By missy - 09/03/2009 22:54 - United States

Today, my mother told me she needed a urine sample to send in to the doctors to test for any allergies. I did what she had asked and went to my room. I came down stairs later and found her in the bathroom putting my pee on a pregnancy test stick. FML
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i totally thought it would have ended up as a drug test, not a pregnancy test.


**** that. thats so messed up. she should have just talked to you

OP....only give ur piss to your doctor and criminals for money lol

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Lol, I wondered the same thing!! ^^


i was wondering the same damn thing...

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158... Do you sell it or just give it away?

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Sneaky little bitch. Ditto #2.

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#6 are you on drugs if the lord was against sex b4 marrage wouldnt he be agaisnt killing it to? wow ur stupid and is taking a hanger to it "the lordswork to" no i dont think so

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lol sarcasm is hard to convey over the internetz

and you're on fml judjing people?? lmao

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doing the lords work and killing someone's fetus are not the same. especially with a hanger. you are retarded and should die for that comment. that's so ****** up

lol, if this is sarcasm. But... If you're serious, you need therapy; because that sounds very serial-killer-esque.

And that is why I am an atheist. Stupid religious freaks like #6 drive me away from that religion crap.

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it must feel nice to throw god in her face


maybe u should spend less time in church and more time in the real world.. ladys dont like that

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its religious fanatical morons like u that make this world suck so I wouldn't talk if I were u

165- It's just a joke. A really, really bad joke, but a joke all the same . . . I hope.

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Ditto #2. What a bitch. Edit: Jesus Christ. #6, you're out of your mind.

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veeeeeery smart but a total invasion of privacy..