By KayleeFrye - United States - Waterbury
Today, a student threw her hot coffee at me after I told her I was giving her an F. For months I've been telling her she needs to hand in missing work, but she thought I was bluffing. She got suspended, but my clothes are still ruined and I still got burned. FML
KayleeFrye tells us more :
OP here. Luckily, the burn is not bad at all. I don't even need medical attention. The skin is just red and a bit sore, similar to a minor sunburn. It will be 100% gone in another day or two. She was suspended for the rest of the school year. I do not intend to take legal action, because she will likely be back in my classroom next year. (It's an adult education program, so there are no restrictions for accepting students with records. Pretty sure this girl already has a few assault charges in her past.) Thank you for the support and sympathy! :)
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  allforfun  |  23

While that's a great idea it may depend on the school's course of action. If the school doesn't want the police involved and will discipline the kid internally it can get complicated.

  bapbap_fml  |  15

I don't see the logic in this question. She could have got the hot coffee at any number of places, a cafeteria, a coffee shop or even a gas station nearby, perhaps she has a very well insulated travel mug?

  MmmPinkTacos  |  11

I'm not sure why you're having trouble finding logic in OP having hot coffee..... I always take a mug of coffee to school with me and it stays hot for a good while, but I can't say I've ever thrown it on one of my teachers.

  HeartYou101  |  31

Both myself and my boyfriend went to "disadvantaged" schools. They both had canteens that sold tea, coffee and, even, hot chocolate and other food and drink items. His school was even considered more disadvantaged than mine, so the students got tokens every week so they could get either a free breakfast (toast or cereal and tea or coffee) or a free dinner and drink in the school everyday. The college I go to is considered not the greatest in facilities either and lacks serious funding, but we still have a Starbucks, a Costa, a snack room and a massive canteen; all of which sells tea, coffee and hot chocolate...Which leads to the question: did you get your education out in a forest?


My school had nothing but water fountains and a milk.vending machine. We couldn't bring our own coffee or drinks in any containers because "it might have booze in it". This is from a rural area in PA and a school of about 4000 kids.

By  gracehi  |  31

Not usually what people mean when they say, “Feel the ‘Bern’” lately, but I think it applies here. Hope you heal quickly so you can stop feeling it soon.

  gracehi  |  31

Because OP got burned... "burn" is pronounced the same as "Bern." Does this really need to be explained? You know the phrase "feel the burn" wasn't invented for Bernie Sanders, right?