By icarlymom - / Friday 5 March 2010 06:10 / United States
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  Tripout  |  0

YES ABORTION. NO ABORTION. It's up to the women to decide what they do with thier bodies . Either way that's whack. First of all not only does she work at mcdonalds (no offense to mickyDs workers) BUT she stole a toy. A TOY???!!!!!??? Are you sure she's yours. Check if they didn't do some kind of mix up at the hospital 


hah. doughter. I'd pronounce that like do-ter. haha that post made me laugh. sort of ironic.. someone who can't spell calling Someone a dumbass.

OP if your daughter really felt the need to steal an icarly toy maybe she shouldn't have a job at all, anywhere, EVER. lol.

  reyemrein  |  0

I have no idea wtf icarly is, but all Happy meal toys are prices of shit that auto-break before you finish eating. If the OPs daughter had any brains, she would of realized that she makes more than enough in half an hour to buy a Happy Meal with a toy inside.

  gtdoll  |  0

yah but technically, the baby is not their own body. it's a life on it's own. kk I just had to say that. OP, you daughter fails. she couldve bought a happy meal w a toy. more like F her life for being stupid.

  cater2U  |  0

to the people that think you have to buy a happy meal to get the toy you don't actually you can just buy the toy but they don't tell you that because it would ruin their marketing strategy. my mom just bought me the toy before. why? I don't remember but I was pretty happy when I got it.

  pulse18  |  2

I really don't think mcdonalds would fire an 18 worker for stealing one stupid happy meal toy. she must have been a bad worker or already had a bunch of write ups

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

An immature and idiotic thief. I don't know if McDonald's gives employee discounts but she seriously couldn't afford a Happy Meal even without one? How much does she get paid?

  Yorih  |  19

That's unlucky, at the McDonald's I work at I asked my manager if I could grab a promotional coca-cola glass and his reply was 'no, stealing is gross misconduct and would get you fired - however I'm gonna be in the office for about 5 more minutes and if I don't see it then I won't know'

  tyheron  |  0

I like OP's thinking when he let his daughter work in a kitchen, kudos to you. But this is good news, now she can spend time in your kitchen. Just don't leave any money or toys in there with her.

  tyheron  |  0

so I'm an ass for writing he instead of she. I didnt check the gender before posting, big deal. Now get your fingers out of your ass and stop searching. You wont find it.

By  jammi  |  0

She deserved it for even working at that place! Also it sure is a lame thing to do, considering it's childish, but also cheap if she'd absolutely want it that bad. But I do feel bad for the OP, though you shouldn't let her work at a place like that.

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