By glitterzebra - 09/10/2011 08:30 - United States

Today, I realized that I can tell how long it has been since I have been with a guy, by the length of my leg hair. FML
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that's a hairy situation

how could you go that long without shaving....


that's a hairy situation

your mom failed at giving birth

Thatsa scary situation...

Nalia18 - holy shit your pic creeps me out...

Nalia's picture doesn't turn you on..? Hmmm... There might be something wrong with me...

grab somebody sexy tell them shave!

Ewwww shave that shit

*grab somebody hairy tell them shave!

Grab LiveLaughFML and tell her stop!

5,10 you guys fail, but I don't because I am a winner! (waiting for the thumbs down).

38 - Your picture might bethe herald of the apocalypse.

The must call her chewbacca's bride!

Aters gonna hat?

Is that Justin Beiber in your pic 38?

5 - your comment also works for your pic, just saying as it made me smile. 10 - I Could say so did yours, but that would merely be encouraging a pathetic situation. Please get some help, you seem to be clinically socially awkward. 38 - see my response to 5 and replace smile with shudder 46 - .... nice :) 129 - my head automatically added the h and the e so thank for typing that, it made me giggle ^_^ 134 - thank you ever so much for pointing out the painfully obvious in the form of a facepalm worthy question alright then, this overly long respond to all is officially over. For now anyway. Beware ^_^ and thumb up for something of equal value to the points on who's line

So many responses.

I see what you did there!

...Livin' in a lonely world...

Never mind this or my second comment, it must have gone through a wormhole and ended up here.

158, your picture is fucking funnnnyyyy

As did everybody else, #158.

I feel like this fml is from 30 Rock...

OP, Do you make it a bonding activity when you meet new guys that you shave your legs together?

Learn to spell

Man that sucks. Your man will come when the time is right (:

It's a little thing called a razor.

That's what she said

I don't think that is what she said.

who is this she and why is she such a whore?

Lmao 20 I hit reply to say the exact same thing as you. Great minds think alike ;)

And apparently retarded minds think alike as well.

74 - it seems to be that you are the type that would think of an electric toilet (good for you if you get this movie reference! But seriously)

Also, 74 - the flame in your pic looks bizarrely like a blue artichoke heart...... :/

The fact that you don't take care of your self is soo attractive.. I'm surprised more guys don't go for women like you! Lol

You're gay... Right?

It'll give him good traction

there's such thing as a calendar. and time. get your head out of your ass.

there's such thing as a calendar. and time. get your head out of your ass.

Lonely Forever...

I think I'd be more weirded out by a guy keeping track of the length of his leg hair.

This in under the wrong comment....what the hell...

Easy a lot of people (like me) don't wear shorts/skirts very often. Why bother shaving your legs if no one's gonna see them? I find the FML hilarious though lol

I was wondering that also

Mine is under the wrong comment too its supposed to be a reply to number 6...

It's supposed to be the forever lonely smiley face.

No, forever alone.

Just a small town girl.....

TorturedXeno 27

I'm not even sure how she measures that. Does 0.01 mm equal a week without a boyfriend? Or does she get cross-sections of her hairs and measure the concentric rings (like a tree trunk)?

Tha--nk you for saying that.

Easy, you simply don't shave for a while.

Well, my first ever comment on here responded to the wrong person. This app is very frustrating.

You are hot.

how could you go that long without shaving....

Uhhmm, invest in a razor.

Because one day, the price of razors will skyrocket.

148 you made me laugh out loud lol

Invest in YOUR MOM

Shave that shit! Perhaps it's why you've been on this dry spell.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.The right guy will cross your path. I was single for 2 years before I met the love of my life so be patient.

True that(: and it's surprising to me how the op seems the think such a short time without a relationship is such a bad thing. I may be biased as a loser who's never been in one, but you can grow out an inch of leg hair in under a month, and I'd hardly call a month without a relationship unbearable. Try 17 years :P

I don't see how you're still single Mr. Troll. You're quite a funny guy, and attractive too. If I liked men I'd stalk you ;]

Rock on 40. I'm just under your record, at 16.

How about 20 years I got my first when I was 20 and he turned out to be a complete ass

Lol I think he's cute and funny maybe he's shy?

I'm 15 and have never had a boyfriend. Now, that may not seem so bad, but when girls in your school are having boyfriends at 11 and losing their virginities at 13 it can make you feel like a bit of a loser, in all honesty. But hey, 99% of those 'relationships' (and I use that term loosely xD) don't last longer than a couple of months. I'd rather wait and have a meaningful, lasting relationship than throw myself at every guy I meet.

152- Atta girl. Sean- Just rock out with your cock out... Confidence. You ARE handsome.

I'm getting close to 15

It was 21 years for me. The one lasted about a year and a half. Now on my second and much better. Been a year and a bit so far. I second what Keyman said. You're such a nice guy; you'll find someone who deserves you. :)

Maybe your chances would improve if you shaved...