By umyuck - 03/05/2015 16:55 - United States - Norfolk

Today, I noticed my shower drain wasn't draining well. I cleaned it out, thinking it was just a rat's nest of hair. Wrong. It was an actual dead rat. FML
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UhHuhHoney 20

I got goosebumps from reading this..


Gross! sorry OP. I had a live frog in my drain a few weeks ago so I feel your pain.

Some jumped out of my toilet not too long ago! Like some ass backwards version of that bible story

That one with the raving old lunatic demanding the freedom of slaves? He parted the red soup too, right?

I don't understand why you're being thumbed down? FML is a strange place.

addisonrose12 16

We suddenly started having crappy water pressure a while back and investigated to find that the pieces of a long since dead spider (a HUGE spider) were the cause of the blockage...

Yeah my first visit to Australia there was a tarantula-asaurus in the kitchen sitting in the sink! Imagine Four people screaming in sync together then it jumped to the wall causing us to almost die tripping over each other.

out of all places, it had to be in your shower drain?

As wierd as it sounds, it is actually quite common.

im still curious of how it got there

Well, look on the bright side, OP - at least you didn't grab a rat that was alive! :P

ADBurns 22

Time to call the exterminator and plumber .. Maybe not in that order

katydid91 31

The rat is dead. You no longer need an exterminator.

If there's one there might be others sadly haha

Good thing it's in the shower, though. If I saw something like that, a shower is exactly what I'd need.

renouttaluck 20

Poor rat drowned in water that washed your butt. FML for the rat

Rats are actually really difficult to drown, or even kill in general. My biology teach fed a rat to his python and the rat chewed its way out and killed the python.

It's like if Chuck Norris was a rat.

"I heard you got eaten by a snake." "Yeah, but after several hours of unbearable agony, the snake finally died."

Hard to believe unless said rat was directly under the shower grate, and in that case how do you let your shower get that bad?

And here I thought finding a spider was the worse that could happen....

ZombieVampirez 24

Good thing it wasn't a snake that was still alive.