By nick - 28/01/2010 05:00 - United States

Today, I was on my grandparents' computer looking for my old high school resume. I came across a word document titled "Experiences". Thinking it was part of my resume, I opened it up and started reading. It was a brief, yet explicit record of my grandfather's recent sexual frustrations. FML
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kaybbyx3 0

I'd never look at my grandparents the same way ever again, I'm so sorry xD


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F**k U no one cares!!!!

lizliz07 0

jealous much you didn't get first?

fuck you!!!

kkleiberg 0

I KNEW you guys were gonna react like that :P

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MF12 0

on my iPod it doesn't show any comments when I'm like 44th

u have to exit and re-enter the comments

why did you continue reading it?

kaybbyx3 0

I'd never look at my grandparents the same way ever again, I'm so sorry xD

I assume you read about 2 sentences and then closed it hard

bugmenotmofo 34

It might have taken more than 2 sentences to get him hard...

this is the best reply so far.

prjio307 0

It's a girl you idiot...

OP you have completed fml conquest of find the sercret to immortal sex with you story. Milf,Dilf and now Gilf will lead these commentors to the truth that vegeta could not wish for on dragon ballz when he was on namek when he punk bitch him self from immortalilty...If you are reading this you should of stop at GILF but no you had to keep on reading Geez i said stop reading!....stop :D R.I.P dgv and luck10 from falling in a previous comment trap. T.T ...Hey stop reading . XD

ahhhh scared for life lol

how brief? "Cant get a goddamn boner!"

sourgirl101 28

Awww Grandpa still wants to get laid. Grandmom playing hard to get? Poor guy knowing you went through his personal notes. My Grandparents don't even know how to turn a computer on.

Let alone each other!

cocoa369 0

Why did you keep reading it?

worldjudge 0

if u read it all the way through to the end then you're a nosy grandchild who does not respect your familys privacy

and your a weirdo who doesn't get horny over their grandpa!