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Today, I went on a date with a guy I've had a crush on for a while. I shaved my legs and armpits and wore a short dress. It wasn't until I got to the meeting that I noticed I only shaved one of my legs. FML
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Honestly, as if OP didn't notice one of her legs wasn't shaved before she left. She must've atleast realized if she did the following before she left: 1. Putting on her dress (you slip your legs through the dress, you obviously LOOK at your legs going through the dress). 2. Putting on your shoes (seriously who doesn't look at their legs whilst putting on their shoes.) 3. Or even looking at the mirror. I think if OP didn't see that hairy leg she's blind. YDI. Always check yourself (especially if you're a girl) before a date especially for hairy body parts.

1) I for sure know that when I'm putting pants/shorts or something over my legs, I look to make sure my feet are going in right, I don't check out my legs. Once the feet are in, who cares about the legs anyway? Just pull em up and get on with your life. 2) I do something different when putting shoes on. I look at my feet going into the shoe. I think it's people like you who check their legs out whilst putting shoes on that end up with the left shoe on the right foot and visa versa. 3) if I was going to look at myself in the mirror before going out, I'd be focusing on my face and upper body, making sure there's no food in my teeth, the hairs all good... But if I was to look at my whole body, I'd be too far away from the mirror (so I can fit in the mirror) to be able to focus on things like leg hair. Finally, I'd assume that OP is not some dirty grub with 2", thick, black leg hair, which would have made it heaps harder to realise that she forgot to shave one leg. Good day my friend, and Merry Christmas.

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Op would've atleast had a glance at her legs after shaving to realize one leg wasn't shaved. Or maybe op had blonde hair which was hard to see.

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I don't know about the rest of the girls out there, but when I shave my legs, I ALWAYS put BioSilk on my legs right after I get out of the shower. Gotta make sure they are smooth. And that is when I'm able to see if I shaved everything. If you don't put something on your legs after you shave, they will be all dry and not-so-cute! Lotion, ladies! And that was a part of Shaving-Your-Legs-101!

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Op wouldn't have this problem of 'missing a part to shave' if she did Laser Hair Removal! Omg best shit ever. Your hair won't grow again. I suggest all girls/guys to get it done! :-)

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47- my mother-in-law owns a skin care office and she provides those services for people. I've been told that laser hair removal is awesome.(because it takes the hair away, of course) But it is also very damaging to your skin. So I suggest that before anyone has the laser hair removal done, that you have your skin examined for diseases, cancers, etc.. Because, if you don't, you could come out of it with some serious skin disorders! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Honestly OP, he was probably so mesmerized with your mustache that he never noticed your stubby-hair leg.

47- nuthin like a good dose of radiation in the morning ;)

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If she'd shaved the day before, her leg hair wouldn't be that long, so it wouldn't be all that noticeable. So easy to not notice. It sucks but if he notices that one leg isn't shaved, chances are he'll notice that one leg is shaved... so either he'll think you're really ******* weird or he'll surmise that you forgot to shave one of them. Which I would find sort of funny. But then, I'm not a dude

did you look in the mirror before. Sorry i dont want to be mean but seriously?!

Why would you look in the mirror for a shaved leg? Unless you're up on the mirror you won't see anything...

Didn't she look in the mirror and notice she was wearing a short dress in the middle of winter.

Op deserved it for calling the date a 'meeting', and for the typo 'short a dress'

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I'd rather know if she got both armpits because that is ****** nasty.

Didn't your hand rub against your leg when putting your skirt on? Or after the shower you didn't see that when you dried off your legs? I don't understand.

For some reason I feel as though I have read this FML before…

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meeting? i thought it was a date... i just hate when people lie just to be on FML

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It could of just been a slip up or an accident using a different word but meaning the same thing, stop trying to be a moderator, no need to be so critical

#10 - I just hate it when people are unnecessarily rude just to get attention. Get a thesaurus.

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If he sits and stares at the hair on your legs he is focusing on the wrong features anyway, unless you got some Chewbacca thing going on

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That depends on the angle, and whether op crosses her knees when she sits in a skirt.