By Hairytoes - 07/10/2011 10:35 - United States

Today, I could actually feel my toe hairs flapping in the breeze. I'm a girl. FML
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Ali_Br_fml 33

Unless she's a Hobbit... They don't wear shoes, and their feet are hairy... She needs the hair to keep her feet safe and warm...

I wonder what would happen if there was like a fashionista hobbit, or a gay hobbit? I bet they'd wear shoes.

Frodo: Talk to her Sam go on! Sam: Rosie your toes are exceptionally hairy today! *blushes*

allenye818 2

Shaving your big toe is part of a pedicure (if you need it)

Peachy18 0

Nasty. Shave your toes, girl.

kjbirch7 0

agreed with #1 you just gotta shave.

If her toes are hairy think of what else is flowing in the breeze.... Time to do some landscaping.

Dreamkiller51 5

Sounds like a harry situation.

Dreamkiller51 5

Well i did type that except my IPod is on spell check

iloveeyouuxD 9

I'm on my iPod and it doesn't correct hairy

ChrisTheCalm 9

You suck for that pun, and you fail for doing that, but your pic is awesome. Get it together.

Fail excuse too. Just stop. You're just digging yourself a deeper hole.

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