By Anonymous - 03/05/2015 07:42 - United States - Annapolis

Today, I pulled a piece of dental floss out of my ass. How it got there is one of life's great mysteries. FML
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It's almost like a thong, . . . butt floss

rieebee 23

Sleep-eating? For that minty fresh ass...


Jthewat 22

But how did you find it?

Should we really ask that

annie_zoo 27

most likely when she went to wipe her butt after a dump

psychopolarbear 28

I want to know how she is certain that it's dental floss

#42 Exactly! Maybe it's some kind of anal parasite/worm.

Hey it's a girl she might of mistaken it for a tampon

93, I surely hope you're just trolling. Because if not, I have pity on you for your blatant ignorance.

#95 - you don't get anal periods either? What lucky ducks we are! I feel sorry for all the other women out there with double periods...

@93 a tampon does not in fact get inserted into the rectum...

Maybe it all came back to bite you in the bum

I'd imagine the partner of any dentist that has a butthole eating fetish would suffer from this

Wow, it id really a mystery

#43, Typos. They happen. :)

rieebee 23

Sleep-eating? For that minty fresh ass...

incoherentrmblr 21

Too bad she didn't use Orbits Toilet paper. "Orbits Toilet Paper...Cleans another dirty ass..."

CODplayer4lyfe 24

#63 you tried too hard

Then why did you get smashed by downvotes?

you realize no matter how much you floss it you'll still have a cavity, right?

Wizardo 33

Gives minty fresh another meaning. "I floss everyday but I ain't a dentist".

Ya whole style and approach I invented.

Your colon needs to be squeaky clean too.

PePziNL 20

"That fresh smell of your boyfriends colon"

Just hope ur brother doesnt use that floss thinking it was his, like he thought he could use any toothbursh he finds

I could have sworn that floss is thrown away after each use.

Either that or op has been walking round with a packet of floss hanging round down there and not noticed!

It's almost like a thong, . . . butt floss

This comment made my day.

dagarr 11

That must be a pain in the ass