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Today, my future mother-in-law informed me that since she is putting money into our wedding, that all the planning and arrangements are under her authority. FML
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stand up to the bicth now unless u wanna hear her shit 4 the rest of ur life

Have a smaller wedding and tell her that you can't accept her help if it's conditional. This isn't the way to start a marriage, with her asserting her authority over your decisions.


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Agreed...but then you couldn't complain if the marriage funds magically vanished.

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I'm fortunate enough to not have been put through watching that movie.:)

That movie sucked. Super sucked. Now as for the FML.'s an idea. Earn your money for your own wedding or sacrifice having something lavish and just pay for it YOURSELVES. If your mother-in-law thinks just because she is paying for a portion, that she can have her own input...maybe she should go throw a wedding for herself? Its your day, definitely not hers. Tell her so. No effing way this could work out fine unless you two agree on many things in other situations and have similar tastes! But I doubt this would be FML if that was the case.

If she is paying, it's her ******* choice. If you don't want her to have her way then she won't pay, simple as that. Would you put money into something wanting absolutely no authority at all? Didn't think so.

@72 And it's the MOTHER-IN-LAW'S money. Technically, OP doesn't even have a say unless she spends her own money.

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kritzo- the parents traditionally pay for the wedding. and in case you didn't realize but getting money for a wedding that's probably happening in the very near future is almost impossible, unless you want to be married in a barn and your honey moon is staying at your parent's house while they're out of town for the weekend. dip shit.

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tradition? it's 2011 most people don't follow traditions anymore. I agree that op should pay for their own wedding if they don't want anyone budding in.

@ 109 it's hard to come up with a wedding money but if you were planning on having a wedding you should of been saving, you shouldn't have been spontaneously marrying someone in the first place without money because this is a "commitment" or it'll end up as a divorce because they "loved each other"

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112 are you retarded? also your picture is disgusting.

My dad paid for my wedding, completely. Some people still follow traditions, but that was in 2010, things were different back then.

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You shoulda pimp-slapped that bitch.

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agree with 80 there is no place for morals on the Internet. there us only room for fun not insulting jokes.

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#80 has potential. I like him.

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Well the choice is still yours.. Either make all your own choices with your own money, or get the wedding paid for free and clear. This FML is weak, you whiney bitch.

lol #171 what #138 is saying is that no one noticed that she typed bicth and not bitch

Autoshot, "putting money into the wedding" does not mean that they are getting the wedding paid for free and clear. That means that the Future mother-in-law is just contributing money to the wedding fund. The OP and his/her fiance are most likely still paying for a good deal of the wedding themselves.

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Noone would demand control of the arrangements without putting most of the money in.

@forgettingsunday Uhm yeah...and it's still the early 1900's. Women can't vote nor do they hold down stable jobs, eh? You've got to be effing kidding me! Are you this DENSE at all times? Me and my hubby paid for our wedding with 300+ guests, a RECEPTION also A-N-D half of our honeymoon with less than a year to plan. It CAN be done, you've got to be a complete ******* 'DIP SHIT' to not understand the concept. ******* dumbass.

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Did you know that mother-in-law spelled backwards spells wal-ni-rehtom

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wait...Kritzo...someone actually married ur psycho ass...?? oh wow, Wuts this world coming to.........

269 if you dont want to get banned sensor your words. i learned that the hard way. like b#tch

oh we're not allowed to cuss? weird.. I see cuss words all over people's comments..

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww poor baby:/

op, shut your broke ass up and pay for your own shit if you don't want her taking over

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Tell her to keep her money, attitude, and retarded ass away from your wedding then. No one should be treated that way. It's your wedding not hers.

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stand up to the bicth now unless u wanna hear her shit 4 the rest of ur life

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+1 And how much money? If it's negligible, just laugh at her and tell her to f*** off.

I'm slightly surprised no grammar Nazis have attacked this woman

I'm slightly surprised no grammar Nazis have attacked this woman

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138 you forgot the period at the end of your sentence. I don't see any problems with the original comment. :)

lol #138 is saying that no one noticed that she typed bicth and not bitch

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#5....that's a great idea. my best friend did that. then had a reception when they got back. . that will show her.

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There's an awesome mountain marriage chapel in Tennessee =) DO EET!!!

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^ this. If your future M-I-L is going to pull this mess, then she needs to be stopped. Now. It won't get any better if you don't.

Although maybe OP can't elope. in other words, cantaloupe.

Tell her to keep her cash and elope. If she's like this now, it WILL get worse exponentially, very quickly! Put her in her place NOW.

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agreed!!!!! plus... what does ur fiance say about it?!!

If you two don't care at all about the wedding arrangements you could go along with her and tell her you're just doing it to make her happy. With the way she phrased it though, I wouldn't want to take the offer at all. It is your life and your wedding, not hers. If you don't assert yourself now, it will just get harder. I would tell her "No, thank you", save up for a great honeymoon, and elope. Let her know, together, that her domineering attitude will not be tolerated but that she is welcome in your home without it. You'll be family soon.

Thank you, Imaginary! Finally a level headed opinion. Yes, OP it is "your" wedding but as long as she is helping financially she should be allowed some input. If you don't want her involvement, don't take her money. You may end up with a smaller, more intimate wedding, but it would be all yours. Whatever you decide to do, do it respectfully. In all likelihood you'll be seeing your mother-in-law for many years to come; really what do you lose by being courteous to her?

Nothin' wrong with small weddings at all imo^^ I'd rather be economical on the wedding... ... then have a bomb of a honeymoon afterward.

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Tell her no, you're not 5. Stand up for yourself.

Yeah OP, you news to show your mother-in-law that this is YOUR wedding and you're gonna do it the way YOU want to do it. I mean this isn't her wedding, she needs to let her son and future daughter-in-law make their own decisions.

If they're depending on their mother-in-law to buy their shit, I'd say that resembles a five-year-old.

118, what you've failed to realize is that a lot of parents tend to help out with the wedding.

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are you stupid? its a well known tradition that the parents help pay for the

Traditionally the bride's parents pay for the wedding not the in laws.

Have a smaller wedding and tell her that you can't accept her help if it's conditional. This isn't the way to start a marriage, with her asserting her authority over your decisions.

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Net your ass the wedding has to be expensive