By Emily S - 09/10/2011 05:17 - Australia

Today, I let a guy I like look at my phone. A second later I remembered I had a secret copy of his Facebook profile picture on there to show a friend what he looked like. I was forced to tackle him to get my phone back. FML
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Happened to me before except she had a photo of me aswell so it was all good :)

I can only imagine the conversation you had with him. Wha.. what is this? -Urm. It's nothing. Give it back. No. -GIVE IT BACK. HOLY SHIT WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? Now every night, he's on his bed, in fetal position, rocking himself to sleep because he's mentally disorientated knowing that a creepy stalker is masturbating to his facebook profile picture.


Happened to me before except she had a photo of me aswell so it was all good :)

Wow number one....i dont beleive that at all.

13 wow your 13 I don't believe you at all.

It wasnt creepy she thought it was sweet, so did I.

13, why would 1 lie? What would he get out of lying? Especially considering it's just a comment, not even an FML.

.. I didn't get #18's comment, at all.

Aww! Did you two end up together?

You have to remember what it was like for him at 13. I lied but not on fml. Or on the internet

18 was talking to 13---1 doesnt have his age on his profile

plus that kids got some game with her having his picture too

plus that kids got some game with her having his picture too

sorry for the double post it was an accident

My above comment was directed at 27 :)

you remind me of this guy named chris..same thing happened to him :)

Wow you're fuckin lucky!

Op just explane everything. He'll understand

Wow still kinda creepy Facebook stalkers :/


It's completely normal for a girl to have a picture of their crush, asshole.

Just like when I had a porn page opened on safari, and I handed my phone to my gf so she could google something.

What if it was a guy who had a photo of his crush in his phone?

110- As far as I know the majority of girls would find that really cute...

110- I have photo on my lock screen of a girl I loved who vanished from my life. I keep it there to remind me of her and all the good times we shared.

LMFAO 70!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

Oh man, this happened to me before when I mentioned that I thought some guy was cute to a friend through texts. Then the guy was looking through my phone and I was like "hey gotta text a friend!" and quickly took it back

Happens to me quite frequently....hurts my heart everytime I do it >.

I love the way people claim they are "forced" into making the lame decisions they freely CHOOSE. Irresponsibility is sooo popular.

You overreacted a little bit.

This FML sounds like it was taken from an anime.

I had the same problem but I had a picture of my self with my shirt off (I'm fat and it's good to take a pic of yourself and see the difference in weight loss) and I forgot about it and gave my phone to a girl I like and had to like nervously watch over and hope to god she doesn't look at my pics. All was well though thankfully she didn't.

Now he knows something's up..

2 options: risk looking like a stalker Or seem like an extremist fickle-minded psychopath... Brain generating best choice... Done. Just do it

Times like this where there are literally no legitimate excuses..

Except for the real reason she has it. I'd say that's a damn good excuse.

I'm not understanding how this is an FML. I can understand if it was from the guy's perspective and you weighed 500 pounds...

erm she said she tackled him? -.-

Out of curiosity...your username, All Time Low?

I really doubt you were forced to.

hello, the only reason he'd wanna look at your phone would be that he likes you. That was your shot idiot :p

You are really handsome Man !

You can't even see his face so how do you know he is handsome? Just by his abs?? He may be really ugly, you don't know...

@15 thx, ur really hot urself :) @28 get some girls 2 perve at :P

I've got 10 bucks that says both of their pics are from Google Images.

Quit creeping, 15.

ima take 44 as a compliment :)

Except now his nickname is mudbutt...

Agreed,you should message me:)

Way to tell them how it is! Also, (this is somewhat off topic) but is that a pic of u? Cuz for being 14, ur really muscular. ;)

lo its me but i'm almost 17 :p

Ohhh, ok. That makes a lot more sense. U probably think I'm either a creep or just plain stupid. Lol I'm not. ;)

lol no i dont gudge that soon. you speak ur mind, i like that ;)

Oh, thank u. Lol, I am brutally honest. & play softball the violin & cello, not trying to brag or anything, lol. But that's like a brief little summery of me :)

I love your pic !

This isnt really an FML if you got the phone back and he didnt see it?...

'twas the thought of him seeing which made her overreact, embarrassing herself in front of him and possibly many other people...tis a reasonable FML