By Anonymous - Finland
Today, our new boss banned coffee from the workplace, comparing caffeine to hard drugs. His comparison may not be wrong; after two hours, I couldn't take it any more, and in between fantasising about his cold-blooded murder, I begged to be allowed just one last cup. FML
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  HappyItalian  |  38

I honestly don't think this is bad enough to pull a revenge on, especially since OP's boss obviously didn't direct it specifically to him only (he probably didn't think it would affect OP or any other worker THAT badly). I believe OP should just figure out a solution like #3 said.

By  jeff_boles  |  12

Just do Speed instead! It'll help wake you up, stay focused, and it has several other health benefits! Wait, that may be drinking a glass of water every 4 hours... oh well you can try both!