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  Helpfulman  |  17

Jeez, he's just asking if her boyfriend was into it. This doesn't have to become a huge discussion about how womyn need to feel "empowered" because they have hair.

  aleahlioness  |  15

#38 didn't bring up sexism at all, she just said that in the end, it's OP's decision when it comes to OP's body hair. And of course it is, as it is for any of us with our own bodies.


It has connotations with sexism, 61. Obviously the OP has the choice, it's her body. Nobody was saying otherwise. Why even bring that up? Partners, both male and female, often (voluntarily) accommodate for each other's sexual preferences though.

By  Mynamewontfi  |  40

Doesn't have to mean anything. Some guys don't have a lot of body hair.
I don't know if your boyfriend usually shaves his legs, but if he doesn't, it can also seem that way. His leghair might look thinner because of the sun exposure and the hair being more damaged than newly grown hair.