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Today, after waiting for years for my oldest daughter to grow out of Twilight, my younger daughter discovered it. FML
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I'm on your team too! Hope your older daughter grows out of it and helps out the younger one too!

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Hopefully, your oldest daughter will not discover Fifty Shades of Grey now...


fifth grade was my year for it, an obsession that takes time. though, it's odd because it is no longer truly popular. i do hope it doesn't last long, it is difficult for everyone involved lol. always Team Jacward :)

5th grade??? Geez, those book were written for high school kids.

My 21 year old girlfriend has a fit when I just aim to tell her how horrible Twilight is.

13 may be an appropriate age for the Twilight series provided that the kid is mature. But they are young adult books, which means the story is too mature for elementary school children. The main character is 17, and in young adult and children's books, the main character is almost always the same age as the target audience, which means that Meyer wrote the books for 17 year olds. So this is why people got all pissed off claiming, that the Twilight series gives young girls terrible examples of love and relationships, but the story is about what it might be like if a human had relationships with mythical humanoid creatures, so the relationships in the story don't look like what a healthy relationship would look like in reality because it's fantasy. A 17 year old is mature enough to realize that, and understands that if a guy watches her sleep through her bedroom window in the real world, it's weird and scary, not romantic. A ten year old might not understand that.

Well, whether or not Meyer actually intended the book for 17 and up people, I still don't think it's a good book for a 5th grade kid. The main character is insecure and a poor role model, and the male protagonists sometimes behave in ways that are not normal or healthy for humans. A 5th grade girl probably isn't mature enough to distinguish between what is normal and unhealthy in that story, but a young adult is. And anyway, libraries and book stores do place it in the young adult section. An elementary school kid is nowhere near an adult.

I disagree. It depends on the maturity of the child. I'm not a Twilight person but when I was in Elementary School I read young adult and adult books because the elementary school books couldn't entertain me and took me about 20 minutes max to read. Then again, I was an advanced reading level for my grade during most of elementary school so maybe I'm weird.

Well, I did say that Twilight might be okay for a 13 year old provided the child was mature. But when it comes to reading levels, I'm not really concerned about the reading level, so much as I am about the maturity of the story being told. Very different things.

I'm on your team too! Hope your older daughter grows out of it and helps out the younger one too!

When I was young, I wasn't obsessed with twilight, it isn't really that good

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Try and introduce her to some better kids books/films. She'll grow out of it eventually, it just takes time.

Well, now I get why some people were all up in arms about how those books teach young girls terrible lessons on love and relationships if people think they're for children. They're young adult books, which means they're not appropriate for "kids" because the story is too mature for them.

Introduce her to Buffy. Angel: " hey sweetheart do you need me to help you fight that daemon?" Buffy: " no I've got this, go check if Zander needs an ambulance while I kick its ass then we can go home and cuddle." Also the only good team is team spike.

Hopefully because it's not as popular and all the movies and books are out, her obsession won't last long. Good luck

That's terrible. Twilight is so old, first of all, second how do you have the strength to deal with one then tolerate the other? It's twilight. You're the parent. You don't like twilight. Do something.

Well that wouldn't really send the right message though, would it? Just because OP doesn't like something than they should just take it away from their kid? It's not like it's drugs or something else illegal

If 'Twilight' gets OP's daughter to read, then OP should encourage that. 'Twilight' may not be high literature, and it's not my cup of tea, but hopefully it's a gateway book and OP's daughter develops a love of reading. Reading helps children develop vocabulary, language skills, empathy, and imagination, among other things. Children who read do better in school. Reading is good-- even if I question how women act in the book.

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Hopefully, your oldest daughter will not discover Fifty Shades of Grey now...

Though many will disagree, I very much love that series. though it's weird since it was a fan fiction lol. i would choose Christian Grey over any of them.

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"many will disagree" with a child reading 50 shades?? I love light bondage as much as the next person, but I don't think a kid needs to read it.

I think she meant that many would disagree that "50 Shades of Grey" is a good book in general, not that it's a good book for children.

Her profile says she's 19. She can legally purchase and view ****. Yes, she's young, but it's not like she's a minor reading erotica.

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^Just to clarify, #7 stated that she/he hopes that the kid doesn't get into 50 shades of grey. not because its a bad book (thats how I interpreted it), but because its inappropriate for kids. #15 defended the book. I merely agreed that I also like the book, but its not a good fit for a child/young teen. I had my son 3 weeks before my 20th birthday, #15's age had nothing to do with my comment.

#15, that's what happens when you start reading Twilight in fifth grade.

I am so Sorry to hear that. I hope she get bored of it soon

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I never quite understood the whole obsession with the series... But my condolences to you, OP! Hopefully it'll be a short event.