By lalalasmiles06 - 04/09/2010 03:47

Today, I put a tampon in. The string broke. I had to go to the hospital to get it out. FML
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dynky 3

you couldn't just use your fingers? the string shouldn't really be necessary...

Oh dear. Maybe buy a better brand next time?


Oh dear. Maybe buy a better brand next time?

trololololo only if i had something to relate to in a stiuation like this

ilovenerds_ 1

That's a day you'll never forget...

couldn't you pull it out with your fingers? I don't think you are suppose to shove it in so deep

wtf i saw a porno were a chick pushed it out like how u take a shit but in the pussy

mona_is_here 10

You should have read the instruction, it says if the string breaks, you can just push it out with your muscles in there. But anyway, you must have made the doctor's day by your stupidity.

you_and_me_fml 8

I'm guessing you forgot the part in the instructions where it says to pull the string BEFORE use to make sure it's secure.

SapphireSympathy 7

lol. YDI I use tampons and even though i have never have had the string break, u dont shove it up there really deep. it could easily be taken out with ur fingers. the nails arent a precautioanry unless ur like cat woman....and really how could you not have thought of taking it out with your fingers? Unless you use tampons for DIFFERENT reasons. lol.

baseballboy6595 0

ydi for having a period

you_and_me: sometimes due to it being blood-logged, the area where the string attaches softens a bit and makes it easier for the string to pull out.

SapphireSympathy - I'm wondering if you've read your tampon directions. You're supposed to push it in by a whole finger length - making it possible, but definitely not easy, to pull the tampon out without the string.

Prototype12 0
KingDingALing 9

You should reach in there and fish it out, OP ;D

I can believe this, because I have had one break on me before and it is a moment which can only be summed up by the words 'Oh My ******* God.' Fair enough, I managed to 'push' mine out when that happened, but it was a very humiliating and difficult experience which made me scared to use tampons for ages. As for pulling them out with your fingers, many girls (including myself) would find that a daunting experience - fingers are NOT meant to be inserted that far into a ******, and plus, I guess the OP was worried she may make the situation worse then what it was. The instructions on my current box of Tampax state that if you cannot 'push' the tampon out and can not feel it very well with your fingers, you should seek medical attention. There is nothing about the OP not already trying to remove the thing with her fingers, she may have tried it and have it not work - I highly doubt she thought 'Oh God, my tampon is stuck, I'm not even gonna TRY and sort this myself, I'm just gonna let a strange man look up my floo pipe and see if he can drag it out.' God, these 'You should have done this' posters should really think more about what they are saying.

TrinityisLife 22

Been there. Reached up, snagged a nail in the cotton and yanked the sucker out. OP deserves the ydi's.

styphon 5

I've taken out "lost" tampons during a speculum exam and it's not "a laugh". if left in they can cause toxic shock syndrome so it's a real medical problem if they find it impossible to remove.

ohsuzykuew 0

Did u try using tongs or something? I would try anything before going to a dr for help with my tampon!

hobogirl 0

ydi for makeing ur own from cotton balls and string... how could u not get it out? this is so fake or ur an idiot.

olomisspiggyolo 0

uhh, do you personally check this yourself? lmao! you should hopefully have the common sense to not have it stick half out and not be in the deep abyss of your chacha, haha. way to be so serious!

TaylorTotsYumm 10
terranada 3

that's always been my number one fear of tampons. that's why I only use pads

"fingers are not meant to be stuck that far into a ******" Millions of sexually active men and women across the globe would disagree.

frankdatank1112 0

ydi 4 bein a woman, now make me a sammich!!

Wtf 74, fingers are not meant to be stuck up that far? have you ever heard of fingering? the fingers usually go as far as they can, and I'm sure it's further than the tampon goes. also I've gotten tampons stuck, they were all the way in there and I could easily pull it out. but I was also sitting down, so when you're sitting the ****** length shortens. but still, you saying fingers arnt meant to go up that far is dumb. I guess a penis is only allowed to go a certain length in there too?

LMAO @ 74 saying fingers aren't meant to go that far! hahahahahaha

ew, pads are ******* GROSS. you can totally tell when someone is wearing one cause they reek. use a tampon ffs and quit smelling like a diaper.

skyttlz 32

Perfume or body spray. Spray it and you won't stink. K Thanks.

skyttlz 32

Pads are gross because you feel the blood come out and you feel sitting in wetness.

Shut up you just want something in you.

dynky 3

you couldn't just use your fingers? the string shouldn't really be necessary...

that could push it further in, not to mention how many cuts a girl with nails would get if she tried that.

doink 0

She could have easily used her fingers, and it's idiotic that she didn't. Vaginas are not that deep. At the very least, she could have "pushed" as if she was giving birth. It would have budged the tampon enough to be able to grab it.

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Sun_Kissed18 25

I'm pretty sure my mom told me that when she was using them, they didn't have strings and you had to put them in and pull them out yourself, so it is very possible

umm...I've pushed mine out with my muscles once, just to see if I could do it. Granted it was blood soaked and ready to come out, but it's really not that hard. And I've never given birth before.

Um, actually, I *have* had to *push* a tampon out like this, just like I periodically have to *push* large clots out when I have my period (the muscles you use to push a baby or anything else that gets stuck in there are the same muscles you poop with so contractions aren't necessary). I've also had to use my fingers to fish out a tampon as a virgin multiple times. If you're upset about the situation and tense up, yeah it'll be difficult and hurt, so you've still got to take a deep breath and relax, just like you need to when you take the tampon out with a string.

JillianlikesVogu 0

56-It ISNT that hard. That has happened to me an abundant times before due to the cheapness of France's tampons. It's easy, and I've never had kids.

dynky 3

when my menstrual cup manages to shift itself up to the top of my ****** (where a tampon sits) i can get it out with a combination of muscle contractions and reaching with fingers. It does that at least once each period. It's awkward and takes a bit of patience, but it's defintely possible. OP if it happens again, try getting it out during a shower. the relaxing effect of the warm water helps a lot.

Tasanasanta 0

AHHH! My virgin eyes have never seen such language! *head explodes*

doink 0

56, I think you need to firstly understand why contractions are necessary for the birthing process, and then come back to me. It opens up the cervix so the baby can exit the uterus and fit through, as well as help it come out of the canal. So yes, while contractions ARE necessary for giving birth to a 4-7 pound baby, they are not needed to get a piece of cotton out of your ******. But good job at trying to sound smart. I'm sure any 12 year old girl would have believed you. And FYI, I am a female that uses tampons every month, and I do not have a loose vag at all. I have had to resort to "pushing" the tampon out, then reaching in with two fingers and grabbing just a corner of the tampon to pull it out. You don't need to grab the entire thing at once.

56, so then, how am I able to push out a tampon using only my vaginal muscles?

rofflewaffle 9

Lilabear, really? A tampon can easily come out halfway just sneezing or pooping. A ****** isn't some kind of bottomless cavern. A ****** relaxed is only about 4-6 inches deep, and a tampon takes up about half that length at most. If OP could fit a tampon in there, she could have fit a finger or two to pull it out. She probably freaked out and overreacted.

MetalFish 0

I know it's natural and perfectly normal... but periods freak me out.

you guys are funny as hell! thank GOD I don't ever need to deal with periods anymore it's such a hassle! poor op :(

I don't think half of you realize that it depends on the brand too--not just what you've used. Take yourself out of your shoes, and considerately, and maturely into someone else's. Everyone works differently, believe it or not.

Lilabear - you're a retard. End of story.

upsidedownfrownn 5

Um shut up please.:) it is very easy to just push it out. Ever sneeze with a tampon in?

cunningchick 1

**** yeah show dem bitches who's boss! Lol:)

TheHappyOne 0

That's why I always pull the string on the tampon before putting it in!

Graawr 7

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tampons r better cause they don't feel like pampers. she probably was scared to push it out or pull it out with her fingers.

welandedonthemoo 5
Graawr 7

47, :O I've never used a tampon before so i don't know what it feels like to be her. :c 69 That sounds creepy coming from the number 69. XD jk! thank you? :D

shouldn't use tampons and be a dumbass simultaneously. maybe they should put that on the box. there's no need to go to the hospital for that...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! D: that is why I do not use tampons, just reading this aaaahhhh!!! I may need to grow up. :3

Hah, no, I totally agree with you. Eek. D: OP, FYL indeed. That's like my worst fear using them. Which is why i don't. Ack.

Now I wonder, are you a man or a woman? (No sex indicated) Knowing this information can make this a lot worse.

I don't think many guys put tampons in. Although if OP was a guy this situation would be a lot more awkward.

johnnie99 0

guys can't use tampons. unless...yea they can't.

dragonite88 0
mick3yx123x 0

that is one of my biggest fears, but you probably should have been able to get it out...