By Anonymous - 02/04/2016 15:48 - United States - Nashville

Today, for the first time, I made a guy get a boner and make out with me. This would've been great if it hadn't been a dream, and if the guy in question hadn't been my brother. FML
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What the actual fuck did I just read.

What's fun for the family, involves 2 to 4 people and can result in pleasure? A board game! Everyone is pleased when they win monopoly!


What the actual fuck did I just read.

The family that plays together stays together!

that's terrible #1 CX

I didn't read the dream part at first and that made this FML twenty times worse.

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i need a mind bleach..

Just one mind bleach? A singular, lone mind bleach? Interesting.

I don't know why you people think he/she's wrong. It's just like saying, "I need a cure."

TMO2142 25

im a guy

ChristianH39 30

52 because he IS wrong. Your comparison is off, a better one would be asking for "a water" as opposed to "a glass of water."

dbt88 15

I think he meant a bleaching of the mind, not like an actual bottle of bleach for his mind.

Thank you #91, that's exactly what I meant. I honestly don't understand some of these people. Always quick to pick an argument over little things. People should stop looking at things just their way and putting down others.

What's fun for the family, involves 2 to 4 people and can result in pleasure? A board game! Everyone is pleased when they win monopoly!

oh man, and I was thinking family orgy :(

How do you win a game of monopoly?

Well, with 2-4 players it's also 50-75% likely to lead to anger, frustration and thoughts about murdering that SoB that stole your streets.

Monopoly has no winners. It never ends happily.

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nobody wins monopoly. . .

I dunno, it usually leads to divorce in my family.

after 3-4 days of counting and math bs I doubt it.

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54 & 56, I really won monopoly once - actually, I completed dominated monopoly. I was playing with my mom and sister and, because I had hotels on Illinois and the like, by the end of the game, I completely bankrupt my mom and sister and owned most of the properties on the board. #noregrets

Good for you #76, good for you

You're lucky it was a dream cos that's fucked up

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I'm no psychic but I predict a lot of downvotes coming your way

While I do question OP for having a weird ass dream, you just sound like a douchebag.

mariri9206 32

Dreams have deeper, underlying meanings. This dream doesn't mean that OP has romantic feelings for her brother - it's likely it means something else completely and not have anything to do with romantic feelings. For example, I dreamed my dad my died. The second I woke up, I was freaked out and worried but I knew that dream meanings aren't straightforward like and, so, I looked up the meaning in one of my two dream meanings books (I've had freaky dreams that really freaked me out before so I figured it was handy to have) and it told me that my dream meant my relationship with my dad was changing/had changed. And it was right -our relationship had changed; it was during a time when I was really mad at my dad and I wouldn't talk to him or see him or have anything to do with him. OP, I would definitely invest a dream meaning book or, at least, look it up online; it can really shed some light and make you feel better/at ease. Or, at least, it makes me feel better - I hope, should you look into it, it makes you feel better, too.

Having lived in Tennessee for the last seven years of my life, #6 is not too far off the mark. At least, it was pretty much that way where I graduated high school from. No joke, the prom king and queen my senor year were a couple who were 1st cousins, and yes, they were dating. It wasn't hard for me to graduate with honors in that school. All I had to do was show up.

platnum42 8

You and I must live in different parts of Tennessee, and that's saying something since I live in Appalachia. You must be either from Grundy or Cocke county.

That's a lil too kinky in my oppinion. How deprived are you?

mariri9206 32

Dream meanings aren't direct like that at all. It DOES NOT mean that OP has romantic feelings for her brother or that she's attracted to him.

Also, it's "depraved." Yes, I know I'm being THAT person. *sprinkles knowledge confetti*

I up voted because knowledge confetti. Seriously you rock. But, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, I think they actually meant deprived. As in, she's so hard up - deprived of sex - that she's desperate enough to dream about her brother.

that's exactly what i was thinking #40

notice "today for the first time" ? I'm going to say she is a virgin.

dbt88 15

83- you can still be sex-deprived if you're a virgin...

You need help. Seriously.

Calm down, it was only a dream, doesn't mean anything.

I bet her bother could help. ?

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You might not want to mention that to anyone else

I don't see what the issue is honestly. No way OP is the only person to ever have a fucked up dream. If she didn't see a problem with the dream, she wouldn't have posted an FML.

TheLostCauseFML 40

Well said!

That's true. Pretty much everyone's subconscious is fucked up. lol. Sucks the OP will probably remember their dream every time they see their brother though.

mariri9206 32

so true, 58. I had a dream once my dad murdered (I didn't see it - I just knew in my dream) and the murderer was waiting for my sister and I at our house so I made us run before we even entered the house and I was worried my mom was going to come home from work, not realize he was there, and get murdered, too.

I know during puberty I had the weirdest goddamn dreams. Barbie orgies, some duck that wanted drugs, and the weirdest sexual dreams ever.