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  Voij  |  16

That still doesn't explain this mix-up. That's like trying to buy a plastic doll for your grandchild, then somehow ending up with a blow-up doll.
Were there no pictures included, didn't the OP read the description, didn't the OP notice the presumably big price difference? [I highly doubt that a sex doll plushie is the same price as a regular plushie.]

This just seems like the OP bought the first object that had the letters "MLP" in it, without paying any attention to where it was sold, how much it cost, what it actually was, etc.
Well, either that or the OP simply made this story up, similar to how almost all brony-related posts on here where created for publicity's sake.

  littlem91  |  29

Maybe eBay/Amazon and didn't read it?
To be fair when you see a plush pony toy, your first thought should not have to be "Is this a child's toy or a grown a man's perverted sex toy?" - it just shouldn't.

  stryggzy  |  15

#56, This is the kinda stuff that makes a lot of bronies look really bad. As crazy as it sounds, most bronies have no desire to do naughty stuff with cartoon, candy-colored horses. But the last 15% or so that do have this desire have really no shame in flaunting it (no disrespect to cloppers, but c'mon). Believe me, most of us only enjoy the "purer" parts of the fandom.

  Enslaved  |  36

Who's to say what can or cannot turn you on? I have a thing for Troll Dolls and Smurfs. To each their own. It wouldn't exist if there wasn't some type of demand for it.

  smokecloud_  |  37

There's a difference between a dildo and a plush pony meant to be fucked by grown men. I'm all for equality, whatever floats your boat, etc., but taking a children's cartoon and turning it into a sexual thing crosses a line, just a bit, don't ya think?


  littlem91  |  29

I'm not sure I should be arguing with someone who is too stupid to know the difference between the words "perverted" and "prevented". And don't blame autocorrect, proof reading is still an option and autocorrect is now the go to excuse for the stupid.
But, anyway, as far as I know there are male versions of dildos, that they can obviously penetrate instead of put inside (though that is obviously also an option), I'd not judge a man for that, it's very different from having sex with a PLUSH PONY. How is that difference hard to understand?

  142_cats  |  13

I'm a brony and I can say only 20% of us are like this (although that's still pretty large percent). But if you look anywhere, you can find porn for anything. I'm not even kidding. I saw an old ebony elephant statue that someone had cut a hole into the back and put cushions or shit there and fucking sold it for $200 as a sex toy.

Rule 34 my friends. I don't like this pony porn any more than you guys but it exists and we can't do much about it.

By  jazzmin1997  |  16

Wow. That sucks. (if you know what I mean ^^)

  arandomusernameaa  |  20

Terribly good!

By  GoodOptions  |  12

One simply does not find such a thing at Target or Walmart, you know, normal places to shop presents for children. This isn't an innocent "Oops, sorry, I had no clue" moment. I certainly hope you aren't really this clueless.

  Axel5238  |  29

Still that is a very oddly specific toy to find by "accident". Also if it was amazon how did you not check the site selling it or read the description? I'm disturbed the fact there are "grown" men watching mlp, more so weirded out they have an actual fan collective and nauseous at the thought that that fandom made something like this possible.


I am a father of a 4 yo girl which reintroduced me to mlp and I throughly enjoy the series. What sickens me is people who are clearly so ignorant about the show and the fandom that feel justified in such comments. If you knew anything about the show by watching it, beyond just what others say, you would know the redesign of the show was designed for everyone in mind and not just little girls. Besides all of that, the fan base has no control over what sick fetish products are put out on the market, if they did then "fighting is magic" would have come out officially and Hasbro wouldn't have asked Faust to leave. Regardless amazon descriptions and info are only as good as the seller allows them to be. You run into ALOT of random Asian sellers who sell cheaper knock-off products which have almost no description what so ever, and I can attest to a lot of products in the same situation as I do a lot of buying on amazon. I do agree the person should never have bought the item with out receiving it and examining it before gifting it but this is a common mistake by casual buyers. But I also think amazon should have better regulations on their listings, and a common acceptable user upload policy on not only their listings but their photos of listings. Point is, it was an easy mistake to make but you should judge him not knowing all the facts and you shouldn't judge a fandom based of a few sick weirdos with said fandom, people accept Trekkies yet most conventions have a Klingon orgy somewhere in the hotel...