By Hairytoes - 07/10/2011 10:35 - United States

Today, I could actually feel my toe hairs flapping in the breeze. I'm a girl. FML
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That's a good idea

Unless she's a Hobbit... They don't wear shoes, and their feet are hairy... She needs the hair to keep her feet safe and warm...

I wonder what would happen if there was like a fashionista hobbit, or a gay hobbit? I bet they'd wear shoes.

Frodo: Talk to her Sam go on! Sam: Rosie your toes are exceptionally hairy today! *blushes*

Shaving your big toe is part of a pedicure (if you need it)

Nasty. Shave your toes, girl.

agreed with #1 you just gotta shave.

If her toes are hairy think of what else is flowing in the breeze.... Time to do some landscaping.

You hobbit!!!

True never thought if that..

How do toe hairs flap?

It isnt hard to SHAVE OP !

There was an fml just like this.

Never tell a hobbit to shave!

But they'll grow back thicker, blacker &longer

No that's life.

I believe she said toe hairs not toe nails.

Sounds like a harry situation.

hairy* and fail.

Well i did type that except my IPod is on spell check

I'm on my iPod and it doesn't correct hairy

You suck for that pun, and you fail for doing that, but your pic is awesome. Get it together.

Fail excuse too. Just stop. You're just digging yourself a deeper hole.

These fucking puns suck now.

you sir are a liar


Thats hot... NOT!

You're cool...NOT!

Shave that shit before I throw up.

if your hair is long there, then...OMG

Was there any specific point to this comment?