By susan - 17/11/2012 22:31 - United States - Naperville

Today, my daughter had a meltdown when I told her I donated some of her old toys to Goodwill. It turns out Toy Story has taught her that toys have feelings and that she has a meaningful relationship with them. She's in her teens. FML
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Quick! Go retrieve them, they will be eternally grateful.

Toys are memories. You should have at least talked to her about it first.


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Misswildsides 22

Some people take time to get over their belongings. But if she's in her teens and is crying because of this, you should discuss this with her. There's nothing wrong with a little imagination, but this to me, is a little too extreme.

why reply to comment if what you have to say is irrelevant to said comment?

Misswildsides 22

Maybe I didn't specify it enough. Or you don't understand. My comment to me was relevant. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted it. I simply stated that this is more than just imagination. As what you did.

MindFreakazoid 10

Guys, some things are just personal. Just because she loves her toys does not qualify her as an OCD person. C'mon. Don't grow up too fast.

Misswildsides 22

I've read the other comments, my mind didn't think at the moment I was typing that, and I forgot that sometimes people can get attached to childhood toys. My apologies.

#1, Because your comment was so shitty she decided to replace it with her own comment. Which also turned out being shitty.

Misswildsides 22

And, your comment was shitty too. No need to point stuff like that out.

I actually have OCD, and I still can't give away/ sell some stuffed animals.

winkydog4056 16

#1_Why be so rude!? People are entitled to speak their opinions/feelings/thoughts

Well, my parents gave away all of my toys to my grandmother. I found out when they had me sell them at her garage sale and give the money to her. Guess what? I got over it.

adamcichuttek 2

I don't know 14, you tell me.

Wow 1 I'm ashamed to say that I'm from the same country as you... Canadians have a fast dwindling reputation for being polite and respectful... The reason for that vanishing opinion can be found in you... Quit being a little brat. Oh and, just so you know, people who are mature don't have to say so. It comes across in their personality. You are anything but.

chell1894 13

I mean the whole toy story thing is a little weird but keeping childhood toys is not uncommon. I kept a few childhood toys for when I have kids of my own. Sometimes I wish I had kept more

actually, 67, i too have OCD and me having meltdowns if even my toys are upsidedown is a part if it. I didn't think my comment was rude, i just saw a relationship to the FML and my condition. Maybe you guys all saw it as rude or being bratty, and i'm sorry if you saw it that way. This is FML, where people just love tearing others down. And just because I wrote one "rude" comment doesn't make me disgraceful or un-canadian.

67- It's not just the toys I have OCD with, I have to do basically everything four times or else I get anxiety and a huge headache... Like if I brush by the couch once, I have to do it three more times to make it even.

its not just toys with me either, i have to wash my hands for 5 minutes exactly, everything has to be even, the volume on the tv has to be a multiple of 5, when i microwave things it has to be a multiple of 2.5, stuff like that, everything has to be my way, not in a bratty way, its that if its not done my way its not right(too me) and just stuff like that

210- I have to everything four, or a multiple of four, some times I even have to say things four times....

222- I agree with you a lot on this point. I do not suffer from OCD, only little quirks that I like to do, but don't get I'll or anything else if I don't. But I DO suffer from ADHD and depression caused by said ADHD. I got so sick of kids thinking they had it just because they couldn't stay focused in a boring class. I grew up not having an attention span long enough for me to speak a full thought before my mind shifted and what ever I was saying got cutoff. The depression is more of a recent thing but luckily it isn't as self diagnosed as ADHD and OCD are, depression is a terrible thing to have and there are so many who suffer from much worse cases of it, and I truly feel for them. But it is sickening to see your disorder made so light of, and for people to act like they understand what I go through because "they did to" when they weren't hyperactive, they were just being a 5 year old with a lot of energy. So with that I say I do not claim to know what all of you with OCD go through from day to day, I relate to you on a level of working hard every day to try and have a normal life and to wish you didn't have this disorder, then others who didn't have it thought that they did. My heart goes out to all people dealing with any sort of disorder or aliment in your life, and I wish you luck in achieving whatever it is you want todo with your life.

246- I hope that you can get out of depression soon. OCD sucks, sometimes I have to say things four times, and do everything four times or a multiple of four. Like even swallowing, or yawning.

SnipeFatPeople 6

What kind of toys are we talk about now?

Well the daughter is in her teens, and the toys have been donated to goodwill. Maybe theyre her childhood toys. Just maybe.

AGhost5445 25

I think 2 was trying to make a sexual joke ... I'm not quite sure yet if it was funny

definitely sex toys!...are you serious it have been donated..pretty obvious

I donate all of my sex toys to goodwill when I am finished with them. Doesn't everyone?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Very nice small shaft, very nice.

106- hmmm well in my country we dont donate stuff like that so :/

199- 150 is from a place called literalvania. They teaching of sarcasm is forbidden their so...well it's really fun to mess with the natives...

Quick! Go retrieve them, they will be eternally grateful.

Especially before they reach the incinerator led by a crazed bear!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#3 Congrats, your comment was the first in a while that actually made me giggle out loud.

You horrible mother! I'm still not over the toys my mom gave away a couple of years ago.

101- Other than the fact that it does absolutely nothing towards your intended purposes, that is one of the worst things you can do to a person who has had a traumatic experience. How many times do you think they've told that to themself?

strangeite 4

My dad threw some of my stuff away when I was away at college. He was just trying to clean my room, which I appreciated, but some of those things that looked like garbage to him still meant something to me. I was mostly upset that he'd done decisive things with my things without asking me. While I have mostly moved past it, there are still times when it makes me angry. On a completely different note, props to 3 for the original comment

First of all, you should never take anything thats not yours. You never know if its of sentimental value, clearly you just learned a lesson. Your daughter is over emotional

Ok guys this was a reference to toy story so calm down.

That would have definitely tricked me, penguinbitch. Haha

32's comment goes well with their picture

Steel_BZ 8

I don't think that was in the movie.

maybe she actually had an attachment to her toys, still a pretty childish response.

OP probably should have check with her daughter before giving the toys away. For me at least, there are certain belongings I want to keep.

I agree with you both. My mom accidentally donated my little brothers favorite stuffed animal during a move due to it being put in the wrong box. He was in his teens and became pretty upset. He didn't have a melt down like OPs daughter. He just moped around until he accepted his loss.

Not gonna lie, I'd probably have a meltdown too if some of my cherished toys were given to goodwill without my permission. Many of my childhood toys have sentimental value to them, or were given to me by family/friends that have now moved or passed away. So I'd be VERY angry if someone got rid of them just because they're "childish" or whatever. I'm not one for anger, but I can definitely see how a situation like this FML would warrant it.

I agree with #168, the OP should've consulted with the daughter before selling the toys.

She could have gotten them from her friend/family member or her boyfriend and they meant a lot to her.

Inheritance 10

More like; childish, overly obsessed, should I continue?

How do you make a hormone? Don't pay her!

honeybadgerr 9

137- sometimes that is all there is to say 115- love your profile pic + comment quite a lot :3

137- Yes, because I scour the internet in search of people to put down for my own gain. Sounds like you must have read ALL my comments to come up with such a silly question. Right?

115- Hahaha so I'm not the only one who enjoys this photo?

NicollieO 7

Toys are memories. You should have at least talked to her about it first.

I have been very upset when my parents gave away my toys because I was 'too old for them'. This may have something to do with the fact that my parents used to give away my favourite toys as punishments without telling me they were going to do so. Yes, this was traumatic.

Toys definitely are memories and after watching toy story 3 I really wished I had never gotten rid of my toys.

Yeah, I totally agree. Objects will always mean more to their owners than they will to someone who has no history with them. He should have at least asked if it was ok first!

When I was twelve (which is imo still a good age to play with toys and dolls) my parents put my stuffed seal in a 'donations for Africa' box on the street. They didn't think for one second that I would have problems with it, until they told me and I started crying - and didn't stop for some days. Me and my sister then wrote a 'I love my seal, can I please please please have it back?' letter and put that in the box, but I never saw my seal again. Moral of the story: if you donate stuff that isn't yours, you're a biatch.

I don't blame her, your toys were once your best friends... Who gives friends away?*shakes head*

I give my friends away all the time...I thought that was what we are supposed to do?!

I keep a plastic little man I've had since I was a toddler. Sometimes a toy is more than just the material it's made of.

MalloryKnox 8

Yeah and sometimes they're worth a buttload of money if they're still in the original packaging!

But what kind of kid keeps their toys in the original packaging?

Welshite- your comment reminded me of the story "The Velveteen Rabbit" :)

MalloryKnox 8

161 - You're right, not many. But if I knew then how many adults on e-bay would pay big money for a full set of like Ghostbusters action figures or New Kids on the Block dolls, 8 year old me might have exhibited a little more self control!