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By justwow - 13/07/2010 14:27 - United Kingdom

Today, I must be the only person who has been taking the contraceptive pill for six years without ever needing to use it as a contraceptive. FML
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Tons of people take birth control. Hell, I'm a lesbian and I take it to regulate my hormones/period/migraines. The real FML is that you haven't had sex in six years.

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It's kindof sad that everyone says "ohhh, it sucks that you haven't had sex in six years" There is a ton of people that never have because they don't want to. I'm not having sex until I'm married. And I'm fine with that. so honestly anyone can survive without having sex. It's not that big of a deal.


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6 years is a long time. o get cranky if it's not every couple days at least

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There's way more fun things to do than have sex. :)

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Chill out, sex isn't the best thing in the world, imo. :P

#20 after makig such an absurd comment like that, u most undoubtedly have never had sex in your life

Sex isn't the best thing. It's not just virgins that say that. Doing other stuff is way more fun. :)

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#29 Exactly, I'm not a virgin. But doing things other than sex is fun. :)

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there are medical conditions where the pill takes care of the symptoms

Agreed. :) although, I guess it's easier for the guy to enjoy it, because it's almost certain that he'll finish. Women are more complex that way. :P

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agree with 41. girls are really good at faking it... trust me I know:/

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agreed with number 1 if you are trying to get busy and failing. if your taking it for acne or hormonal imbalance then get over yourself. Thank God that you have something to block the pizza face.

organisedchaos, yeah sex is "easy to acquire" for a female, as you say, BUT. Not every girl who hasn't had sex wants to **** the first penis she sees. You know? Women who never got laid aren't always whining about not finding a penis. Most of them are implicitly whining about not find the RIGHT penis. (Excuse the excessive amount of penis in this comment)

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sex isn't most important, calm down [=

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#51 Sex is pretty damn close to bieng the most fun thing, lol, but IMO, I just like foreplay and oral more. That doesn't count as sex...right? idk.. xD

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#45 ur a prick op.... no sex for six years... that makes me want to eat cake =(

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agree with 51 (and I'm a girl) and 58 does the word sex come after oral? just ponder about that and tell me if it's considered sex and sex is pretty damn fun if you know what you're doing and how to make it fun cause duh just straight missionary isn't fun but that's why costumes, toys, and different positions were invents back to the OP want be specific as to why you're taking them when you're not having sex??

#51: The amount of trouble a man goes through to get sex is fairly equivalent to the pain in the ass endured by women telling pushy men to **** off. They don't often get the hint. So yeah, you have to be smooth and romantic and all to get laid, but we have to deal with trying to tactfully reject guys. And, like someone else said, you go through that little trouble but you get what you want (sex). We go through a shitton more trouble and DON'T get what we want, which is, to generalize, a decent guy. At least you get the pay off.

OP, that's fine. And GOOD. Sex is better anyway once you're married (generally, so don't all gang up on me!). You're not missing out. And you're NOT the only one. Don't worry.

"Take what's on offer"? As in, ***** herself out? Oh please. Not everyone who's horny is a *****. This might be shocking news, but even raunchy girls have self-respect. :P If she just wanted sex no matter with whom, she'd get drunk and start grinding on a beer-goggled guy in a club.

I'm having trouble articulating lately. Don't know what it is. Sorry. I was trying to say that male efforts for getting laid and female efforts for rejecting cancel each other out, so women still have room to complain about the labels they get if they have any sort of casual sex. And yeah, my only reference point is what I see around here, and most guys who aren't either hideously ugly (by Tennessee standards, that's blinding) or really socially awkward have a decent success rate. They may have to lower their standards a little, but still most of what I see is hot, desirable women with fat chauvinists. Note: That's just because where I live. I don't really think the whole world is like that. And on that note, if I wasn't convinced you were an ass, I would tell you to take your 'business' to Tennessee. :D

To clarify the double standard of women being called ***** and men called gods, think of it this way: If you have a key that can fit into any lock it encounters, it is called a Master Key and is great! But, if you have a lock that fits any key it encounters, it's terrible and you wouldn't want it.

I really hope that was only a joke. It was kind of funny, really. But I'm going to assume you know that (barring disease and conditions) all cocks and all vaginas 'fit' each other. Sticking your body part into another one is no great feat to be amazed by.

I actually agree with #87. I hate how people think that when women have sex, they are doing something as a gift to the man, and thus want to be repaid. No, women want sex too. They're as much taking advantage of the man as he is of them.

I don't really know the difference between "****" and "*****", not because I resort to generic feminist insults or whatever, but because English isn't my native language and all the slang I know I learned from context. Those two have been used in a similar context, I know a slight difference between them, but mainly I just think "****" sounds awful and hate using it. Anyway, this argument is boring me. :P

I slept 12 hours last night! I should be good. But yeah, I didn't think about how guys get shit if they haven't gotten laid by the time they're 5 (exaggeration). I think we should all evolve into one super gender capable of reproducing as a flower does. :D And yes, that is most certainly why I think your an ass. I was with an opinionated guy once. That sucked. We fought all the time. Tennessee is hell. The weather is ok, but other than that, it's the most awful place imaginable. Imagine the redneck stereotype. Multiply it tenfold. That's here.


so u took a pill to stop from gettin pregnant an never had sex?

Oh, I argue relentlessly with my mom, and I care about her a lot. I'm an arguer. I'm driven to make things perfect and point out when they aren't. It's a curse. Haha. And I insult everyone I argue with online, so that usually gets people to think I'm a bitch. :D Hmm, overall your city doesn't sound bad. It's hard to find somewhere that the people aren't one of the worst things about the area. I like the people in France, but then I like everything about France. Here there aren't that many places open late either, but the city doesn't really 'shut down' at night like a lot of others do. At least where you live is pretty. Right? I hope. It's really pretty here, absolutely gorgeous. But it's overshadowed by *****.

Bilingualism? :P thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I'll still use "*****" over "****", though.

ok the pill is not only for women who want to protect against pregnancy.. it is also for women who want to regulate their time of month..

intoxicunt: yea I was just messing around lol that wasn't meant to be serious.

organisedchaos, you would be more persuasive without the insults. It's not necessarily about being likeable, so much as making your thoughts accessible to others. Putting them on the defensive is not the best way to get through to someone. It's a shame, really, because your ideas are not unfounded. @106- Please tell me that's a joke? Birth control helps to regulate hormones for people who have conditions where they are not able to do so themselves, ofttimes decreasing the rate of developing other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Nah, he was a trashy druggy on top of it all. :D You've called me something. I don't remember what, but I'm sure it was returned. It seems pretty enough. It sounds a lot like here, though. Lots of closed-minded people. Small populations are the worst. I prefer cities. The people are more diverse and usually more worldly. I couldn't promise that I wouldn't be self-centered, but I'm definitely not interested in the macho, beer and sports type. Here, the obesity rate is about 80% by my estimation. Everyone is an extremist Republican and Christian, and no other way of thinking is allowed. Also a LOT of racism here. It's pretty backwards. Chattanooga the city isn't that bad. The government is corrupt as hell, but I guess that's nothing out of the ordinary. The schools are pathetic. They're all getting shut down for not passing tests with good enough scores. I dropped out because the school I was at was awful. They would suspend students for not having their shirt tucked in, yet people were smoking in the classrooms and showing their **** on the bus (the main reason I left).

my moms been taking it like that for 15 years.

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"showing their cocks in the bus"... lmfao they like to rock out with their **** out

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Lena you're not coherent. The OP is complaining that she hasn't had any for a while, not complaining that her perfect man hasn't cone along to shack up in her bed. This means OP deserves her sexless life because, according to that other bloke you're talking to, she can get sex easier than guys. Whether she has any self respect or not isn't at all the case according to the context in which the sentence is laid (no pun intended), and nor is whether sex is the best thing ever. In my opinion, that one guy is wrong about assuming this girl is able to get guys easy though... he's playing his odds on what is usually the case as if it is fact, which may not be the case. To him: Try taking a step back and knowing the difference from what is assumed and what is not. I'm not saying you applied it literally but I'm saying you're whole argument rode on it. Also the pun was intended.

pseudolife 4

YDI for taking them for six years without getting laid. You can use the morning after pill if you get lucky.

#45 Having a pizza face or the face that it's a contraceptive aren't the only reasons why you can take the pill, I take it because of a ovary cyst problem, thanks to the pill that went away, but there are way more uses to it and you think. ;)

organizedchaos your my favorite comment poster because you make sense all of the time,and you know the perfect rebuttal.keep it up!!!

If she gets raped, she won't get pregnant. By the way, why do they call it "the pill"? You have to take alot of them. And while I'm commenting, I've lived without sex for my 14 years, and my life doesn't suck.

A **** is a woman who is sex-crazed while ****** are prostituites who pay ANY man for sex, because they want money, not sex like the general ****.

dude.. if you are 14.... shut the **** up and watch pokemon, you shouldnt even be on this webpage.

some women use it to regulate their cycle

hjbeachbum 0

There are mote reason to be on the pill. I know a lot of people who were on it for years before using it for contraceptive. Nothing to be ashamed of, IMO. You can laugh at other girls with heavy, irregular periods while yours is more tolerable.

Some folks use it for acne, so don't think of yourself as being anything special. You're boring, just like everyone else.


it's cuz either you suck at it or your scared

I wanted a comment, not a life story..

No, they just have a medical condition. FDA uses birth control to treat a bunch of stuff. I was on Team Birth Control For Medical Reasons until it gave me gallstones...

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that sucks :( don't worry u will use it one day lol but seriously op?

Roxeant 8

Tons of people take birth control. Hell, I'm a lesbian and I take it to regulate my hormones/period/migraines. The real FML is that you haven't had sex in six years.

This. I know virgins that are on the pill. Less bleeding, fewer cramps, more regular, and as an acne regimen. It's not just for contraceptive use.

#36 Yep, definitely true! Lots of people are on birth control not for contraceptive use, but for the other benefits it can supply.

guckylynn 19

Same as 36 said I know a lot of virgins on birth control, doctors put people with endometriosis on birth control to help with the painful side effects of cramping and heavier bleeding.

Would birth control pills help guys out with acne and any other weird problems? These are the questions that trouble me.

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ive been using mycrogynon for 5 years to control my ovarian cysts and I've never had to use it as contraception. doesn't mean anything...

71: it might, but men can also begin developing breasts from the estrogen.

71, if your acne is so bad you'd consider taking female hormones for it, you should visit a dermatologist :P Also, the pill is used by athletes to control their periods. For example, I would put money on a bet that none of the female Olympic swimmers were on their period during the Olympics. Same with women getting married and don't want to be on their period during their honeymoon.

JD_88 0

104 I'm a swimmer in junior olympics, what we do is when a competition is coming up the majority of us have 4 packs of the pill back to back so we only have a period once every 4 months. and if there's a comprtiton after the 4back-back we'll take another pack. most athlestes use it. :) x

Umm thanks for clearing that up. =D yeah my acne is that bad.

3: I'm a bit surprised to hear that bc treats your migraines; I nearly couldn't get a new prescription for the basic pill due to my occasional-to-rare migraines. But perhaps it's just a difference in brands, methods, migraine types etc. I tend to be sensitive to medications anyway, and didn't want to hassle with finding a new pill or method.

While I don't know about birth control for men, i know someone who had to take the yeast infection medicine because he had either a tape or ringworm

hhahaha xD ydi it for not getting any ass! :P

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Ass?!! really? And people says not to judge on their stereotype.

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yeah its mean but it is kinda sad

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Actually... It prevents pregnancy. O_0 It controls your cycle and doesn't allow eggs to go into the fallopian tube, and some other random thing. I asked my gynecologist something relating to what you said a few years ago, in hopes that I could terminate a pregnancy before I even missed a period. Apparently, it's a preventative. If it actually killed babies, there would be psychotic woman on the rampage. OP, I've been on birth control for awful periods since I was thirteen... I've never really needed to use the contraceptive. Then again, that's because I use condoms, and lately because I've learned that women are lovelier than men! I'm sure you'll have sex eventually, OP, but start looking in different places. Perhaps a college campus, or an online dating website, where you can pick and choose someone intelligent, and maybe a bit fat.

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wow six years? maybe you should actually start trying to get some? not like every guy is going to beg you for sex :p