By lonely. - 15/08/2012 16:46 - United States - Buffalo

Today, it finally clicked in my mind how desperately lonely I am, when I shaved one of my legs just to find out what a woman's leg feels like. FML
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Forever alone Sorry OP maybe give online dating a try?

I think the fact he has shaved his leg to feel a woman's 'touch' means he has long since passed realms of Internet dating.

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It's worth a shot though! Better to go and try to do something, than sit there and shave his leg

Or we can organize a 5k race where all of the proceeds go towards buying this poor sap a Real Doll...

I shaved one leg on a whim once. Just for laughs at myself. This was much more purposeful. I am ashamed.

You could've gone with "That's rough. Er... well it will be in a few days."

Or how about it sounds like it didn't go as smoothly as you planed

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Bad choice in stereotype with these moderators. And I thought it was more Eastern Europe?

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Ouch, getting called out by an FML team member.

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TF? A load of American women're like dogs compared to french chicks.

Lo I've been to France. The women are pretty haha. Leg hair? I didn't notice haha

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Sirin shaves her legs? I'm going to need video proof and... sorry, sorry, couldn't resist.

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Sirin have I met you in area near Paris once I had fml shirt you said u work for them

Wow, I feel so flattered and ashamed at the same time. I think I'll be quiet now.

@56: Nope! Rule #1 of the FML Team is that you never talk about the FML Team in public. Rule #2 Rule #2 is to always be redundant, and Rule #3 is to blame everything on Alan.

How does one become a member of the FML team? Just curious.

O'Snap for #4 haha it was way funny to see an FML Team member blowing off someone out of the blue, rather than the real FML lmao it made my day :p

I've been to france plenty of times and all women I have seen have shaven legs. In Germany and further east I have seen women that didn't shave their armpits but still shaved their legs. Also, women tend to grow their leg hair if they are going to wax it or if no one is going to see them.

50) I blame Alan for your creepy comment.

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Not all French people have hairy legs. My wife is half French and half Italian like me and her legs are smooth as Hell

93- it's not a race thing it's a culture thing everyone's legs get hairy(except in the case of medical disorders)

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You might as well shave the other one now and tell girls you're a swimmer. Otherwise, it would just look weird.

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He said he shaved his legs lol not just one

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29- "I shaved one of my legs"...

Psych101 9

Sorry, posted that before you corrected yourself. Carry on.

Not like anyone will be seeing those legs any time soon if OP is as lonely as he claims :p

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80 - but if he wears shorts it might get him a curious look or two.

At this point, I think your best option is to just sit down and cry.

Or hit the gym, get a hairstylist, and build your self confidence

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Well at least we know what Jesus would do..

Oh, so you like his comment? Great! Did you know there's something you can press that looks like a, stay with me now, a thumbs up symbol? Do you know what it does? It shows your appreciation for that comment. Now, use that and stop making stupid comments.

Well don't just stop there you have a lot more ground to cover in shaving in order to feel like a woman....but in all seriousness you might want to get another hobby which doesn't include trying to figure out the female psyche it's a lot less painful trust me

How does shaving your leg to see what a woman feels like go with trying to figure out the female psyche

You don't say. *insert meme* I don't get why people like you feel the need to say pointless stuff like this, it is sad, that is why it is on FML and we get that it is sad.

66- All you had to do was give her a thumbs down and move on. In all honesty, your comment was just as pointless.