By Anonymous - 03/10/2013 21:40 - Canada - Markham

Today, my brother finally paid me the $60 he owed me. I later found out that he'd stolen those $60 from my wallet. FML
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BlackPanther19 11

I have a brother like that i feel your pain

that's the first comment you've ever written and u got the first comment?!?!?! lucky duck *turns away with a sad face *


BlackPanther19 11

I have a brother like that i feel your pain

that's the first comment you've ever written and u got the first comment?!?!?! lucky duck *turns away with a sad face *

CallMeMcFeelii 13

He must of planned it all along, 11! He's probably an old fml commenter, but he decided to create a new account just so he could get the first comment on an fml with his first comment of that profile! This makes the JFK conspiracy theories look like babies came up with them. have to be one sly mother ******, but I'm warning ya, I got my eyes on you!

is it just me or did like evert single comment get down voted?

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my brother does that all the time too! I hate it and it's like I'm his bank.

Why'd my comment her moderated? I was #11 but I didn't say anything wrong...

#27's response makes me wish you could favorite comments on here. lol

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jw90 18

Obviously you've never heard that expression?

Michael_92 20

I like smart cookies, they taste way better than stupid ones. Issue is they always hide from me :(

jw90 18

56-I have that problem too..especially when I'm craving Oreos.

Op should steal the money from his wallet and not tell him

Apart from the original $60 and more than likely any chance of getting it back....

xzxXxzx 11

He lost $60 either way so..

ghil15 8

maybe atleast he paid you! but with your own money sorry OP, kick his ass ^-^

JocelynKaulitz 28

He sure as hell didn't gain any. But if it were me, I'd tell him that he now owes me $120 :)

well, at least he stole the money yo pay u back, instead of spending it on a video game that's what NY brother would do... sad

Give him a talking to OP! Make him pay the money back!

Espolax 8

Well if u didn't notice he would been a genius

So theft and sneakiness makes someone smart in your book? Interesting.

Espolax 8

Technically it was not theft since he took the $60 dollars and gave back to him so technically there was no theft but he still owes the original money that was LENT to him

amayasoma 19

It was theft even if he had given it back. He took something without permission. Theft.

legal definition from the interweb- A criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person's consent. so ya, it WAS theft

RedPillSucks 31

No. I think you missed it. OP was already out $60 that he had loaned the brother. The brother "paid" him back with another $60 from OPs wallet, so OP is still out $60.

Rainhawk94 27

can't say the same to you #6...

Hey, that isn't so bad. On my wedding day my family got drunk the night before & wore all black the wedding day.

Your his brother give him a nipple twister or somethin until he gives you the money. You know brothers stuff

I love giving nipple twisters. If only I didn't have a sister...

Tell your parents or take some shit of his that you can sell to the value of $60, there's a couple of options you have here.

Usually, I'd say that was $60 well spent, because now that leech won't be bothering you anymore to avoid paying you back, but in this case, since it's your bother...yeah, just kick his ass.

Rainhawk94 27

read the FML to.yourself outloud please. you'd be surprised how.wrong your.comment is