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Today, my 6-year-old daughter threw a tantrum in the middle of a store, all because I wouldn't buy her a pushup bra. FML
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Please tell me you had the common sense not to give in to her?

I think I speak for the entire fml community when I say that I really REALLY hope you did not give in.


Please tell me you had the common sense not to give in to her?

Imagine this brat as a teenager. you still have chance to fix it, OP.

Next she'll be wanting a full make-up kit, stilettos and a poodle.

oh dear, what has happened to the world

Rainhawk94 27

I blame the media

And women's magazines.

why would she? there's nothing to push up! It wouldn't just be stupid, it'd be a waste of money, too.

Wouldn't it be stupid BECAUSE it wastes money? so really .. we can just call it stupid and be done with it.

jw90 18

When she's 8 she'll be getting pissed you don't buy her crotchless panties.

...aren't women's magazines media, 47?

vuduguru 5

another Paris Hilton in the making...

That's when you perform the classic Jeff Foxworthy. Walk around the corner, come back then say loudly. Where are your parents!!!!

I was simply homing in on one particular vile source of negative influence, 103.

I don't blame the media at all, I blame the mother and the shit she is letting her daughter see.

This doesnt surprise me due to the fact that i sometimes see 1st grade girls with the tiniest of shorts.

really, I blame the parents when kids have fits of epic proportions in public because obviously they allow them to at home. regardless of what the kid wanted (that's a whole mother issue but could easily be explained if they have older kids around) that type of behavior is not OK. OP I hope you don't ever give into those fits again, it will hurt her in school and in he long run. I know its not the popular topic here but its still important.

little_star78 13

I don't think that's necessarily true, my 6 year old sister knows that tantrum shit won't fly at home but she's done it a time or two in public because she knows she'll cause a scene and that we can't discipline her (she's put in time out and has to sit there until she's been quiet for 6 minutes) like we do at home. She does it to try to get us embarrassed enough to give in and get what she wants.

TrinityNevada 11

I have totally timed my son out in public and he's 12. He's a good kid, but he knows that if he acts like a baby, he'll be treated like one.

diarheea101 11

its not like her op can control the aisles in a store.

Second comment status.

nnnope 26

not for long

I didn't even know what a push up bra was at six. What is society doing to children...


I think I speak for the entire fml community when I say that I really REALLY hope you did not give in.

alexlam24 3

She should raise her kids better

If OP gave in... I really hope OP bought it in their own size so she can use it for herself.

\ 28

Why the FUCK do they make them for 6-year-old kids?

She has probably watched honey boo boo and wants to be "pretty."

Aha, but really, you should be a little worried.

juststephhere 23

She shouldn't be worried! I did this all the time as a child.

And look how you turned out

Need some ice for that burn?

1dvs_bstd 41

... and started giving head when you were 10, how do you like it in skankville?

How did she turn out, 73? I'm assuming you know her well enough to make a snarky comment like that, or did you just judge her by viewing her profile? Not cool.

Spider_Web 11

U mad, bra?

Nah, just a bit annoyed. I predicted the down-votes though. I'm just content I said something, even if it made me look like a whiny, over-sensitive bitch.

Maybe, if she really really wants one (probably because all of the girls in her class also have one.. Idk) you could buy her a soft, cotton one (pushup is like, impossible) But you could better tell her why she doesn't need one yet, and explain why women wear bras and you can only wear pushups when you actually have breasts... Good luck OP And for all the comments above, how the **** could the OP give in on buying her daughter a ******* push up bra? You can't even find one for only her chest size, how the **** would you find a cup?

So its normal nowadays for 6 year old girls to have pushup bra's? Or even a bra?

But you're basically telling OP to give in, so your last paragraph confuses me.

Rainhawk94 27

I personally think like all little kids want imitate their mom,dad, or siblings. maybe she just wanted to be like mommy. I'm not saying op should get her a bra, just saying that might be the reason

raininginseattle 9

Yes. Please give in to the child by buying her something like the one she wanted and telling her it's better. That won't raise a monster. And the bra fitting the child is a non issue. I wanted a car at 12. I'm sure the reason my parents didn't get it for me was they don't come in my size.

Yes let's over sexualize the six year old. I'm sure she'll turn out great.

Next month she'll throw away another tantrum because she wants a vibrator, like the one mummy have..

#5, that was ******* ridiculous. I don't even know where to begin, don't ever have kids.

She's six, not eleven.

102 - so it's ok for 11 year olds to have push up bras?

I will kill myself before I witness an entire generation of babies wearing sexualized clothing.

mansen 15

go into a la senza girl store. take a look around. you can find pretty much anything padded in there. And you can find padded 'bras' for a 6yr old. and padded bikinis, and padded and push up...welcome to the new are not allowed to be kids. Unless parents stomp their foot down on any friggin sales associate that comes near their 6yr old kid or preteen for that matter, and swears they will not let their foot off their throats unless they back away with the padded boobie stupidity!!! (sorry, have a 6yr old daughter, this padded push up stuff for lil girls drives me nuts!).

Rainhawk94 27

if its so darn stupid.why would you suggest that store to op

mansen 15

because #5 mentioned she didn't know if there was such a store to get such tiny bras for little girls. I was pointing out that sadly, and disgustingly, yes, yes there is. It was the one a neighbour mentioned to me in a convo about these types of things, and I am sure it isn't the only store that offers that type of thing. it is one that I now know to steer clear of wirh my kid.

Indeed, I live in the Netherlands and I didn't even know there are padded bras and bikini tops for girls. What I was talking about wasn't that the OP should give in on giving her daughter a push up, that's ridiculus, but instead you could give her one that isn't padded, and special made for children, they're shaped like sports bras. Why is everyone thinking I was talking about lingerie or something? I was talking about non-sexualised underwear special made for kids

#148 - Before you said that you think all the girls in her class have a bra.

I still refer to these children things as bras, I don't know the English word for them

whatever the name for it, i hope nowadays 6 years old don't wear bras (even those ones that you wear when your chest is growing....) or only for swimwuit maybe...

To wear a bra, one must first have boobs to fill it.. unless she's severely overweight, I see no reason for a 6 year old to wear a bra

If the other kids in class somehow persuaded their children, the little girl is maybe scared she falls outside the group, since children always want to be grown-up and stuff But I don't know how the children in their town behave. Nowadays, even ******* twelve year olds have sex and stuff so I'm not suprised by anything

nnnope 26

are you implying that the 6-year-olds have children? I'm severely confused by every single one of your recent FML comments.

Goddamnit I did it again xD I meant to say persuaded their parents... Wow seems like I still have to wake up..

12 year olds have always had sex. The problem is that, as society has become more complex, and it has taken longer to mature, 12 year olds are no longer young adults in most places.

Your description is my only logical reasoning for your comments.

Rainhawk94 27 .no...stahp it

She probably just wants to feel more grown up. Maybe find another way to validate her? After you make it clear that push-up bras and temper tantrums are not acceptable, of course.

I dunno i was thinking more along the lines of seeing a commercial. She's a little girl who likes pretty things, she probably saw a Victoria secret commercial thought a bra gave her wings like the women in the commercial and boom crazy desire for whatever bra they were advertising. I know a lot of cartoon stations turn into more mature programming at night that is targeted at the mom audience. So it isn't really a stretch to imagine how she saw a Victoria secret commercial.

The daughter is lucky OP isn't my mom. If I threw a tantrum, my mom would just walk away from me. Then again it did teach me to shut up, but I sure as hell never asked for a push up bra at age six.

tell her to do 15 proper push ups.

perdix 29

#9, I'm not sure why you got thumbed down -- I had a similar thought. Maybe it's because your count was too lenient -- the masses wanted to see the little brat sentenced to 50 or more!

your reply got more likes

If she craves to feel grown up you could buy her a lipstick so she feels pretty?

Or increase her share of home responsibilities.

Tell her to get a job. When I was 5, I had my own place.

DKjazz 20

Amateurs. When I was three I had a wife and four kids, plus two more kids from a previous marriage.

Damn you #79, you win this time.

My cousin insist on wearing one in a big family party. They fall while she was running. Stopped to pick them proudly and continue running. True story.

please rephrase that comment so some of us can understand

Let me, "My cousin insisted on wearing one at a big family party, it fell off while she was running, stopped to pick the pushup bra up proudly, and continued running. True story."

Rainhawk94 27

shhh it's trying to communicate