By Taylor - 15/07/2012 14:42 - United States - Eastchester

Today, I shaved my legs for the first time in three weeks. It took half an hour, three disposable razors, and I cut my legs up so badly they look worse then they did when they were hairy. FML
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Get a Schick Quattro for women. Disposable razors are garbage.

insertnameherr 11

Wow.... that was..... way too much information I was expecting.


Get a Schick Quattro for women. Disposable razors are garbage.

twisted_cherub 14

Not true. My Bic Soleil are amazing. I shave my legs about twice a week (avg) and pits & pubes daily and I just threw out the last razor of a 6-pack I bought before I moved into this house over two years ago.

insertnameherr 11

Wow.... that was..... way too much information I was expecting.

Really?! Wow! You should write a book about that, man!

wax em. painful but only temporarily and hair won't grow until a couple of weeks

Incidents like this make me wonder it they have electric-razors-for-the-legs.

Don't be a cheap ass and use disposables if you wanna let hair grow out for 3 weeks.

Fangsnuzzles 8

Yes. I've been using Schick Quatro for women, and it's a really smooth shave.

wow #9 may i say u r being kinda graphic? Dont need to kmow what you shave.

No way, get men's disposables they are WAY better than any female razor. Men's facial hair is much closer to pubic hair in terms of feel, so men's razors can take care of business way easier. OP, if you cut up your legs you are doing it wrong. Use shaving cream or shower gel and GO SLOW next time.

#118: wat u mean by mens facial hairs are same as pubic once lol its not at all

I bought a razor pack of four for a dollar. And it gets the job done. Wtf is wrong with you people?? You hairy not knowing how to properly clean and reuse a razor people. DisGust me

Anagenisis, is there nowhere I can go without seeing that face in your picture :c.

Taylor? Didn't know men shaved their legs

This happens to me all the time.... Shaving is awful for my health. oTL

You and OP can always use the hair removal cream stuff that smells funny, or whenever you go to get razors you can find some which have smaller blades that wont leave you with cuts. Getting cuts while shaving just sucks.

Listerinekiss_fml 7

How does that even happen though I understand a few nicks but a massacre of the legs omg sorry op

she shouldn't have gone through 3 unless they were single blades! disposable razors are pretty good these days. saying this it sounds like your hair grows fast!

Zano23 9

That's why I hate removing my hair using razors. The cream works better for me or sometimes I use the electric razor if I'm in a rush.

Just a thought, but maybe you aren't shaving right?

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More like 3rd. Nice try. In case you haven't noticed, shouting,"FIRST!!!1!!!" doesn't make you look that great. Especially if you fail :D

twisted_cherub 14

You must buy cheap razors. I've gone a whole winter without shaving my legs and it only took a little more time than usual. Try shaving cream and a razor that costs more than 99 cents for a four-pack.

When I shave my legs for swimming I use a woman's razor because there really the best. You get one that's a little pricy but it will not cut you and make it look like a shark got you.

icrest80 4

67 why do you shave your legs?

MyPetNinja 14

77 In swimming season, swimmers don't shave their legs until the competitions. That way while they're training, the hair builds up drag, and when they're in the competition they swim faster because they got rid of the drag. It actually makes a difference.

77- he said for swimming. A lot of swimmers shave to reduce drag in the water Sorry, the above post was not there when i started typing

We swimmers do that shit. Makes ya feel all smooth in the water.. And I find if you use conditioner (like, hair conditioner) instead of shaving cream you're far less likely to nic yourself. Thank me later.

Wow, sorry op, next time use nair, it's got that blade-less razor

trippythehippy 6

So you could braid that shit right? Hate to see what your bikini area looked like... Welcome to the jungle

Uhh, it probably looked like a grown woman's does naturally. Stop watching so much ****; you've clearly been brainwashed.

who cares? he has a preference! he said a funny comment. people need to keep on top of pubes, don't want them hanging out of the undies.

unknown_user5566 26

51- I'm pretty sure once you shave down there once, it grows back longer and thicker. So it may have been out of control.

I think that's a myth 71. But I'm not 100% sure. I know you can get this laser treatment thing where they laser it off and it won't grow back ever.

It is most definitely a myth. Hair is tapered when it's unshaven, meaning the base (near your skin) is thicker than the tip. If you shave, you're shaving off the tip so what grows back in is the base which isn't any thicker than it originally was, but is thicker than the tip. That's why people think it grows in thicker. That, and short hair tends to stick up more. Yay, stubble?

HelloGuys 4

What do u recommend to use for pubic hair shaving 0.o

Honestly, I just use the same type of razor I shave my legs with.

fernclogger 5

Woman razors are the best!!!! Use them.

Actually..not all women razors are good, men razors are much better. Lol

I usually use nair but my fiancé's four-bladed Gilette is amazing! My hair is pretty much undetectable though. Can't even feel it.

Good thing you did not use a straight razor, But maybe using hot towels first would help.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Ouch. I hate razor cuts! I tend to slack off in the winter, but that's because I wear pants all the time when it's cold, so no one sees my legs anyway. I don't shave much if I'm not hanging out with anyone/going anywhere, even in the summer. I'm hoping you didn't go out in public with hair that had been growing for 3 weeks on your legs xD

MindFreakazoid 10

Yeah op should shave every three DAYS, cause out or not, when I'm wearing shorts, (i wear work out shorts allot, very comfy) I hate the feel of hair rubbing against hair when I walk and sit and stuff, so just shave every two or three days

47 - That's your preference. It doesn't HAVE to be OP's preference too. If she doesn't want to shave every 3 days, she doesn't have to. *gasp* I know, such an unfathomable thought.

MindFreakazoid 10

89- don't be a jackass it's advice if she doesn't want to take half an hour shaving and have razor cuts. Those things sting. So shut up if you can't understand a comment.

I understood it perfectly well, hence my reply. Stop trying to push your personal preferences on everyone else. It's not going to do you any good to become butthurt when someone points out not everyone is going to bow down and have the same opinion as you.

MindFreakazoid 10

You're still quite thick ain't you? Wellp. I don't 'want everyone to have my opinion' but it'd be nice if some people didn't have to make the world their 'perfect' by trying to destroy other people's opinions and sense of anything imaginational. This is exactly why I hate you all, none of you want to be indifferent cause you're afraid people like this blank minded freak will judge what you think. How disappointing.

IAmAZero 0

130 has a point. 83 should be able to accept people for who they are and what they think. Who gives a **** if 130 shaves every 2-3 days? She's just saying it works for her and might work for OP. You commenters here are just so plain and boring, pushing out other peoples' thoughts. Really. I'm quite sure no one likes your crappy opinions either 83. I know I don't.

IAmAZero 0

Crud I mean 89, I have bad memory, but you guys know who I mean anyway

See, 131, I think either you're misinterpreting or I'm not getting my message across well enough. I DON'T care that 130 shaves her legs every 2-3 days. That's her choice. But the way her comment is/was written makes it seem like she's of the opinion that it's odd or gross to NOT shave every three days. She did say "OP should shave every 2-3 days...". If she was really neutral, she should have worded her comment to sound more like "a better idea would be to shave every 2-3 days" instead of saying "yeah you should do this because it's right". I AM trying to stay neutral. Nobody is wrong here... and 130, you're flying off the god damned handle for no reason. Perhaps you need to bone up on your comprehension skills too, hmm?

I noticed both of you are 13 year olds. Perhaps you both need to learn how to accept another's differing opinion. I accepted 130's but offered other insight. I am quite amused, 131, that you "hate" me. I only recently returned to this site, so you haven't likely seen me comment. One discussion changed your mind? Cool. Your young mind will forget about it in an hour. You don't like my opinion? Why, because it offers the opposite point of view to your friend there? Okay, whatever floats your boat. But believe me, you will face a lot of people challenging your opinions later in life.

IAmAZero 0

No. Actually. I've been on FML for awhile now and hardly comment, it's people like you who make me think the world is full of boneheaded jerks. Nobody gives a literal **** about you and your and nor do they 130's. But 130 seems to be in the right here. And now you're a hypocrite. Saying "oh I think I'll just totally dis 130 here and then make it sous better to 131 as if I'M the victim, lol I'm, like, duh a troll" is SO last year. And I may be 13 but I have more of a sense of a good comment then you do. You're 22? More like 2. Grow up before you comment on a stupid topic like shaving and making it all against two people. THAT'S really shallow. Not giving shaving advice, but turning the tables on 'my friend' and I. You're really just a spazzy 8 year old troll.

Okay, you two are really out of control. 89 is the reason you "hate" people on this site? Like oh my gosh!! Don't read the comments on FMLs then. And she's right; originally, the comment on this tread was more demanding than suggestive. It's fine that she shaves her legs every 2 days no one is insulting her because of it. I know girls who shave everyday. There was clearly a suggestive implication behind her comment, but she needs to learn how to relay her thoughts in a clear an precise manner. They still teach essay writing in school do they not? They teach it for a reason; so you can say your thoughts without being misunderstood. The reactions to her response where completely unnecessary. People don't trust the opinions of 13 year olds because of how you responded. Grow up verbally and people may respect you more.

Now responding politely to MindFreakazoid: I kind of feel bad that you have to shave every 2-3 days; though I know my sister needs to shave every day if she wants smooth legs. I honestly don't shave often. Like, if I mentioned the time span, some people might be disgusted. But even when my hair grows out, you can't really tell unless you're staring at my legs. My boyfriend really doesn't mind and I'm way too lazy to do it often. I actually find that the less often I shave, the slower it grows out. At one point, my legs were 98% hairless for about 3 weeks. So that's what works for you and this is what works for me. Maybe OP had some medical condition? I couldn't shave for months after I had back surgery. Or, like me, she was lazy. But maybe she should invest in better razors? I think thats the best advice we can give her.

190 - Please heed the advice immediately below your post. *facepalm* Where was the 'dis', exactly? What I said was certainly not a dis. And telling you two you'll face a lot of opposition when you're older is in no way demeaning you; with or without your attitudes there will always be someone to disagree with you. Don't comment on something like shaving? Last I checked, this forum is open for commenting and this FML happens to be about shaving. Shoot, guess that means I'm free to comment! 200 - Thank you.

Just out of curiosity how are y'all going to attack her for putting down your opinions and then turn around and put her opinions down and say no one cares? People these days can be so ignorant... Personally I shave everyday that's my preference. Not because I have to but because the thought of body hair on me (besides what is on my head) grosses me out and so I shave. I believe you may just have sensitive skin and that's the problem. I hardly ever nic myself.

That above post was to MindFreakazoid and IAmAZero.