By Anonymous - 12/11/2009 11:17 - Australia

Today, I realized that I hadn't shaved in so long that when the wind blew, the hairs on my legs moved in the breeze. FML
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Sooo... why don't you shave? I'm sorry, how is this an FML?

Christ, it has nothing to do with hygiene -- it's cultural norms. Men don't shave their legs, and it's not unhygienic. What are you, twelve?


itsalwaysfunny 0

Sooo... why don't you shave? I'm sorry, how is this an FML?

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Yeah agreed, I don't get it. Even though its cold and I don't wear pants I still shave, granted not as often but usually before it starts to blow in the wind.... Maybe you should try that sometime OP. Or get the Gillette Fusion Power razor. Yeah it’s for men but it’s awesome! It vibrates and; therefore, you stay smoother for longer :) I usually last 3-4 days in the summer. Seriously, consider that.

Mx_Rider 6

Gillette Fusion Power razor Pure WIN! enough said.

Oh, now I'm definitely getting that. To Hell with disposables. Now, I normally don't shave at all in the winter, especially since I rarely show off pits, crotch, and legs (whoo pants and t-shirts). If I'm going to wear something that will though I definitely shave... otherwise, not really, unless I get an urge for it. I don't grow quick so... The real question for miss OP is: Why is she letting her so-unshaven legs be exposed to where they blow in the damned wind? I'm sure nobody wants to see that. If she has a problem with this, too, why isn't she shaving? It's not rocket science, god damn.

lol... what kind of clothing reveals the crotch?

Underwear, bikini bottoms and some other swimwear, things along those lines. No it doesn't reveal the whole thing, but certainly would show enough if I didn't shave. Also lol wearing just chaps... kinky.

That scratchy beard of yours did not give you a clue?

It's only men who don't shave in Movember honey. :)

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the only reason you don't have you legs for that long is no ones trying to get between them so go out and try to get your self a **** buddy at least then maybe you'll pay more attention to your personal hygene. btw that's gross. ewwie

I'm a guy, but I don't shave my legs. I trim (yeah, that vain), but it's at the same time as manscaping and it only takes a few more minutes. On the other hand, I'm bald and need to shave my have. Try coconut oil instead of foam. And razors for men last longer than for women (they spend more money on it). Coconut oil doesn't gunk your razor and doesn't dry out the skin. It's the closest shave I've ever had after trying it.

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Christ, it has nothing to do with hygiene -- it's cultural norms. Men don't shave their legs, and it's not unhygienic. What are you, twelve?

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Beside the fact that the OP is, in fact, a woman, I would have assumed that to be so because men do not shave their legs and having long leg hair would not be considered gross. My question is, if the woman had not shaved her legs in such a long time that the hairs were long and, I'm guessing, visible, why was she wearing anything outside that didn't cover her legs. For her leg hair to be blown by the wind she would have to be wearing a skirt, a dress, or shorts, without leggings or tights.

She could have been in her backyard in shorts.

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Then why do guys not usually shave? It's not hygeine at all.

I just threaded it a long time ago once and it never grew back. I don't think it's supposed to do that. Oh well, lucky me.

A lot of guys shave their legs where I live. Not as frequent as girls though, but usually when they're wearing shorts, example... a swimsuit.

Lol. You live in San Fransisco, huh?

are you serious? it's NOT hygiene, it's a cultural expectation created by the patriachy. GROW UP and start being accountable for your own thoughts and actions

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question: If a woman shampoos her leg hair, is it still considered by some to be bad hygiene?

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youfailforlife, by saying that NO ONE likes hair on a woman, you are speaking for every single person that exists on this planet. apparently you have not seen the comments on here by men who DO like hair on a woman. and just because it's repulsive to you, doesnt make in unhygienic. would you rather date a woman who has never shaved her legs, but takes daily showers and shampoos and cleans her leg hair every day, or a woman with shaved legs who only shaves her legs and has never taken a bath or a shower a day in her life? who is more hygienic to you? hygiene is the preservation of health. by saying that a woman who does not shave her legs is unhygienic, you are saying that her growing leg hair is affecting her health.....? also....shaving legs is not required and is not mandatory. i hope youre joking, but if not.......well, your comments are still funny to me anyways.

That's not an FML. That's just you being lazy and complaining about it. Shaving takes five minutes; go do it!

No, shaving foam/gel requires five minutes to work properly.

that's stupid. didn't you know that it's no shave November? duh.

******* this. No Shave November and Decembeard should always be celebrated.

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No Shave November is for men only, unless you're a butch woman.

There's no indication that the OP isn't one.

What is No Shave November??? It's Movember you idiots.

Ugh! Nasty! XD Hey, some people may like the all natural look, but not me. Chewbacca in the making o.o;

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...Am I the only one who finds the wording of this FML soothing? Anyways, OP, this isn't an FML. Just shave your legs.

no one made you not shave so it's really your own fault

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I concur with #1. Just shave if you don't like it.