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Today, I realized the reason my 20-year-old daughter has been so moody and aggressive is because she missed the promotional My Little Pony toys at McDonald's. FML
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I missed a promotional Pokémon toy...I feel her pain.


I missed a promotional Pokémon toy...I feel her pain.

It seems that the both of you need to grow up

crazyblackchick 0

It seems like everypony needs to kick your ass >:I Or at least thumb you down.

WTSchool 0

Pokémon was the best. At least the originals. :D Now how many are there, 1000?

No you don't, this is MY LITTLE PONY!! How could you even compare them??

^^she is hot but does need to grow up a littke

Yup shes in need of some elderly wisdom "hint hint mom" lol

One of my co-workers has the whole collection and she is 23. She still watches my little ponies, I hope your daughter doesn't end up like that :(

Showing love and tolerance by threatening physical harm on another for not liking what you like: Check. Butthurt brony: Check. Lack of maturity: Check. All seems in order here.

Pokemon doesn't have an age limit like My Little Pony does. >.>

Yeah I still got my 24k gold plated Charizard (with authenticity) and maybe even the pokeball for it still.

@20 It still is the best. It doesn't take too long to learn their names if you really want to get back into it. Btw neither MLP or pokemon have age limits. Sure people will judge you for it. But answer this, what can you do these days that is impossible to criticize?

bitch_pleez 10

20, there's now 649 and I have every single one on my black version. Dgaf if u guys think I have no life, but **** yeah I still play Pokemon at 16 and I have all games from all 5 gens :D

I tried ordering a happy meal once and the chick told me I was too old maybe I should write a FML...

134 You should have complained to the manager. They probably would have tossed a free meal your way.

That already is an fml from around last week

Llama_Face89 33

126- all I have is ******* Togepi. :

As a pony, I also feel her pain.

abbyabb 4


To the people saying "grow up;" find me a DECENT show about love, friendship, and acceptance, that isn't about sex, violence, or drugs and I will gladly grow up. Why the hell do you care where people get their pleasure if it isn't hurting anyone? How is watching MLP (or Pokemon) any better or worse than watching Desperate Housewives, American Idol, CSI and all the crap that's aimed at adults?

60: So I can't be into cartoons forever? What about people who make cartoons, are they childish? Really you guys, just because you grow up doesn't mean stop liking kid things. I LOVE MLP and I have since I was little.

Strafeh 9

Or you could just stop ******* talking..

Or you could just not be a jerk

ekattie 12

Haha yeah (the criticism). I bet if someone managed to make world peace, people would start criticizing the person or the idea.... therefore disrupting the world peace.. hahaa

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Fear princess Celestia, Today, I missed the last chance to get a promotional my little pony toy from McDonald's. FML

Another butthurt brony. It is NOT acceptable for ADULTS to watch KID shows. The end.

So parents can't watch TV with their kids? Wow. You must hate parents.

All the "butthurt brony" comments. ALL OF THEM.

SwaggerMelon 6

Bronies are better...

Pizza's good, too; but wtf do these comments got to do with the FML?

44- he is referring to guys that are older that like My Little Pony. They call themselves "Bronies". It has next to nothing to do with this FML really.

52- Really? It sounds as if OP's daughter is a brony (yes, it refers to female fans as well).


Females are Pegasisters

Bronies are furries that don't know they are gay yet.

108- if it does apply to both, then my apologies. But I thought it only applied to men and most say it applies to men. BROnies. So yea I thought it was guys.. :3

BROnies = males pegaSISTER = females

157&180- makes sense. Thanks for explaining :3 Bronies really didn't sound right for girls..

No, Pegasisters sounds dumb and I refuse to be called as such. I will always be a Brony.

ppeanutbutter 1

are you ******* stupid?

joshhhh14 4

Any male, or female over the age of 4 who watches and enjoys MLP is a ******. Not ****** as in homosexual, but as in pussy ass ************. Seriously, Go get laid. It's a show made for LITTLE GIRLS. You guys are gonna be virgins for life. And now all of you are gonna be little butthurt *****.

Exactly. Pegasister is just awkward and ridiculous. Female MLP fans can go by which ever term they choose, whether it be a brony or a "pegasister"

Brony all the damn way!! Wooohooo

Hiimhaileypotter 52


Hah! Gaaaaaaaaaày!

Pegasister for life!

Nwthatzfunny 9

He is cool in my book

He? Who is "he"?

He who is he, is he who he would be. But if he would be he then who would who be?

^ ahahahaha quite trippy .... I had to read it a couple times... Kind of random though :P

38- Lol, Mind F*ck!!!!!

kurololita 6

38 batman of course

I certainty can't. McDonald's toys are the best!

Yes if she was that "little girl" in a FML a awhile who didn't get her happy meal so ya you could blame her.

I'm sad too, and I'm not a lady...

I would too! For any toy McDonalds is giving!

WTSchool 0

Couldn't she have gone herself? Or maybe I'm overestimating her based on age. (: Since she likes My Little Pony....

OhDearBetrayal 25

Taking into consideration that OP said "missed," you should assume that she hadn't known about it or had underestimated the time they would be selling them.

Can't blame her. We're awesome! /)

Inediblepeaches 15

Brohoof /)*(

Did you think she was on her period, OP? You were smart not to ask.

hthelittleone 10

Hey, I'd be moody and aggressive if I missed those, too.

Why? Are you a manchild?

No, us bronies love ponies. You have a problem wit dat?

hthelittleone 10

Fuzz: Do I look like a man to you?

NoisyNykkii 10

Shouldn't you be happy? All daddy's miss their little girls, you never lost yours.

The **** are you talking about?

33- are you serious?

NoisyNykkii 10

33- No, are YOU serious. That is the real question here.

NoisyNykkii 10

Ugh. Comment fail ._.

Ah, I get it now. Oops. Didn't see the gender, assumed that OP was a woman.

NoisyNykkii 10

She could be a woman, but I'm pretty sure mama bird doesn't like it when her hatchlings fly away either.

True, but now you can see why I was confused. To be honest I didn't really read through your comment in the first place, though, so I guess that was my fault.

user324234324 1

So there's male bronies. What are the female bronies called?

crazyblackchick 0


Apparently, a lot of them like the term 'Pegasisters', but I like to think of both groups as 'stunted growth' or 'mentally ill'.

Love and tolerate... or at least tolerate... love might be a *bit* of a streatch for this parasprite...

Doesn't brony apply to both male and female fans of the show?

But I've also heard some female bronies don't mind being called "Bronies". But I could be wrong...

MatthewDmerrill 5

It's not male bronies btw its just brony and plural is bronies. For girls it's pegasister and and "s"at the end of it for plural.

crazyblackchick 0

Hell, I'm pissed off, too! Missing MLP is the equivalent of having your period while swimming in Arctic water. .....I wanted Pinkie Pie. T-T

I know that feel, Brony. .... Though I got Pinkie.... Got a Cheerilee, and we'll talk.

NoisyNykkii 10

Did anyone get Fizzy? I want her I:

Didn't they mess up of AJ's cutie mark?

You said it sister!!

Pinkie makes the best damn cupcakes!

supersmiles 6

I got Lilly blossom. She's not even a background pony!!!

blegehlehgleh 0

All the 3-picture cutie marks (raritys gems, pinkies balloons, fluttershys butterflies, and AJs apples) are just a single item (ONE balloon, ONE apple...) the new line of real toys are much better, and more show accurate than the McDonald's ones, no more pink celestia either