml.

#1 just made me scarred for life...

sn355717 0

seriously!! there's this thing called spectrum! geez!

Most of you guys are ******* assholes.

you're a ******* asshole. everyone has feelings so don't pick on people for appearance. **** you.

tyrob911 0

looks like you've got a nosey neighbour. if she's a female, I say drill her if you know what i mean

Expertfail 0

Perhaps how it got there... they were asleep, in their bed, and *somehow* the cordless drill their neighbour found its way in there.

If only the drill had a cord, then you could trace the cable back to where it came from...

You left out the part where you sleep in the nude.

its western australia and it's summer. good chance he does lol

mmah_fml 0

yeahh mate west australians dominate happy AUSTRALIA DAY bitches