By cogu - 03/02/2010 19:34 - France

Today, I realized my girlfriend has more hair on her abdomen than I have on mine. FML
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KindaMay_BInLove 0

That's not really gross, silly people. Girls are genetically programmed to have more hair than boys. Would you rather she shave and have a prickly belly? I doubt it.

saranottelling 7

You guys don't get this post at all. Clearly, the man is a hairless freak of nature and the small amount of hair on his girlfriend's abdomen makes him feel the acknowledgment is "FML worthy." I'm sorry freaky hairless man! You deserve a cookie!


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h_langston12 0

you are dumb. sucks for OP tho

cowgod 0

nice deep south. stupid anti spam protection wouldn't let post, otherwise I would be first

did you just congradulate someone for saying " first"? and so, society plunges deeper into the never ending abyss

ewww!!! that's pretty fucked up

yousuckfml 0

get a life..

Samir30Days 0

I'm guessing she's brown? ;)

WTF don't be a dumbass. what does being brown have anything to do with it

Because darker girls have more hair bodily etc. Nair is her friend LOL

PottentialFML 0

If she has got alot of treasure on her trail, imagine the treasure on her chest. :(

JoshTheMaggot 8

hey if she's got more hair then you check if she has a penis if you havnt already. if something pokes you GTFO lmao

It's a trap!!!

Don't say that she is a very nice lady!!

She probably has more hair on her nuts too!!

KurouTenshi 0

so wait, OP, are y'all ants? abdomen :x ants... *crickets*

well that's what you get for shaving your abdomen

Ummm excuse me but isn't the abdomen on the bottom of your stomach near the pubic area? Just shave it..

LOL you don't even know what abdomen is hahaha

HeresReality 0

that's not a "girl"friend, you sir, are dating a man

that is gross!

sk8rchick97 0

maybe it's just in her genes! it's not like she was a guy cuz it depends on the ethnicity and the parents genes just cuz she has some hair on her stomach doesn't mean she's a weirdo it's genetic guys grow up!

Lawless3L 0

I think that's more of an f her life....sux though!

You say that, yet if someone posted "Today, I realized that I have more hair on my abdomen than my boyfriend", how many YDI's would she get?

if its in one day about 785

hahaha so true #5. but really having a hairy beer belly is not attractive so the only reason you could complain is because your girlfriend is a man.

Dang that sucks.

I'm sure she's equally depressed about this. She probably has enough stress about it.

A little carpet burn wouldn't hurt.

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Lawless3L 0

So true!!! I'd, personally, have to give that an "I agree, your life sucks" though. Oops: Supposed to be a reply to #5.

that sucks. fyl

perdix 29

Does the hair go all the way down to her dick?

Hahaha, I can't stop laughing.. :) 

perdix ftw.

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"Woah! stop right there dollface, Ive seen the crying game...."

that's soo gross

toxic10uhc 0

not neccesarily. some guys just have less testoreone, ergo less body hair.

She's a man, babyeeeeah