By justonce - United States - Williamstown
Today, the boy who loved me and left me literally became the poster boy for my college. His picture is on the home page of the college website and on a banner in the cafeteria where I eat every day. FML
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  Kamon97  |  23

I don't get it though if the guy fell in love with her why did he leave her? There has to be more to this story I hope we get a response from OP

  jw90  |  18

Meanwhile in Canada. "Oh I see someone drew on this poster of this handsome man. I think he needs glasses to go with that mustache."

  NoFlippinWai  |  24

every day, pick out a new flaw. His forehead is too big ot smile is obvoiusly forced or something. Eventually, he will become hideous and youll wonder why you were so facinated to begin with.