By chocolateisyum - 09/10/2011 11:13 - Australia

Today, I came home from work to find the front door wide open, the stove on, my 5 year old cutting up the curtain, and my 2 year old smearing chocolate sauce on the floor. My fiancé was nowhere to be found. Later on, I got a text from him saying that he'd gone to watch the footy. FML
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chocolateisyum tells us more.

I cancelled the wedding

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Sounds like a Mr. Bean movie. Also what on earth is the footy? O.O

Bad parenting is bad.


So... Still your fiancé?

Not anymore if OP is smart

Chocolate sauce us a euphemism children use for excrement.

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Because the man left 2 children on their own, with a door wide open and a stove on. Those children's lives were in danger. My mother put my brother and I through the same fucking situation, my dad saved me from vein put in child foster care system, but my brother's dad wasn't married to her so my bro went to foster care. END THE DAMN RELATIONSHIP!!! An I have been in 2 relationships before, each lasting quite a while I don't live with my bio mom and I'm not fucked up. Shame on you.

And it was an ILLEGAL decision, very ILLEGAL actually.

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Glockinator 2

Yeah stay in a relationship where a guy puts a kid in danger. That's so much better than ending a relationship. So not worth it. You're so stupid. Of course someone should end that. Kids come first. Oh and their safety

Glockinator 2

Yeah stay in a relationship where a guy puts a kid in danger. That's so much better than ending a relationship. So not worth it. You're so stupid. Of course someone should end that. Kids come first. Oh and their safety

You were born in 1996. Your definition of being in a relationship, and your advice to end the relationship is invalid. How long is a long relationship for you? A few months?

Do they deserve to be fucked up in the head for the rest of their lives because they can see that their father (if he is their father; the OP didn't say) doesn't care about them? I don't know them well enough to give advice one way or another, but after this event, you can be fairly sure she won't trust him alone with the kids for a while, so they'll effectively be a one-parent family anyway, only with a guy around sometimes that she'll be angry with. Not exactly a healthy family dynamic.

Kylias 6

Excuse me, #27, I don't know if your daddy didn't hug you enough when you were a child or what, but not everyone who grew up without a present father is fucked up in the head. If he doesn't see this as being irresponsible, it's definitely a valid reason to break up a marriage. He left a 5-year-old and 2-year-old home alone with the door open and the stove on... and evidently didn't tell anybody. They could've gotten outside or somebody else could've gotten in! And what if the stove caught on fire? No, no, it's not his fault at all. He just left two toddlers alone in an actively dangerous house, that's all. He didn't do anything stupid. No, no. Nothing stupid here. Twit.

35- You say kids come first, well having a father is pretty God damn important for kids. My father died when I was young, and my mother never remarried. And you know what? That scarred me as an individual, because I had no male father figure to look up to.

I'm assuming none of you can read? When did I say the fiancé did absolutely nothing wrong?? No actually it seems that I said he did something stupid.

Boo hoo, my father was a drug abusing gambler who would spend all his money on pills. I may have had to figure out things on my own, but i ended up fine. The past is the past and you'll never get anywhere if you keep looking back.

Did you throw out his xbox?

Don't feed fish sticks to a seagull! Eh...Gimme gimme gimme let me have some!

Llama_Face89 33

33- actually he isn't. Regardless of whether or not they were asleep it is still irresponsible, not to mention illegal, to leave small children alone like that. Putting her children's wellbeing in jeopardy is a perfectly good excuse to break it off.

59- I am not even going to lie, I was going to say that until I noticed how misinformed these folks were. Josh Tobin is the shit.

61- I agree with you, either asleep or awake it's still illegal. Before the trolls horde me, I have a four year old nephew.

morgaleigh 6

Keyman I am sorry for your loss but it is possible for a person to grow up without a father or male figure in their life and be perfectly fine. I do not even know who my father is and my mother never had a serious relationship until I turned 18. She put ME first in all of the decisions that she made, as the OP should. Ending the relationship does not mean he is no longer their father either. If he chooses not to be in their life that is on him. In my opinion not all men are meant to be fathers, I just hope that they have a strong mother.

Not to be rude but if I was in the OP's position I would second guess marrying her fiancé. Plus I found your comment on someone's birth year offensive. I was born in 1996 and is in the same relationship that is currently more than a year, so I would say my advice to friends might be a little more valid than you automatically assume. I also know that a guy who deliberately leaves two toddlers alone is someone I wouldn't want my children to be around.

Seriously keyman shut the fuck up.

bamagrl410 31

Umm I grew up without my father & I would venture to say I'm just fine. Had a great boyfriend for a while, plenty of friends, going to one of the best colleges in my country. And my mom also did what she did for my safety. My point is: I'm not sure if anyone told you, but once you have kids it's not about you & your spouse anymore. It's about your children. I believe in the sanctity of marriage also & hope I never have to get divorced. But I'm also smart enough to know that 1) the stove could have caught the house on fire. 2) the children could have been severely injured by the scissors. Not to mention something else could have happened around the house. And to top it all off, he left them there alone - which is ILLEGAL. Whether they were sleeping at the time or not is irrelevant. It is illegal either way. Personally, I wouldn't be sticking around with this guy. He clearly things his own interests are more important than his children. That won't change just because he says "I do".

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hey keyman, shut up

dontpanic_fml 32

Oh Keyman, are just getting too cute. Accusing everyone else of not being able to read when you refuse to address any valid point that others are making and instead just keep repeating the importance of children growing up with two parents...ya know, even if one of them willfully and recklessly endangers said children. That's ok, AS LONG AS HE'S THERE. Also, please stop saying he's their father; it doesn't say whether he is. I'm very glad to see that there are a lot more non-morons than morons on this thread, but the idiocy of the morons is some of the worst I've seen on this site.

IThinkItsAlright 7

71- I think he was talking about boys need to have a male figure in their life. Their father is probably not the best person to look up to. They can still find one. There's always other men. I think it's best to keep a family together. If the kids are young it can really screw up their life. My parents split up when I was only seven and I'll never be exactly the same. I think he deserves another chance and a good lecture. Tearing a family apart is never the answer.

audiophileMom 11

Keyman - i am older than you AND I actually am a parent, which I'm guessing you are not. Neither a relationship with someone who thinks it's fine to leave two children that small home by themselves nor having said person for a father figure are helpful. I'm sorry you didn't have a football coach or teacher to look up to and to take you under his wings but infact not ANY parent is better than no parent. In your case it is a completely different situation because i'm sure your father was a wonderful dad that just passed away. Not like in OPs case where the father (figure) is an irresponsible and therefor already boderline abusive jerk. You simply can't compare the two situations. And I sure as hell hope she leaves him before child protective service makes her/takes the kids.

27- You are so fucking stupid. Her fiancé left the stove on, door open, and two infants alone. That shit is illegal. If you ever have kids, god help them.

Chill, most people on FML troll in comments. They probably are just trolling. I for one understand where you're coming from. Most people here probably agree with you, but trolls gonna troll. Nothing wrong with that. You should try it...or not.

Because he left 2 young children ALONE with the front door open and THESTOVE ON! Those poor kids could have been kidnapped or the house could have caught fire harming the kids. If that guy is too much of a dumbass to care for your kids he is not worth keeping

stillnotaredhead 10

Would you still be saying he deserves another chance if one of the children had gotten injured or if the house had caught on fire? Just because the children were ok doesn't excuse his negligence!!!! She should call off the wedding!! They aren't married yet so it isn't like she is breaking up the family, unless the kids are his (it doesn't say in the original post). If her fiancé wants to be a father he needs to grow the hell up and put the well-being of innocent children before sports!!!!!

27- shut up you child. You obviously don't know the importance of children, their safety, and a healthy relationship. You really think that it's okay to be In a relationship with someone who neglects the children?

Sounds like a Mr. Bean movie. Also what on earth is the footy? O.O

Probably European football. Just a guess though. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Australian Football League (: AFL

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Awww sammiches beat me to it.

There is a Europe football league.

European football is soccer

In Australia, football (or footy) refers to either Rugby League, AFL (Australian Football League), and on some occasions Rugby Union. All three are different. European Football we call soccer, and we have no professional American Football (Gridiron) competition.

blank message= hanging your head in shame

jcorrea8521 5

Since this is australia, foot ball is soccer hence "footy" would probably mean a soccer game.

enonymous 8

Back in my day we left our kids in the woods with a tent a buck knife and a flint rock to go watch the American footy and THEY loved it!

Even after OP had cleared what she meant by "footy", the question is still going on.... :^|

cc_the_beast 6

Sorry 'footy' is not soccer, soccer is soccer. Footy means either rugby league, rugby union or Australian rules, and OP has already clarified it was the Aussie rules. PS OP....Go the Cats!!!

Thanks for the clarification 200. I would have never guessed.

184 in australia soccer is soccer. But wow what a great dad op. You've got yourself a keeper there.

Actually there are small leagues round the country.

smashmaster52 0

#78 actually it is European soccer that is called football

You're absolutely retarded if you don't know what footy is.

Gosh. The five year old and two year old should really learn a thing or two about responsibilities. I don't blame your fiance for ditching them.

You do know European Soccer isn't what we play down here as a main sport. It's a choice of Rugby League, NRL, ARL or AFL. But not many people like AFL.

No, European futbol Is soccer

Soooo point is op's fiancé was talking about watching a sport? Context clues ftw

European football is called football in Europe/UK/Australia. Why is there so many ignorant people on this website?

lexex1 4

Man getting hit by football

It's funny how people who aren't from Australia try to explain what footy is when they really have no clue.

Agreed 289! I'm from aus, the people that call soccer 'football' here are mainly European.

drew2711 0

footy is a sock ... all of you are dumb asses

You do realize what the rest of the world calls "football" what Americans call "soccer" was around long before american football right?

271 its soccer not football. It's football in England and all that but if you say football to an Aussie the last thing they would think would be soccer. And 261 I like afl :D

Yeahhhh teo yer olds are soooo responsible. Dumbass

332- "teo" ??? Really ??? You can't spell two right ??? Really, I'm not usually a grammar/spelling nazi but dear god, how fucked up do you have to be to not be able to spell two correctly??? Especially seeing as it is not only in the FML, but spelled correctly in the FML . Edit: and I just noticed, you can't apparently can spell year right either . Dumbass !

In England 'Footy' is the sport Football which is the game with a ball you kick around and score goals. We don't have "Soccer", and American 'Football' is closer to rugby but the American one has more protective clothing.

No, Australians say soccer (Source: I'm Australian)

22- I've never seen a comment with that many downvotes before.

What's the fml here?? Your disaster kids, bad parenting skills, and your douche fiancé. Or the fact you have two kids and your not even married..

Bad parenting is bad.

I feel like that is a slightly redundant sentence.

The_Troller 14

^ I feel like that is a slightly epic fail sentence.

Don't mess. And nice dp techweed!

KiddNYC1O 20

That's the idea, #57.

TorturedXeno 27

Obvious troll is obvious.

TorturedXeno 27

Obvious troll is obvious.

By the way, 57, that was a statement. Not a sentence.

I feel the statement was missing an "umm Kay" (southpark reference)

Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department. How may we service, help, or assist you?

bannamann 4

Ooo sounds like it would be a painful evening

dickydickman 0

What the fuck is the footy?

AFL. Australian Football League (:

bigkountry209 0

its rugby

bigkountry209 0

and afl is arena football league

The best ideas are on the toilette!

dickydickman 0

Thanks guys, my cat wanted to know

In Australia, football (or footy) refers to either Rugby League, AFL (Australian Football League), and on some occasions Rugby Union. All three are different. European Football we call soccer, and we have no professional American Football (Gridiron) competition.

I have cat that looks just like yours, except it's soo much cuter

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Good to know, doctorwhogirl, good to know.

dickydickman 0

Sorry my cats probably wayyyyy cuter than yours will ever be..

My cat is enourmous and can eat up two roosters at once.

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

No sex for him

no anything for him!

The footy* is football, or soccer.

Llama_Face89 33

How difficult can it really be to type "the"?

Football, or soccer for those who still don't understand.

Sorry wrong post ?

God damn it, what is happening to my iPod. Jesu cristo!!!! I give up.

dani212 0

I'm not even a grammar nazi and its painful for me to read that...

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Wtf...da...foot-- Yep, I have no idea what you just said. Oh, wait, do you mean, "What the the fuck is "the footy"? Jesus...

kurlyfries222 0

It's an australian term for football...usually rugby league (NRL) or AFL...

cc_the_beast 6

....and NOT soccer. People are having a hard time fathoming that we call soccer, soccer.

#121 "The no sex for him" "No the sex for him" "No sex the for him" "No sex for the him" "No sex for him the" None of the above seem to make sense to me.

Hay, don't down vote me because my iPod derped. :(

I just wanted to do it to feel a little bit evil>;))) muhahaha

UM NO in Australia footy means AFL, or Aussie rules football. We call soccer soccer. The British call soccer football.

What the hell u been smokin

Read the replies to the first comment

If that were my fiancé, it would be no marriage for him. That is grossly irresponsible and, to my mind, borderline criminal.

Wtf is da footyy

Llama_Face89 33

How hard can it possibly be to type "the"?

well this should be an interesting marriage.

best. parent. ever.