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Today, I went to a new dentist because I've been experiencing occasional toothache. Upon seeing my x-rays, he noticed something odd. Apparently, during a root canal a while ago, a piece of an instrument broke off, and has been lodged within ever since. FML
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**** you and everyone who thinks like you. All of you are the reason why the American legal system is so royally ******.


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A dentist screwed up when flattening out my teeth for Invisalign and she went too far and hit a nerve. So I had to have a root canal because of it on my expense.

This is one of the very rare times I'm going to agree. OP, you definitely should sue.

I've had a piece of metal in my jaw from the same thing happening during wisdom tooth removal years ago. As long as the X-ray show clear white you're fine. There is no need to sue. All it takes is a small incision to remove it.

Ooh, you're going to incur the wrath of DocBastard with that comment 1.

Was it the same quack who left insulting note on the computer?

40 - the dentist didn't leave that note. The receptionist did. 1 - if OP hasn't had an infection or any other recurring problems, then there is no reason to sue. The only time a law suit is worth it is when someone is killed or critically injured by someone else's stupidity OR if someone owes you money. You can't solve the worlds problems by suing every time someone makes a mistake. A girl once sued my former employer, and when they left she told him she did it just for "fun" because she was in law school and wanted to see how the system worked. Her "fun" cost my employer a whole day of business because he had no one who could manage the place in his absence. He won the case but he still lost lots of money.

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No one is debating whether suing is always morally correct or not. Obviously it isn't. Technically, though, a lawsuit IS worth it in many cases where no one died or was seriously injured. Think about the lady that sued McDonalds after spilling coffee on herself. Any realistic person can tell you she doesn't deserve the money she got and that it isn't right, but it still happens and unfortunately does work in many cases.

58, The woman who got burned by Mcdonalds coffee absolutely did deserve every penny she was paid, and in my opinion, more. The coffee was way too hot--much hotter than any coffee would be if it was made at home. She got third degree burns all over her thighs and genitals. Just imagine what would have happened if she had drank the coffee! And as compensation for her pain, suffering, medical bills, and permanent disfigurement, all she got was about $700,000. Would you willingly sustain 3rd degree burns on your genitals and thighs for $700,000? I know I wouldn't.

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There was this one woman who had sinus headaches and bloody noses constantly for a year in till she went to the dentist and found one inch of a drill bit in her sinus cavity

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The dentist was guilty of gross negligence for leaving a piece of instrument in a patient OP has every right to sue, that is utterly deplorable for him/her to have left part of an instrument in a patient...

86- That woman was also operating a vehicle while holding the drink in her lap with her thighs. Explain to me how that was mcdonald's fault. To answer your question, I do know what she would have done if she had tried to drink it. she would have gotten .0003 seconds worth of drink in her mouth before thinking ” ****! This shit is hot.” Crisis averted. Crazy how logic works, huh?

86, hot coffee will ALWAYS be hot. Sometimes not as hot as other times. That is why the cup holder was invented. If her cup had been placed in a cup holder and allowed to cool off, she would NOT have been burned. It was HER fault!

It's called contributory negligence, but doesn't fully absolve McDonalds. It only lessens the burden they would pay.

As a dental nurse, we have to warn every single patient that undergoes root canal treatment that there is a chance this will happen. The files that we use in the canals are so thin. You need something that fits into a hole the size of a pin prick. Yes what happened should have been sorted out before now. But sometimes, unfortunately, this just happens.

86- she definitely did not deserve that at all. I can't see how its McDonalds fault when you spill your coffee, that's like trying to sue Canada because the winter is cold and you don't enjoy cold weather. I agree 100% with 99, logic is a handy little thing many people throw out the window nowadays

Ow. That dentist should be reprimanded for that. FYL. Best of luck.

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He did.... that's why he went to the dentist...

5- maybe because he isn't an x-ray machine...??

5- I don't know why, since every household has a dental x-ray machine. OP must be an idiot.

Kill yourself, if 38's picture didn't make that clear.

Ouchies, and the dentists wonder why people hate going to them.

Crap like this make me fear going even worst then the dentist film!

wish I lived in America and something like this happened to me, I'd be rich !

**** you and everyone who thinks like you. All of you are the reason why the American legal system is so royally ******.

So TRUE! But if that dds broke a instrument they should know it! This is one of the times when op should file a suit! I have a friend that pays through the ass in insurance because someone took him to court over shit he didn't do. But she claimed he did. THIS FML is blatant malpractice!

Well, this is an instance where they should be sueing the hell out of that dentist!!!!

Sue the dentist who did the root canal. He is 100% responsible for this current bill.

Sad part is dentists have the highest suicide rate than any other profession, and my brother is studying to be one.

I don't really think suing the doctor would be the most mature option here. You don't need $8000 because a dentist screwed up... Maybe in Canada we do things different, but I'd give the dentist a deal, you give me a refund, and I'll never tell anybody it happened.

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That could explain the ache. Dentists aren't that intelligent. After all, they are the ones who chose to spend their days breathing in other peoples nasty breaths.

Hold on now. I have several family members who are dentists and I bet they are more intelligent than you. >:(

Dentists are not intelligent is that a joke ? Seriously .

As a dental nurse I resent that. The dentist I work with is damn clever and one of the nicest people you could wish for. We are well aware people don't like coming to see us, but we do our dammed best to put them at ease. It's people like you who claim we are all stupid that makes our jobs so hard.

OMG Ow... I'm so hypersensitive to dentistry after having braces for several years. I'm about to have my wisdom teeth out and the thought of being knocked out while they have free reign in my mouth with drills and stuff freaks me out!!!

I've had my wisdom teeth taken out - all at once. The process was okay (I even dreamed while under), it's the aftermath that you should be more concerned about. Prepare for soft foods, low appetite, and a lot of pain killers.

Can't forget the funny conversations you won't remember because you're drugged up!

I was also very nervous before I had my wisdom teeth pulled, but it wasn't as bad as I thought, I even went to a movie that night with a friend.

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled I had them put me under. When I woke up I was high off whatever cocktail of drugs they gave me. I thought, "Woah, man. I wanna get my wisdom teeth pulled again..."

Normally I wouldn't say suing people is a good idea but this DEFINITELY IS!!! That first dentist deserves to pay!

I agree, not only because he needs to pay up, but because getting his ass sued would get him to straighten his shit up so it doesn't happen again