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  Angelrose2004  |  17

13, I agree. I see people brush their teeth; but rarely floss. Props to OPs girlfriend for at least having good hygiene practices... even if eating leftover food is considered nasty.

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

Hardly disturbing... Considering when you floss whatever you might pull out is very tiny and probably tastes like nothing, and probably is close to nothing, after being in your saliva for a while. It's no big deal, and it was already in her mouth too.

  ryrock310  |  10

Not really disturbing. Think about what you do after u use a toothpick. I doubt you usually flick it away. It was already in her teeth. If you got it out with your tongue that WOULNT be gross to swallow. What's the difference??

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

Actually there has been scientific evidence suggesting that OP has a right to be terrified if this habit. When a slight space is filled between your teeth by something for long periods of time (i.e. slivers of food stuck between teeth) a strange anomaly consisting of a series of chemical reactions occur with the carbohydrates, fat, and saliva that cause your gums to emit a small, almost unnoticeable amount of anthrax. It occurs in such a small amount that it had previously gone unnoticed by even the most renowned chemists and dentists. This does not mean it has no adverse affects on your long term health. Over time this will build up in your small intestine and require costly surgery or be at risk of fatal health complications. Normally we flick away these small specks of hazardous leftover food, but people like OP's girlfriend may be able to live a longer, healthier life by avoiding this habit of finishing off what was left of a seemingly harmless meal.

Paid for by Scientists and Chemists Against Meat Scraps.
Please feel free to donate to the cause on my highly prestigious organization by messaging me with your preferred form of donating.

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

And before anyone is confused, yes, literally anthrax is sprouting from the gums. The disease itself comes forth spontaneously... This is a serious development, and must not be taken lightly.
Again, just follow the directions of the previous comment to donate to this cause.

  blcksocks  |  19

First we saw the booger eating FMLs, then the ones with people putting their fingers in their ears and smelling them, and now this floss thing.. At this rate we might as well see a "putting it back in the butt" FML as #2 pointed out..