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Today, my 15-year-old son begged me to pre-order the next season of My Little Pony. FML
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Today, a noisy little kid in the bus seated behind me asked his mom loudly, "Why is that big man watching cartoons for girls?" Me and the guy next to me, who too was watching on his phone, paused for a bit. He smirked, shaking his head, laughing under his breath. He was watching anime; I was watching My Little Pony. FML
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JocelynKaulitz 28

I remember the old days where My Little Pony used to be just toys for little girls…

"not many people" except for every single brony. and there are a lot of them.


GeneralMotors 23

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JocelynKaulitz 28

I remember the old days where My Little Pony used to be just toys for little girls…

I seriously hope that you're joking about being proud of this.

Op, you should be more proud than ashamed. Your son likes something that is viewed as being controversial, as the show is for girls. But he is willing to stand up for this. Not many people would do that in today's society.

"not many people" except for every single brony. and there are a lot of them.

#32: the new MLP series is actually targeted at young adults as well as children, and boys as well as girls, the humor especially.

gianthelper 1

(you can do that?) you should be happy MLP is on the rise people who watch it are seen as gay but for the most case they are not (note i don't hate gays)

8- yes! Me too. I had some when I was little and I had a doll house where I put the ponies and my stuffed cats:) Yeah I was pretty weird. I really hated dolls. Still do haha

I think you mean your 15 year old daughter.

Like my little pony is the new thing. All the teenagers they eat that shit up

SenselessPattern 12

Well, if he gets himself off watching cartoons for young children, might as well refer him to The Legend of Korra and ATLA since those actually have deeper meaning than 'friendship and love', in my own, unimportant opinion. Of course, it's fine if your into that kind of stuff.

uhnevermind 24

Most bronies don't get off to MLP. The majority of us watch it for the show itself.

I am glad someone realized that My Little Pony is not for other kids and just for little girls.

Inediblepeaches 15

Most bronies dont jerk off to My Little Pony. We watch it because of adorable little ponies singing adorable songs that just make your heart explode twice.

Thewoog34 0

Check the kid for Asperger's syndrome. I notice a lot of obsessive fans show many signs of it. Take this from a fan.

Thewoog34 0

Of course my comment is going to be thumbed down by the sheer number of obsessive fans on here. Love and tolerance, eh?

stoptrying 9

Practically no one actually gives a shit about the "love and tolerance" thing.

Yeah, that whole "love and tolerance" thing went out the window pretty quickly, once people actually started criticizing the show and its fanbase. And I've noticed that a lot of bronies display signs of autism as well, in fact one of my good friends is autistic and LOVES the show.

That's because your comment is both offensive to Bronies and people with Aspergers. Unless you actually know the people have Aspergers, you can't actually say they have it. But I agree with 15, no one really cares about "love and tolerance" anymore. I thought it was a stupid meme and I'm glad it died.

Uh, I watched cartoons dedicatedly for years until I was 16, maybe not that type but still, I'm a completely functioning person. Some people just have different interests in what they want to watch, it's not like it'll be forever.

I'm going to love and tolerate the crap out of you.

Pretty much everyone will display some autistic tendencies. It's a scale syndrome meaning we're all somewhere on the scale, it's just how far up the scale you are that determines if you need diagnosing/help. Also whilst obsessiveness is an ASD trait it doesn't mean that everyone who is obsessive has Aspergers (similarly, it's possible to have Aspergers and not be that obsessive). I think it's pretty sad how everyone has to jump to labelling with ASD or ADHD whenever a kid is that little bit different or active. Early diagnosis is good but rushed/lazy/incorrect diagnosis can really screw up a child.

AphyTheBronette 15

Hey I don't have that and I love my little pony!!

No, Yousuck24, it was not an offensive comment. All he said was "a lot of bronies display signs of Aspergers". Unless you consider either being a brony or having Aspergers to be a terrible thing, the comment is in no way insulting to bronies OR people with Aspergers. It's merely an observation.

#17 Yeah one of my best friends from debate has Aspergers, and he LOVES that show.

The only time I "love and tolerate" is to non-bronies who tolerate bronies, not non-bronies who think bronies have some medical condition.

I have a few friends that suffer from aspergers and they love my little pony.

I think the fandom died the moment people started using the term brony in a non ironical way. The show is great, but I loathe the fandom. And no, don't start telling me that 'not all bronies are like this!!!' because you've already ruined it for so many people. e_e

lelo007 11

113- most people probably started liking it to "be unique and stand out," then more and more people started doing the same thing and BAM, there's your fan base. What do they call them? Non-conformist conformists, they ruin it for everybody else.

I love My Little Pony. My sister, who's 8, and I love watching it together.(there's ten years between us). The childish content makes any day bearable. I also collect the ponies. And I do not have Asperger's syndrome. I'm a misanthrope with selective mutism. 118- I personally started watching because they're adorable. Not because I wanted to be different.

A100893 30

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Very well said indeed. Plus who cares if he likes the show? Nothing wrong with it.

As a mother, who probably doesn't know about the crap that goes on and all the things we obsess over in our twisted teenage world, OP probably doesn't even know what a Brony is, or that it's considered awesome to be a Brony.

And it's better that the boy is watching something G rated on TV not some manswers (even though its a funny show)

saxetsasnak 5
Malkria 1

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AphyTheBronette 15

xD I happen to agree. Come on negative votes!!!!

36 I think the negative votes were because of the grammar. Hate being a grammar nazi but *bronies*

ffgghytt 3

Bronies are an obsessive love for the my little pony show they are sorta like furry's but focused on one show and if you don't know what furry's are they have a love for animal like people and are very nice people.

Probably because he needs a credit card, which most fifteen year olds don't have.

By "pre-ordering", I honestly thought it was on iTunes. Since that's the only way I know to receive the "next season" (assuming he meant season 3.) If he actually meant somewhere on online where the use of a credit card is necessary, then I made an error.

kdavy01 4

No not usually but I had one and I still do and I'm 16!

kdavy01 4

No not usually but I had one and I still do and I'm 16!

If it comforts you that's just an internet thing. Your son is just a sheep/pony/herd anim not a complete nutter.

HairyPunisher 27

16, What does OP's gender have to do with this?

You obviously do not know what a brony is its not just an Internet thing

7- dashie is right. You do realise its a TV show, right?

see this is why discipline needs to be enforced. otherwise young lads become sissys ytdi. be a man and beat his ass


No where in the post does it say this was a man, just saying. Tell your son to pre-order it himself. If he wants to play those games then he should be a man and face the consequences of his actions. (I.E. Getting beat up by other teens.)

Question his sexuality! Most 15 year old boys are interested in way different things than that.

stoptrying 9

Actually, there's plenty of men from their mid teens to their late twenties who are into the show. Since when is being secure enough to be into whatever the **** you enjoy a sign of homosexuality?

Squirrel1256 15

Before My Little Pony became a T.V. series, I would have agreed with your statement. But now...