By Anonymous - 10/09/2011 05:57 - United States

Today, I was eating some popcorn with a guy, and I noticed a piece of hair coming out my mouth. I pulled it... and pulled it... and eventually some popcorn pieces came out attached to the end of the hair. I was so embarrassed, he tried to make me feel better by saying it looked like a magic trick. FML
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Egnar 19

So today you found a guy who sees past the gross things that happen and makes light of them, FYL indeed!


Now u need a christmas tree to string that bitch up

What a top bloke you have there OP And 28 OP means original prankster.....

No, it means Original Poster. Don't lie to people.

HarveyMalone 0

Don't listen to them. It means the Octangular Pronoun.

You're all stupid. OP means Octopus ****.

You guys are all douches.... It actually means oval penis

KingDingALing 9

^ This is why I never asked what OP means. You get a variation of retarded answers.

Well 65 that's why you research your question and feel good when you get the answer :)

Op means origonal phantom ... No wait its organ pain ... No hmm maybe its organic penis.. Yep thatss itt.

OP means original poster, as in the person who posted the FML.

NotAPedo 0

Nahh 78, I'm pretty sure it means organic penis...

Why the hell is 78 thumbed down? Maybe someone actually wants to know what OP means.

Because he ruined the fun of making up other meanings for "op"

ifinsane 6

Idk why you complaining thats pretty awesome how you did that.

This is why I decided to figure it out on my own. I saw one of these chains once from someone else asking, and immediately thought "Ah, **** this." I figured it out a day later.

Did he call it "Magical Pubes"? I Could set him up with Tour dates all around the world and he could make millions!

ImmaB3AST 7

If FML was mw2 you would be the kid using heartbeat sensor and silencer on search and destroy. ****** tryhard.

I love the people who relate EVERYTHNG to COD thence fun of people who play games like WoW or Dungeons and dragons

2-the way the OP described it sounded like it was a piece of her regular hair not her pubic hair. Besides that has also happened to me.

you could have said "for my next trick, i will make someone disappear, ME!" and legged it. serioulsy, thats pretty gruesome, especially if its not your own hair....ewwwww

FMLsOhilarious 6

Are least he made a joke about it.

rein 8
rein 8

Abraa. Kadabraa. Alakazam. I'm so happy I remembered something from Pokemon.

smith2001 5

Except that you spelled "abra" wrong

K_kanaka 26

Well at least he said something instead staying quiet with a shocked face the translates to WTF D:!!!

Don't see how this is a FML... that was awesome! And extra points for thinking on your feet with the magic line. Although I hope it was at least your own hair... otherwise for my next trick I will make the floor magically covered in puke

Egnar 19

So today you found a guy who sees past the gross things that happen and makes light of them, FYL indeed!

mgsoloist 14

Your pic reminds me of 'myspace tom'

Egnar 19

Oh god, i have to change it right away!

You shouldn't feel thats an FML.. thats really cute of him..

The FML is haveing the hair there in the first place... Ew... poor girl... He IS a keeper though..^^