By Anonymous - 20/05/2010 11:04 - Canada

Today, I shaved my legs and pits for the first time this summer. It took 3 disposable razors and an hour to get the job done. I've clearly been single for far too long. FML
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ydi if you think being in a relationship is the only reason you should keep up with yourself.

Well if you don't have one of those buzz cut razors to work it off with then get scissors out and trim it down. It will take a lot less time with the disposable razor if you do it that way first..and from now on you need to shave more often..because that's just disgusting!


Well if you don't have one of those buzz cut razors to work it off with then get scissors out and trim it down. It will take a lot less time with the disposable razor if you do it that way first..and from now on you need to shave more often..because that's just disgusting!


Probably needs a line-trimmer!

Well doesn't it feel nice to be silky smooth again?! And at least now you know why you were single so long! :)

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How long did you not do it for?! Oh jeez...shave more often OP..

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Hey OP, my friend's dad likes his women hairy. stop shaving again and i'll give you his number kay? X]

holy balls, that's nasty. you will never get a boyfriend if you can't shave.

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why would you let it get that bad? does it not gross you out

Pics or it never happened!!!! I kid, I kid!!!

that is disgusting!!! legs u may get away wit but ur pits......ewwwwww!!

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that's pretty bad op... you should shave at least once every couple of weeks

Definitely agree with 1. But honestly, it never shoulda been that bad. Nasty ass!!!!

muu, I wouldn't mind you even with hairy pits ;)

it's nice when a girl tries to look good. An effort is always noticed and appreaciated by us guys. keep it up OP, I'm sure you'll find some summer love!

I have the same situation op!!! u are not alone!!! oh wait... but I'm a guy so is ok for me yay :D

you don't need to be dating to shave your pits

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Eww that's just gross idc how long someone single youbsgoukd still have good hygiene

not shaving is not unhygienic...not washing your butt for days is people are all brainwashed by those ******* razor commercials and your mothers!!!

Wow! if her legs and pits were that hairy then what about her.................... .......I just threw up in my mouth a little :P

for women, shaving = hygenic. I don't want to see girls walking around in bikinis looking like they are hiding a squirrel down there. we guys use the 3 step hygene method of shit. shower, shave. (in that order)

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are you seriou? you really think thta clean? that's completely unhygienic an if you dot think so then you must not be so clean. it's my opinion so stfu

How on earth is hair on your legs unclean? What's dirty about it... at all?

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Hey, there's plenty of ***** out there that are shaved all over, but they are still damn, dirty *****.

BrilliantBeuty, you obviously aren't that "brilliant" if you think that not shaving equates to being unhygienic! Where in the FML does it say that the OP hasn't showered at all? Having hair or not having hair is a personal descion, just because you don't shave, diesnt mean that you don't practice good personal hygien. Personally, I feel better shaven, but some people feel better with hair, it's a personal choice.

Exactly, Spastic! Pits I can understand, because the hair might trap in odor and bacteria if you aren't used to paying special attention washing there, but legs? No kids, that's not dirty. If it was, guys would never be clean. I shave because I find it relaxing, but it is entirely a social convention. Doctors Without Borders doesn't hike into the Congo with clean water, vaccines, condoms and razors!

mmmm mmmm damnnn, u know the guys love natural women

that's just ridiculous. having hair does not mean your unhygenic, it is natural. what about the hair on your head? is that unhygenic? just as long as you actually wash yourself, you're clean. hair isn't dirt, nor grime.

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that's ******* disgusting. I understand not shaving AS MUCH during the winter, but not at all? that's just ridiculous! if you want to be lazy, get waxed every 2 weeks! ps, disposable razors will ruin your skin. invest in a decent one if you don't want nasty dark patches under your arms

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tatersalad-I want your hair! I'm officially jealous of it!

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lol! why don't you at least keep your armpits shaved at all times! that's kinda yucky. haha whatever it's your body I guess. but body hair is grosss!

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legs arent so bad as far as hygiene goes, but for a woman to not shave her armpits seems unhygenic to me... hair collects more sweat and that makes u stink... unless she used mens deodorant, ;/ lol

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133 is totally right. honestly think about it, if you have deadly amounts of armpit hair you would stink unless you shampood and conditioned it everyday and used have a container of deoderant per pit, hair collects bacteria. your head won't get all gross because there isn't an arm over top of it blocking everything in. like your armpit is like enclosed hahahah. It's just te same as if you don't shave your box I imagine that might smell gross too. because it would get hot from not being able to breath lmao, and just ugh it's un hycenic. I don't care what the mamiths defending body hair say. it's discusting.

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Pendatik, that sounds difficult. Also if you have armpit hair, wouldn't that make deodorant more effective sense it can absorb into the hair as well as the skin?

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I am single but I shave every other day basically.. it's personal hygeine op

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Yuck who wants to see a chick look like a wookie. I've been with guys who shave all over below neck n think it's sexy op needs a weed wacker foe the next shaving spot or maybe dread locks lol

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139, yourr right lol i just googled it, i didnt know they were the same. my bad, but i still think it looks nasty

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A bit different from the traditional Lobotomy, but I support it nonetheless.

This is all so ridiculous, and pendatik, I love you.

Girls having hair 'down there' is more hygienic than being shaven :P

jeeze god invented weed wackers for reasons such as this....

124: That depends on the razor and the person. I've used only high-quality men's disposables for at least 5 years, and I've had no dark patches thus far.

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jeez guys u don't need to all attack me fr my opinion I think it's unhygienic so what?!!!! why do you care? I think it's dirty for a woman to have arm pits that takes an hour to shave with all that sweat an it's probably long enoughto shave now I can undertamd te legs they dot sweat and stink. so lay off

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actually, my girlfriend doesn't shave her pits and she smells great...when she decided to shave them she ended up smelling like a raunchy homeless she's fuzzy again and smells great!! :) Thus, removing body hair is cultural and having it doesn't make you stink more, go read a book or somethin..

Well, your "opinion" is based on not knowing the definition of the word "hygiene". Thinking it's gross is an opinion, thinking it's unhygienic is just incorrect.

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it's still my opinion I honestly don't care

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now you see why ou have been single

You're welcome, pendatik. You know, I don't even know why I keep looking at the comments on all these shaving fmls, I just end up getting pissed off.

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164- you must switch them out fairly often then. it's actually not the razors themselves that creates dark patches, it's when they become dull, and disposables are made of lower quality materials and usually become dull faster. tater salad- can I at least touch it?

holy shit!!!! is ur name Jimmy number 18???

That's disgusting. I can see why you haven't been dating.

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what about your ****** I'm sure that's one hairy beaver !!!

um I believe it is still spring.....

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I find my legs are actually warmer in the winter if I don't shave them. I live in a pretty cold climate, so it does have some benefit for me. That doesn't mean I don't shower.

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tatersaladd! when? I honestly want to make this happen. lol

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lol 258 well if you ever happen to make a road trip to vegas, tell me :]

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omfg tater, Im a newly 21 girl who lives in SoCal... so I pretty much go there on a monthly basis lmao! I'm gonna hold you to that! i'm gonna tell you what a homeless man outside my student salon told me once: "you got purrty hair. don't never cut it!"

Go ahead and not shave. I don't know about you, but when I see armpit hair coming out of a girl, I don't find that attractive.

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ok it does not take three razors to get the job done I've done that before & one was enough yeah I know it's gross but it's also natural so get over it

bet it looked like she had bob Marley and jimi Hendrix in a head lock!

ydi if you think being in a relationship is the only reason you should keep up with yourself.

^ This. Whether you like being hairy or not isn't the point. Do you put any value in yourself? Take care of yourself for your own sake. Whatever your grooming habits, indulge in them regularly regardless of your relationship status.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

too true. there's nights out with friends, events, or really just to feel smoother for fun.

I agree I mean I forget to shave sometimes but not like that I can only imagine what "downstairs" looks like. *shivers*

Disgusting. Seriously. I'm married, but even when I was single I took care of myself.

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eww what's up with your Pikachu? (or however you spell it)

it's not a pikachu, it's a humanchu. or a pikaman.

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Oh, good. Another FML involving a female OP not having shaved her legs and/or underarms. Grab your flame torches and pitchforks.

Right. I don't see the fml in this. So she had body hair and shaved it off, big whoop.

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Lmfaoo that sounds like the ogre from Shrek haha..

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lol #112, i wish i could fave comments, i literally lold